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Here's how our Oscar pundits scored

March 5, 2006 | 10:39 pm

The Envelope's odds scored fairly high, nailing 10 of the top 12 categories. Congrats to our own Steve Pond of The Envelope for achieving the highest score in all categories (19). Oh, if only I hadn't switched three predictions on Oscar morning, ditching the three eventual winners, I would've triumphed with a score of 20, but, alas…

19 — Steve Pond (The Envelope)

18 — Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune)

17 — Tom O'Neil (The Envelope), Gene Seymour (Newsday), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)

16 — Mike Sragow (Baltimore Sun)

15 — Edward Douglas (

14 — Ken Tucker (Entertainment Weekly)

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He was Jon Stewart being Jon Stewart. Did you expect him to be Billy Crystal? Johnny Carson was never part of Hollywood, yet he hosted a gazillion times.

I hope Stewart comes back soon.

Hi there

OK, I just have to say how dissapointed I am ... Hollywood and the Academy had there chance to finally acknowledge a "Gay" movie, which really wasn't a gay movie anyways....(we all know that there no Gays in Hollywood ). I must say I did love Crash ( #3 on my year end list), and I can see why some people hated it ( it is pretencious, it is preechy, cliched and over everything), but it meant something, but did it really mean more than Brokeback Mountain. I just fail to believe that a picture which wins the Golden Globe, Bafta, LA and NY critics, Producers and Directors Guild can be tripped up at the last hurdle.

My other gripe is Reese Witherspoon, I loved her in Walk the Line, but she completely expected the win and her Speech ??? was that not completely written for her ? and she looked like a Christmas Tree. Again, I feel that the Academy lost there chance to acknowledge a true performance ?

I loved Jon Stewart though, shame he couldn't really let loose, that would have been hilarious.

Wow! I did better than the guys who get paid to do this! I got 21 correct, and that includes the animated short film.

I wonder if anyone got all of them right.



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