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Reese's best performance ever

March 5, 2006 |  8:18 pm

Best actress champ Reese Witherspoon may have topped Hoffman's tribute to his mom with her salute to her whole family: "I'm so blessed to have my family here tonight. My mother and my father and I just want to say thank you so much for being proud of me. It didn't matter if I was just making my bed or making a movie. They never hesitated to say how proud they were of me and that means so very much to a child. So thank you, Mom and Dad. I want to say thank you to my husband and my two wonderful children. You should be going to bed! Thank you so much for loving me and supporting me. I want to say that my grandmother was one of the biggest inspirations of my life. She taught me how to be a real woman, to have strength and self-respect and to never give those things away and those were a lot of qualities I saw in June Carter. People used to ask June how she was doing and she'd say 'I'm just trying to matter!' I know what she means, you know. I'm just trying to matter and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody and you have all made me feel that I might have accomplished that tonight. Thank you all so much for this honor."

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Reese is another Grace Kelly. I LOVED her dress too. I thought Reese has ben an underminded actress for many years now. I think it has to do with her roles she's played. People just did not take her seriously. However you need to be talented and witty to play the roles she has played in the past and for the Role of June Carter. She is an incondescent actress. Reese, you just keep on doing your thing, We love you!

Reese: I have a compliment for you. I think you will be the icon for your generation of women. Your down-to-earth graciousness and free form elegance makes you the Doris Day of our generation. By that I mean, you show the strength behind the cheerfulness, the patience behind the smile, and the grace under are truly a remarkable young woman. You have substance.
If you read this, give me a shout! Your fellow southerner, Robert the Idealist!

Resse had the best speech of the night and her husband was so happy for her. I'm glad her choldren got to stay up and watch their mom have the best speech of the night. Plus her husband was in the movie that won best picture. I'm happy for both of them and they are great together.

Reese Witherspoon is the ideal of class, grace and beauty. Her performance was amazing and she deserves the Oscar! I am so glad that she got it.

Hey, Theo, it wasn't me who sid Felicity got robbed. I was for Reese all the way and even came on this board and told Tom he still had time to change his prediction. And I disagree with Matt, Reese gave the best speech of the night, far superior to Hoffman's.

I have watched Reese for a while. First discovered her when I watched a movie called Freeway and was transfixed by a pyrotechnic performance by Reese. I have been waiting for this girl to be annoited americas greatestt young actress since then. Pound for pound perhaps the finest actress ever. gratz to Reese!

Really classy!

Reese is certianly the new queen of hollywood. Congratulation to Queen Reese, she really deserves it. I just pity Felicity Huffman (with the campaigning drama and all), her carzy antics are certainly not enough to persuade voters.

Go Reese!!! We love you all the way!!!

I agree with Mike; Felicity was robbed. That was the true performance of a leading actress. I can't understand how Rachel Weisz won supporting actress for what appears to be a leading role while Reese won lead actress for what is so obviously a supporting role. Granted, she was good; and the voters love her. But I totally believe they got it wrong this time.

Fortunately for me, I know that this isn't the last time for Felicity Huffman. She will have her day with Oscar.

I hope Reese was watching when Gil Cates let Joan Crawford be trashed during the biopic montage. What a cheap shot.
Also--Shelley Winters got less time in the march of the dead than Richard Pryor.

reese showed why she has it. she is smart, gracious, impeccable.

It appears Mr. O'Neil was wrong on Best Actress.

Felicity got robbed, I demand a recount! And i am serious.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has still, through this point, made the top speech. Reese impressed with her eloquence beyond description though. A true leading lady. Gotta run. The big one is being announced.



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