Behind the scenes at the N.Y. critics' wily voting session

Always count on members of the New York Film Critics Circle for howlers when they cast ballots for awards. A few years ago there was that notorious vote for Tom Cruise as best actress in "Vanilla Sky." Today it was a vote for the blow-up sex doll Bianca as best supporting actress in "Lars and the Real Girl." Sadly, poor Bianca had the wind taken out of her chances by winner Amy Ryan ("Gone Baby Gone") Other gag votes: "Walk Hard" for best picture and its supporting star Paul Rudd, who was also cited for his role in "Knocked Up." Perhaps Rudd wouldn't think that's so funny since he's occasionally mentioned as a looooongshot at the Golden Globes.


"I'm Not There" did surprisingly well in many top races today. It didn't win any awards, but it came in third place for best picture after champ "No Country for Old Men" and runner-up "There Will Be Blood." Ditto for its helmer Todd Haynes, who placed third in the directors' lineup behind the winning Coen brothers and second-placed Paul Thomas Anderson.

"Blood's" big victory was in the best-actor slot for Daniel Day-Lewis. In second place was Viggo Mortensen ("Eastern Promises").

Ellen Page ("Juno") gave Julie Christie ("Away from Her") a run for the lead-actress laurels, but Christie ended up winning handily. In the

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12/10/2007 14:44

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