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Kelly Clarkson shockeroo! Madonna lip-syncing?

February 8, 2006 |  5:32 pm

What drama! The Grammys have started out with a WOW — that dazzling opening music extravaganza featuring Madonna (lip-syncing? naw, she wouldn't dare!) and Gorillaz. Now the biggest upset today — Kelly Clarkson beating Mariah and Gwen Stefani for female pop vocal. Obviously shocked and grateful, Kelly's thrilling acceptance speech proved what a real winner she is in every way.

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Why was it a upset that kelly won. that girl can sing she deserves that award more than those other 2. and if you ever listen to the radio you hear her songs played more then gwen or mariahs. Congrats Kelly

Madonna wasn't lipsynching....the drag queen who rose from the stage at the beginning of hung up WAS...did noone else notice the extremely muscular legs and ass of the first madonna as compared to madge herself thrashing around in that cage...

I don't quite get why it's an upset. Kelly was by far the most talented in that group of nominees. Her album is amazing and in my opinion beats out Mariah and Gwen. Congrats to her! I'm glad she won.

Maybe Mariah's pop-r&b-rap crossover confused voters? I feel sorry for Mariah!

Props to Ms. Clarkson! The best nominee actually won! Congrats!!!

And she was genuinely shocked---a surprise nowadays!!!



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