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Another Oscar outrage from Tony Curtis

March 17, 2006 |  8:22 am


As if Tony Curtis hasn't caused enough trouble this awards season, now he's harrumphing, "Everyone takes the Oscars too seriously — it's ape s**t and so fake!"

He made the accusation of fakery while being honored at Britain's Empire Awards and the charge can easily be verified by Curtis himself, a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences who told Fox News Channel that he had no intention of watching "Brokeback Mountain" before voting for the Academy Award for best picture.

When The Envelope contacted the academy for reaction to Curtis' "Brokeback" comment, executive director Bruce Davis said, "The ballot contains a very clear instruction that you're not supposed to vote in the categories in which you haven't seen every nominee."

Curtis' honorary Empire Award was presented by Roger Moore, who starred opposite Curtis in the short-lived TV series "The Persuaders" back in the early 1970s, and now joined him in making light of the Oscar best picture loser.

"We were going to star together in 'Brokeback Mountain,'" Moore said, "but we couldn't decide which one was going to stand in front."

Photo: Still defiant — Tony Curtis never won an Oscar but was nominated for best actor of 1958 for "The Defiant Ones," costarring Sydney Poitier. He lost to David Niven ("Separate Tables").
(United Artists)

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What Tony Curtis said was very hurtful. I used to love him nut now I can not because he just insulted me to the very core of my being.

Okay, let's all take a breath and mention a few good things about Tony Curtis!!! He is a happily married man to a beautiful, thoughtful, and caring wife Jill. Together they have managed to open a refuge for unwanted horses, call the Shiloh Ranch. Tony sells paintings and uses the proceeds to fund the ranch. So before you waste time slamming a wonderful man, why not go and see some of the great work he and Jill are doing at the ranch! As to an Oscar, maybe he was bitter for not winning, for not being recognized, etc. However, SO WHAT??? He has a full body of work that tends to please many of his fans. Those who aren't or weren't fans, watch something else. Tony could care less, he's worked in the movies all his life giving and giving. He's about to release his new book, take time to read it and get a better view of the real Tony Curtis. He is a great guy, and is devoted to his wife and children. Give him a break!

"When Curtis says that Brokeback is nothing special - I agree with him - and I'm gay...."

Ken, this is a pretty silly thing to say. Surely if Tony Curtis never intended to see Brokeback Mountain then how could he form the opinion that it was nothing special? I personally think Brokeback Mountain is one of the best films ever made. The only way the academy will ever get any credibilty back, would be to get rid of ignorant small minded bigots like Tony Curtis.

I find the reaction to Curtis's comments on Brokeback Mountain to be a bit overly sensitive. Anyone with a bit of film knowledge would know that Curtis was interviewed in The Celluloid Closet - a documentary about gays in the movies. If he were truly homophobic he probably would have refused to be in that film. As for someone else's comment that Curtis was heard making homophobic statements about Rock Hudson - it is obvious in the story that Curtis is angry because Hudson is getting all the attention (and the parts!) that he feels belonged to him; So in anger he uses the term "fag"... one word does not a homophobe make. Also, if you listen closely to what Curtis has said in the past, he makes it pretty clear that he made it with guys on occasion too.As for what he said about Brokeback - well, when I saw the film my first reaction was - hey, plenty of other gay films were made before this and were a lot more daring (see Maurice, for example) When Curtis says that Brokeback is nothing special - I agree with him - and I'm gay.

Just in case anyone is still looking at this thread, this month we've been having a survey for the worst best picture winners of all time. There are 10 days left to vote, if anyone is interested.

Details are at

So this is your point: All who do want to see or do not like brokeback mountain are homofobic, being "done"by Tony Curtis ( man must he be BUSY) etc. ??

Your accusations as to my one reaction are below any and all level and tell me what kind of person you really are. You do not know me, and have no right what so ever to accuse me of things because I do not share YOUR opinion, and THAT my man is exactly what I meant: or you share YOUR opinion or you are burnt down. Why are you so eager and frustrated to find out if I were "doing" him ?? What is it, do you have wishes and are frustrated that you are not getting any? Usually if the heart is full of something the mouth is overflowing of it.
Ah, yes of course I see it, gay and frustrated. Look I do not give a rats *ss about the fact if someone is gay or straight ( the PERSONS character is more important to me), it is ENTIRELY beside the point. The point was this: someone IS entitled to NOT share your opinion and say it.

I am very sorry that you are to blind to understand this, I am sorry that you are so frustrated (wonder why), and that you did not get enough education to leave people their OWN opinion and RESPECT that.
Other then that: get a life, this is all I will say to YOU: my time is to valuable for you.

My late friend's father was a barber and used to cut hair in Beverly Hills. One day my friend's
dad told him that Tony Curtis came into the shop he worked in and he was with another guy.
They both waited for haircuts and while they waited this barber heard Curtis talking about
how that "fag on the lot was getting all the best parts in movies while he, Curtis, had to settle
for peanuts." The other man with Curtis just sat and listened while Curtis slammed fags whom
the actor was sure were all over the Universal lot. "If that fag ever got fired, I'd be their No. 1
star," Curtis boasted. Then my friend's dad finished with his customer. Just as he
called "Next," he heard Curtis scornfully say..."yeah...he's gonna go too far one day." Then
my friend's dad heard the name of the fag Curtis had derided. The fag was Rock Hudson.

I remember a few years back Larry King did a show on one of the anniversaries of Marilyn Monroe's death. He had about six to eight guests either in the studio or via satalitte. Tony Curtis was one of the guests. Pretty much the entire panel was mortified by the extremely vulgar and crass things he was saying about Marilyn. It was obvious he wasn't playing with a full deck then so nothing he comes up with now surprises me.

The funniest thing about your post Jaqueline is the respect thing. Respecct is something that one earns, not something that is to be given to those who do not deserve it. Tony Curtis showed that he does not by his comments about Brokeback Mountain.
I can only think that you want to or are f@#*ing him, since your unrelenting support is mind-boggling. He has put himself in this position by opening his homophobic stupid mouth. The fact that some third rate magazine gives him a lifetime achievement award does nothing to take away from the fact that he is a third rate actor with a handful of good performances in over 150 ones.

Mr. Curtis does not take the Oscars seriously? Could it be that he was only nominated once in all the films he made? Then why are you always reponding to the articles on this blog? Is he asking you to do so? Or as I stated above, are you some kind of stalker or slut that he's doing on the side?

I do not take the Oscar's seriously in the sense of 'real life' but I was a fan up to now. It is time that us in the 'real world' you talk about stand up and say enough. This is homophobia of the worse kind, coming from men who are in the closet. Mr. Curtis and all the other closet cases may marry and screw all the women they like, but the truth is they still like dick as well.

What is very sad, as you point out, is not that the gay community turned on Mr. Curtis, but the fact that he turned on us. I guess the 'real truth' is that he is no longer getting dick since he is a tired old queen with a bad rug on his head. He would only get it for cash now.

You should pick your causes more wisely woman. By the way, did you look up his quotes on having sex with men?

Respect to a movie screen legend and very special person would be nice.
As to the comment that a movie about gay people is not special: it isn't because it is common good this day and age. As to the Oscars taken too seriously: probably so'. Isn't Hollywood a fantasy world ? A creation, as a movie is a creation, are the stars not supposed to live the way we would want them to, are we not thriving on the life and the good, and bad happening to them ?
How many of you in the "real world" are living the way they do ? I bet not many, that is how real it all is.
When I read Tony's comment on Brokeback mountain though, I already heard the gay community coming down on him out of frustration. Sad, very sad, as for me everybody is just people, one earned more respect from me then the other but basically just people. I don't think he needs it or needed an Oscar : he made more then 150 movies without it, and people still love him.

what a performance from T Curtis. He has got himself back in the news for the past 3 weeks and he hasn't done a damn thing thing except to shoot off his mouth. Bruce Davis must be almost bald by now, pulling out handfulls of hair each time Curtis opens his mouth. But let TC blab all he wants, the truth is known and now AMPAS has to own up to its shoddy rule following or in some cases not following

Bitter, bitter, bitter and not that great of an actor! Funny though he alwayys came across to me as always being a little fay anyway! He may be straight but what does that really mean in Hollyweird!

I don't think Ernest Borgnine and Tony Curtis were the only members of the Academy to have NOT seen "Brokeback Mountain" and voted for Best Picture.

Oh Lord! Another Brokeback joke, this time from normally classy Roger Moore. I assume he means they can't decide who'll play "top". Hilarious.

For those who don't know, the Empire Awards are given out by the British movie magazine of the same name. The winners are voted on exclusively by readers (i.e. critics: "get lost"). They're a bit like the People's Choice Awards in that sense (i.e. pretty low down in the awards pecking order). You can check them out at

Of course, if he'd ever won one, it wouldn't be so fake! And he should have for his great performance as an understanding, liberated man in Some Like It Hot. Now we see though, that this was just a performance and the real Tony Curtis is nothing like that. He's an aging, bitter straight old queen.

As for Roger Moore, what was the context of his remark?



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