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Transcript: Our chat with critics' award winner Amy Adams

January 12, 2006 |  7:01 pm


SAG nominee Amy Adams gave the best performance by a supporting actress in 2005, according to the National Society of Film Critics and the Broadcast Film Critics Association. As Ashley in "Junebug" she portrays a childlike mom-to-be in North Carolina who's awestruck by meeting her glamorous new sister-in-law from Chicago, but, in real life, Amy tells The Envelope that she's "a bit more pragmatic" than her film character. In a recent chat session with our message-board posters, Amy revealed the hardest scenes for her to perform in "Junebug" — "It's a toss-up between the masturbation and the hospital." She hasn't seen "Brokeback Mountain" yet, but says that her fave films so far this year include "Capote" and "Batman Begins." And what can she tell us about her role in her next film, "Enchanted"? "I hope to sing!" she says. Read more . . .

Ol' Blue Eyes: Hello, Mrs. Adams
Philip: Hi amy, Welcome
Amy Adams: Hello Everybody
Tom O'Neil: congrats on winning the Critics Choice Award! What did that feel
KarlMayer AKA MichaelB>: Loved your Speech
Amy Adams: It was overwhellming!
Cederick: Yeah, you seem quite flabbergasted when you won the BFCA!!! Nice
win! ;-)
Amy Adams: They don't dim the lights - I COULD SEE EVERY FACE!
BernardS: You were very natural in your speech and you could tell you were
overjoyed with the win. :-) And you looked radiant!!!
Tom O'Neil: What are the similarities between you and your Junebug character
Ol' Blue Eyes: Do you identify a lot with your character of Ashley?
Amy Adams: Amy and Ashley. I work to be a very positive person like Ashley, but I feel I am a bit more . . . shall we say, pragmatic than Ashley as though . . .

Photo: Amy Adams portrays a lonely, pregnant chatterbox in "Junebug."
(Sony Pictures Classic)

Ciro>: Amy, you were enchanting in Catch Me If You Can, I hope I can see
Junebug soon, it still hasn't come out where I live (Italy)
Amy Adams: I was born in Italy!
Ciro>: Really? Where?
Amy Adams: Vicenza
JamesBlond>: OMG...italian mamma! How cool amy!
Rilo'd out Winnie: AMY, ANSWER ME!! "What actresses do you admire and who do
you hope to work with?"
Amy Adams: Rilo... I like Samantha Morton, Rachel Weisz, Cate Blanchett,
and so on...
BernardS: Cate Blanchett - one of my favs too!!!
Buffy: Amy - you have amazing taste in actresses
Amy Adams: Thanks Buffy!
BernardS: First off - major Office fan!
BernardS: How did you like working on that show
cincinattikid>: how did you get that part?
Amy Adams: The Office...
Amy Adams: was one of the BEST experiences I could have had as an
Amy Adams: Steve Carell is the nicest guy...
Amy Adams: and the rest of the cast is so delightful...alll we did was
BernardS: So sad that Jim dumped you!!!
BernardS: I mean - come on, you were dubbed "The Hot Girl"
Amy Adams: Re; The Hot Girl-- RIGHT!!??
Andy Hall: Amy, I have to dash, but I just wanted to say that I love you and
wish you the best of luck on Oscar nomination morning!
Chris325>: Amy, what will you be your reaction come oscar morning if your
nominated for best supporting actress?
VSW: Amy how would an Oscar change your career?
Amy Adams: I am already so grateful for everything that has happened-- it's just sublime.
Amy Adams: an Oscar nomination would be the cherry on top, the icing on the cake...
Amy Adams: It is surreal and wonderful all at once. And I am so happy for the film and the whole cast and crew -- they put so much of themselves into
this intimate project.
VSW: Amy you look really natural in comedies. But your characters in Catch
me if you can and Junebug have already some shades of darkness. Would you
like to do some drama in near future?
Amy Adams: ABSOLUTELY-- I would love to do some drama
Philip: Hi it is such an honor to be talking to you. First of all congrats
on your Critics Choice Award Win. I can't wait until Tuesday to rent the
movie, so I can see your amazing performance. I was wondering what was it
like working with Benjamin McKenzie, and what kind of process did you two go
through to get your relationship in Junebug?
Amy Adams: Thank you! Ben was awesome . . . He was like my little brother
Amy Adams: So adorable.
KarlMayer AKA MichaelB>: Miss Adams Do you plan to work with Steven
Amy Adams: If he will have me :-)
eviandesire>: Amy, which scene would you consider the most difficult in
Amy Adams: Its a toss up between the masturbation and the hospital...
Amy Adams: it was such an intimate and vulnerable moment
JORDAN>: Don't want to ask any questions just want to say how touched I was
by this performance
Amy Adams: Thank you Jordan!
Andy Hall: Amy: Ashley's favorite animal is the merekat. What's yours?
Amy Adams: Andy... My dog Pippy is my favorite!
Andy Hall: awesome! thanks for answering...gotta run...loved Junebug! <3
eviandesire>: Although it wasn't my favorite of the year, you gave an
excellent performance.
Amy Adams: Evian...What was your favorite?
eviandesire>: Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener
Amy Adams: Rachel-- great taste!
Amy Adams: She is amazing!
eviandesire>: She feels the same about your performance, as well.
VSW: Amy what is your favorite movie of the year, if I may ask?
Amy Adams: My favorite movie of the year is....
Amy Adams: BUT... I have yet to see BROKEBACK
Amy Adams: and also,..LOVE Batman Begins
Philip: Amy you will love brokeback
jurisdoctor07: Amy - making such a great film for under $1 Million is very you think awards recognition for "Junebug" (your probable
nod and a possible screenplay nod) will pave the way for under very-low
budget films being sought after for distribution by major studios?
Amy Adams: I hope so, but its so hard to tell
VSW: You really have a great movie taste. Btw Rachel was here with us
yesterday and she said she had loved your performance.
Amy Adams: I need to have lunch with her!
JamesBlond>: Ooooh...power lunch
Tome6: Amy you must see Brokeback
Amy Adams: I will!
: have u ever been interested, maybe later in your career, in
working behind the camera as a director?
Amy Adams: I would love to work behind the camera in the future...
eviandesire>: Amy, who are you rooting for in your category, besides
Amy Adams: I am rooting for them all-- they all deserve accolades!
eviandesire>: Oh. Safe answer!
BernardS: AMY - what's your favorite ice cream flavor - I know it's a corny
question, but who cares right? ;-)
Amy Adams: Strawberry Cheesecake!
Tome6: yum
ashelin>: Amy, who do you think should win the Best Actor Oscar this year?
Philip Seymour Hoffman or Heath Ledger?
Amy Adams: I still need to see Brokeback!
Mann: Amy, I just wanted to say that I loved the final scene you did in
Junebug. Not many films make me cray, but you did. Good luck on nomination
cincinattikid>: are you a shirley maclaine fan? did you like in her shows
Amy Adams: Honest Answer
Amy Adams: I love Shirley Maclaine!
cincinattikid>: she's from my hometown!
: went to my high school!
monkaholic: Amy, who are you rooting for in best supporting actor?? Are you
a Clooney fan??
Amy Adams: What woman isn't a Clooney fan?
Amy Adams: He is great!
Chris325>: Amy, are the awards' shows food any good? Just wondering.
Amy Adams: Chris . . . I must tell you...
Amy Adams: Nobody eats the food
Amy Adams: But the champagne is quite nice!
BernardS: Amy - what's in your CD player now? What kind of music do you like?
Amy Adams: I am listening to GORILLAZ now
Amy Adams: loving it
Cederick: Gorillaz!!! AWESOME! Feel Good...
monkaholic: I LOVE Gorillaz!!
Rilo'd out Winnie: AMY, MICHELLE PFEIFFER complimented you in a British
Interview, Amy....."she said you were CHARMING presence"...what do you think
of that?
Amy Adams: WHAT!
Amy Adams: Michelle Pfeiffer
Amy Adams: She is amazing
Amy Adams: That's very sweet and so flattering!
Zuranthium>: Hi everyone. HELLO Amy. I have to start by saying that you
gave my favorite performance of the year. It was 100% honest, unique, and
engaging. Junebug is one of the my 3 favorites of the year as well.
Philip: Amy are you reading any books at the moment?
Amy Adams: Books...
Amy Adams: I just finished WICKED
Philip: OMG so cool!
Matty_B: That's a great book...
Mahahe>: Miss Adams, is there any foreign actors/actresses you would like
to work with?
Amy Adams: I LOVE Audrey Tatou
Elena>: Hey Amy! What's your favorite movie?
Amy Adams: Favorite movie...
Amy Adams: hmmm
Amy Adams: I love "The Apartment"
Amy Adams: and "Vertigo"
Amy Adams: and "Grease"!
Mann: ok, now you are the coolest person ever for liking Vertigo
Ciro>: Great taste Amy! The Apartment and Vertigo are amazing.
Amy Adams: My tastes are wide and varied
Philip: Amy have you seen the musical, Wicked?
Amy Adams: I have not seen WICKED, but I am working with Idina Menzel in my next movie!
BernardS: have her sing "Defying Gravity for you" :-)
Pudding>: Amy, hate to bring up old news, but I really liked you in "Psycho
Beach Party."
Amy Adams: I love "Psycho Beach Party" -- I got to do an homage to
Ann-Margaret in it
Cederick: Hee... I just read on that you worked in a
Hooter's Restaurant until 18 years of that TRUE?! And how was your
experience? lol. Did it affect you in anyway possible?
Amy Adams: I have an aversion to the color orange
Amy Adams: :-)
Jack B. Nimble: It's so nice to have a serious Oscar contender from the
Denver area, cool to have someone close to home to root for!
Philip: Amy can you tell us anything about the film with Idina?
Amy Adams: The film with Idina...
Amy Adams: it's called "Enchanted"
Amy Adams: check it out on IMDB
: Amy do you visit your messageboard on IMDB?
Ol' Blue Eyes: Are you going to sing in that film with Idina Menzel?
Amy Adams: I hope to sing!
Mann: Amy, Who is your date to SAG?
Amy Adams: My boyfriend Darren.
eviandesire>: Darren! Like Rachel!
eviandesire>: Coincidence?
strong>Amy Adams: Rachel and I discussed our "Darrens"
Buffy: awww, lol
Pudding>: Amy, I really hope you get an Oscar nomination! (A win would be
jurisdoctor07: Amy - are you going to get up and watch the Oscar Press
Conference Announcement the morning of?
Amy Adams: Think I might be out of town the morning of the 31st
2006-01-12 15:21:13.0
VSW: Amy how do you feel about the fact that it's your performance that is
making people discover or rediscover Junebug?
Amy Adams: VSW...
Amy Adams: That's the BEST part about the awards attention
Amy Adams: I love Phil Morrison and the entire cast of JUNEBUG is amazing
Amy Adams: Check out the DVD
Amy Adams: It comes out TUESDAY!!!
VSW: thanks, Amy. i definetely will
Ol' Blue: Is there a performance that you thought was so magnificent you
wished you had played it yourself?
Amy Adams: Samantha Morton in "Sweet and Lowdown"
Amy Adams: but nobody touches Samantha Morton...
BernardS: that's a great part
Ol' Blue Eyes: Yes, she was lovely in that movie as was Sean Penn.
Mann: Are you planning on working with Phil MOrrison in the future?
Amy Adams: I would love to reteam with Phil...
Pudding>: Hey, Amy, when does "Junebug" come to DVD?
Amy Adams: TUESDAY JAN 17th!!
Amy Adams: Check it out!
Philip: i will be the first person 2 rent it in south jersey i promise lol
Cederick: Everybody go buy it, rent it, etc. Spread the word! Create chain
emails! Lol
Amy Adams: Scream out to South Jersey!
VSW: Amy I will have to ask you this. lol how do you feel about Cate
Blanchett? She's also one of my faves.
Amy Adams: Cate Blanchett-- love her
VSW: yay that's cool, amy
head_wizard: Amy question is their a dream project or person you want to
Amy Adams: Everytime I get a great becomes my dream
eviandesire>: Is English the only language you speak or are there others?
Amy Adams: English is my only language
Rilo'd out Winnie: amy have you heard of RILO KILEY?! they're the best band
in the world!!
Rilo'd out Winnie: and the lead singer dated Jake Gyllenhaal
Amy Adams: Will go to limewire!
Amy Adams: i will check them out
cincinattikid>: who cares about jake gyllenhall
cincinattikid>: you can't go to limewire, that's illegal lol
Amy Adams: I care about Jake!
Amy Adams: He is great! very cool guy!
Matty_B: I love limewire! lol
Philip: Amy do you have a favorite broadway musical?
Amy Adams: Broadway... hmmm
Amy Adams: I really love MAN of LAMANCHA
Philip: an oldie but a goodie
Amy Adams: its true!
Ol' Blue Eyes: Would you like to do more theater work?
Amy Adams: I would LOVE to domore theatre work
Grimlock>: Amy, who is your best friend in Hollywood?
Amy Adams: My boyfriend Darren is my best friend
Amy Adams: and my dear friend Kristin Burke
Tome6: that is nice
MichaelBluth: Amy What Tom Cruise Film Do you like
eviandesire>: Tom is silly.
Amy Adams: Silly is my middle name :-)
monkaholic: Amy, which celebrity would you like to meet at the SAG awards??
Amy Adams: I would love to meet Frances McDormond
JamesBlond>: go Frances!
JORDAN>: you might be facing her in sup actress this year
Jack B. Nimble: How do you handle trying to answer such a bombardment of
questions as this?
Amy Adams: I'm tryin my best!
head_wizard: we appreciate it
Elena>: Amy, how did you like working with mr.DiCaprio? (LOVED you in Catch
me if u can ,by the way!)
Amy Adams: Leonardo is very nice
Amy Adams: loved working with him-- great sense of humor
Philip: Amy, having done the cruel intentions 2, did you ever talk to Sarah
Michelle about her role in the first film?
Amy Adams: Never talked to SMG
cincinattikid>: how has your relationship with your family (parents,
sisters) changed since becoming famous?
Amy Adams: My family makes fun of me more :-)
iceman273>: Amy, I have a question regarding Christopher Nolan and
Batman....there are many rumors about numerous actors for the sequel...if
you were approached by Nolan would you accept a role? Thanks!
Amy Adams: I would love to work with Chris Nolan. Loved "Batman"
eviandesire> 1. Michelle Williams 2. Rachel Weisz 3. Catherine Keener 4.
Amy Adams 5. Frances McDormand
: Catherine Keener was not better than Amy! You think Keener was
better than Adams?
eviandesire> that is how the category looks.
cincinattikid>: well, no need to remind mrs. adams of that, she's under
enough pressure, i personally think she'll make it because everyone who's
seen junebug has loved her performance
Philip: amy and michelle are at the top
ashelin>: I think Michelle Williams will win the Oscar.
Amy Adams: Keener is great! Fran is great! Can't we all just get along?
VSW: well-said, amy!
Cederick: No, you can never get along! It's HOLLYWOOD, Amy! LOL.
Ol' Blue Eyes: Did you like Nolan's other work as well?
Tome6: Amy have you ever worked with sissy Spacek . she is my favorite
Amy Adams: Just saw "Badlands"-- CRAZY for Sissy...
Southern_kross>: Which genre do you feel more at home working in - Comedy
or Drama?
Amy Adams: I like it when you can laugh while you cry at the same time
VSW: that's junebug
Philip: amy that is a perfect answer
BernardS: Anyway back to the reason why we are here - AMY ADAMS - what's
your favorite junk food?
Amy Adams: Nachos!
BernardS: Nachos - sweet!!!
BernardS: What kind of cheese? shredded or Cheese Whiz?
Amy Adams: cheddar!
BernardS: Amy - my kind of girl!!! I'm a big fan of NACHOS!!! :-)
BernardS: don't eat them often - haven't had them in a long time!
Pudding>: Amy deserves the Oscar.
Amy Adams: Well guys.....
Amy Adams: I gotta run!
head_wizard: Thanks again for doing this good luck in your future projects
Amy Adams: It's been wonderful!
mr.dalloway>: Oh, no. You are leaving?
Amy Adams: Yes I gotta run-- my hands are small
Chris325>: Amy, we're pulling for you!
Amy Adams: Thanks for everything you guys -- this has been so much fun!
Amy Adams: See you around!