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Rating the music performances

February 8, 2006 |  6:26 pm

Hey, looks like Kelly Clarkson believes the Grammys are an "American Idol" rematch and she's competing with gusto again! If I were judging this as Simon Cowell (oh, shut up! I know what you're thinking!), I'd say she'd make it into the final round with other top performances tonight by Mary J. Blige and John Legend.

Madonna's no doubt backstage right now making a voodoo doll of Kelly. Coldplay was really cold tonight, eh? Poor Sugarland — great artists plagued by tech trouble and the departure of a key band member, Kristen Hall, who refused to show up for her farewell perf. U2's performance of "Vertigo" was good, not great, but I don't think that means they have to give back the billion Grammys they've won already today to add to the gabillion they've won in years past. Hmm. They look unstoppable in the top races now, don't they?

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I think that kelly clarksons performance was the best. she took the stage and did an excellent job. Go KELLY!!!!!

I love Coldplay, I mean REALLY love, seen them live many times. The grammy performance was awful, just bad. Chris Martin looked tired, sick, and...well not that talented. What sucks is that the band is so much better than that, they really missed it. Too bad.

Yes, ColdPlay sounded terrible...was Chris on something?..mumbled alot, out of breath, and too much flailing around...not impressed.



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