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Transcript: Our chat session with Will Arnett

July 25, 2006 |  6:46 pm


At first Will Arnett appeared in our chatroom as "Gob Bluth," his character on "Arrested Development." That's because his publicist was supposed to assume the name "Will Arnett" and type for his client while they had a bicoastal phone chat (Gob — or, rather, the real Will, in New York) and they were both linked to our chatroom. But then came the inevitable plot complication: Will's rep had tech woes signing in, mayhem worthy of "AD" ensued, and our lively chat revealed juicy tattle. Special thanks to Shannon Horton ("BD Fan") for editing this transcript. Read on:

Tom O'Neil: Hi Gob!

Gob Bluth: hello...just trying to figure this out

Gob Bluth: what's happening?

Bob Loblaw: We'd rather hear what's happening with you.

CherithCutestory: Yeah, we're boring

Gob Bluth: well I'm sitting here in nyc

FlickPaddy: Will how many movies do you have coming up

Gob Bluth: well 3 movies

Tom O'Neil: Tell us about the episodes you chose for your Emmy submission. What are they about and why did you pick them?

Gob Bluth: well, i didn't pick them...

Tom O'Neil: Who did?

Gob Bluth: i didn't think i was going to win, so my publicist did

Gob Bluth: i didn't even know the noms were coming out

Tom O'Neil: NOTE TO EVERYBODY HERE: Will Arnett is signed in as his character on "Arrested Development" -- Gob Bluth

Tom O'Neil: So what happened noms morning? Did you get an early wake up call

Gob Bluth: i was on a plane arriving in Sweden. My phone started to go nuts

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Photo: The TV series "Arrested Development" may be "dead in the water," but Will Arnett says that a movie extension might occur. (Fox)

BC: What's it like being married to one of the funniest people on "Saturday Night Live's”cast, Will?

Gob Bluth: great

CherithCutestory: *The funniest! Let's be honest here

BDFan: are you happy with the eppies your publicist picked?

Gob Bluth: i guess...i can't really say

FlickPaddy: I loved you in Monster-In-Law Bluth

FlickPaddy: That movie was funny. What was it like working with Lopez and Fonda

Gob Bluth: lol

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: who did you think would get nominated and who did you want to get nominated?

Gob Bluth: i wasn't really thinking about it, i thought that jason deserved a nom

BabsonLacrosse: Will, who are some of your comedic influences??

Gob Bluth: steve martin, chevy chase

Tom O'Neil: Will, so whazzup REALLY with Arrested Development. No chance for Showtime or other net to pick it up?

Gob Bluth: no...we're dead in the water

Professor Chaos: Will, do you think an Arrested movie could actually happen?

Gob Bluth: a movie might happen

Noble: I'd love a movie

Dr_Raoul_Duke: Will, do you ever check the boards at There’s talk of you having posted a while back, highlighting a reference that everyone missed... Is this true?

Gob Bluth: i never posted...i don't think

Tom O'Neil: You have a serious chance of winning best comedy again. You could actually get the last laugh at the Emmys -- literally

Gob Bluth: that would be great...a great vindication

littlesquish89: What's it like working with David Cross/is it hard to keep a straight face around him?

Gob Bluth: cross is the best

FlickPaddy: Will, do you like The Office

FlickPaddy: I Feel it stole a lot from you guys

Gob Bluth: love the office...both of them

Gob Bluth: everyone borrows

Gob Bluth: two word answers

Gob Bluth: steve carrell is hilarious

FlickPaddy: Would you consider television again though Will

Gob Bluth: i'm not sure i would do another show anytime soon

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: did u think David Cross should've gotten a nomination?

Gob Bluth: cross deserved a nom every year, the guy's a genius

FlickPaddy: is a drama in the works, Will?

Gob Bluth: a drama...mmmm...nobody takes me seriously enough...but i would consider sophie's choice 2, "still choosin'"

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: hey you played pedophile!

Gob Bluth: i played a character who HAPPENED to be a pedophile

venom9176: How did you end up landing that guest spot on Will & Grace a few seasons back? I use that line "Like a Sicilian woman's eyebrows, we could not be kept apart" all the time now

Gob Bluth: i did will and grace because i knew one of the writers, and sean hayes and i are friends

FlickPaddy: How does it feel to be nodded together

Gob Bluth: strange

Gob Bluth: we've been goading each other

CherithCutestory: I gotta go, Will, you're amazing and I hope you win!

Gob Bluth: thx

Dr_Raoul_Duke: Hey Will. I’m thinking of starting a bee business. You know, for honey and stuff… The problem is I’m more of an ideas man, and I need someone to run with this…any suggestions?

Gob Bluth: beeeess??

venom9176: lol

Professor Chaos: LOL

Gob Bluth: sorry

Dr_Raoul_Duke: yeah, beeeess

Gob Bluth: beeaadddsss???

littlesquish89: gob's not on board

Dr_Raoul_Duke: yeah, that's what I said

Gob Bluth: it won't stop, my robot is typing this

Tom O'Neil: Will, on Emmy day, will you have an acceptance speech at the ready in case you win -- or just wing it, if it do?

Gob Bluth: i want to wing it tom, but my wife said i have to prepare something

Tom O'Neil: You better listen to your wife

babypook: it'd be hard not listening to your talented wife

becky3306: Have her write it like Steve's wife did

FlickPaddy: Something like Steve Carrell at the Globes

Gob Bluth: yeah, she hates it when folks aren't prepared

venom9176: would amy have made another appearance in Season 3 if it wasn't shortened?

Gob Bluth: for sure she would have

Tom O'Neil: Just think -- it's the clip they'll show over and over on your E! True Hollywood Story -- so it must be memorable

Tom O'Neil: Do what Dustin Hoffman did at the Oscars -- thank your parents for not practising birth control. That kinda thing

Gob Bluth: i know....but it won't really matter, cause i think piven's got it

Gob Bluth: that's what she said

littlesquish89: I'm curious, what plotlines didn't get fully developed or didn't happen at all because of the shortened season?

Gob Bluth: there was a drawing of a crazy machine in the writer's room

FlickPaddy: Do you talk to the other Arrested cast mates?

Gob Bluth: i talk to jason and david all the time

Gob Bluth: i've been doing a voice on david's new animated show

Tom O'Neil: No, not true -- Piven's character is brash and unsympathetic. That often hurts at the Emmys. It's a strange award because it's chosen by jurors, not a popular vote

Tom O'Neil: Gob isn't exactly Mr. Sympathy either, but he's not NASTY ASS all the time

Tom O'Neil: GOB's soft side helps big time

Gob Bluth: gob was a softie at heart

Dr_Raoul_Duke: G.O.B has a definite soft side

Gob Bluth: he was unloved

Guru: Is Amy coming back to SNL next season?

Gob Bluth: yes

Tom O'Neil: I haven't seen your eppies yet, Will, but the posters here who have seen them give you high marks. Winning is all about the episodes. The Emmy is very different from all other showbiz awards

Gob Bluth: thank you for the kind words...mitch wrote such a great character

Gob Bluth: well...i wasn't featured as much season knows

TommyCastro: did you record any commentaries for the third season dvd?

Gob Bluth: yes we just did them


Gob Bluth: i will tom...geeze!!!

venom9176: so what about the movie, which apparently really is a possibility. Is it more like, maybe it'll happen at some point in the future or are there really plans in place? It's a big cast to get together.

Gob Bluth: the movie...hmmm

Tom O'Neil: Of course you may not get to the podium alive, if you beat Piven and he strangles you to death in mid-aisle

Noble: Will, pack your speech full of AD references

Gob Bluth: my speech would be in mandarin

Gob Bluth: a billion people speak it

Professor Chaos: Franklin should give your speech!

Gob Bluth: franklin...the movie

Professor Chaos: How's it been working with Will Ferrell?

Gob Bluth: awesome

Gob Bluth: the guy's a tour de force

Boomer: You should get Mitch Hurwitz to write a speech for you.

Gob Bluth: i think he would need to take an honest assessment of himself

Michael Bluth: COME ON!!!!

Tom O'Neil: Great!

Dr_Raoul_Duke: Channel God to the world...It would be your greatest illusion to date

Gob Bluth: yes come on indeed

Tom O'Neil: Then he should come to terms with his higher power

Gob Bluth: david wanted us all to leave the room when we won in 2004...just get up hug each other, and walk the other way

Tom O'Neil: "Wil Arnett" is Will's publicist Lewis. Hi Lewis! It's about time you got here!

Will Arnett: stupid firewall

venom9176: are you completely disillusioned with network TV at this point?

Gob Bluth: ummm...kind of yeah

Bob Loblaw: Will, which of your many upcoming movies are you most excited about?

Gob Bluth: the ambassador!!!!

BabsonLacrosse: Will, do you miss Canada?

Gob Bluth: sure

Michael Bluth: What is your favorite Show

Will Arnett: I will be typing for will so we can get to more answers

Will Arnett: Favorite show is the Office

Tom O'Neil: From now on, Will Arnett = Will Arnett here

Bob Loblaw: Rainn Wilson was a finalist to play GOB.

Will Arnett: Yes Rainn was a finalist...he is a really funny actor

Bob Loblaw: How goes Brothers Solomon?

Will Arnett: BS is hilarious

Will Arnett: will forte wrote the funniest script i have ever read

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: was the chicken dance improvised

littlesquish89: Did you make up the chicken dance?

Will Arnett: i did not make up the chickendance

Will Arnett: i interpreted it

Noble: What's a favourite Arrrested D moment

Will Arnett: when the family got drunk trying to do an intervention for Lucille

Will Arnett: hardest i have ever laughed in my whole life and it was caught on camera

Will Arnett: i laughed for an hour and half afterwards

Michael Bluth: What is your Favorite GOB Quote

Will Arnett: "ta da"

Professor Chaos: What happened with Marta 1. She seems kind of like an inside joke on the commentaries.

Will Arnett: she didnt really work out

Cherith_Cutestory: do you miss Franklin?

Will Arnett: i do miss Franklin

Noble: Where is Franklin now?

Dr_Raoul_Duke: On the streets?

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: what kind of music do you like? bands?

Will Arnett: bulit to spill is my fave band

littlesquish89: did you get to keep any cool props from the show?

Will Arnett: got to keep my watch...

Will Arnett: which is crappy

Bob Loblaw: What do you think of SNL downsizing its cast?

Will Arnett: dont know a lot about the SNL stuff

babypook: do you miss canada, will?

Will Arnett: do miss Canada from time to time

BabsonLacrosse: do you prefer NYC to LA?

Will Arnett: much prefer NYC

Michael Bluth: would you bring Franklin to the EMMYS

Will Arnett: i don’t think Franklin would make it through the metal detector

shyunein: what is your favorite movie?

Will Arnett: right now Shaun of the Dead

Will Arnett: love those guys

babypook: haha! great spoof!

littlesquish89: how did you and Conan come up with "Give me a Breaksville?"

Will Arnett: me and a guy named John Glaser came up with Gimme a breaksville

Dr_Raoul_Duke: You should check out 'Spaced'

Will Arnett: yeah I have watched all of is fantastic

Bob Loblaw: With Conan hosting the Emmys, might you do a bit on the show?

Will Arnett: potentially

Boomer: What was it like working for Ron Howard?

Will Arnett: Ron Howard is such a nice guy and a great boss

venom9176: any chance we'll see you doing guest spots on TV this season?

Will Arnett: no guest spots scheduled....

MaybeSomeSpaghetti: you and Conan should do a movie

Will Arnett: Conan : The Movie

Professor Chaos: Now that you've made the jump to film, are there any directors you'd really like to work with?

Will Arnett: i want to work with Edward Wright

Will Arnett: director of shaun of dead

Will Arnett: we might do something next year

Dr_Raoul_Duke: Would you get into bed with Robert Redford?

Will Arnett: if the lights were off

meagan: how many times did you drop amy shooting blades of glory?

Will Arnett: just the one time...and she was fine

Will Arnett: she is such a cryer

Bob Loblaw: Aren't you doing a couple movies with the Russo brothers?

Will Arnett: russo bros and I are working on a few movies

Will Arnett: know...nothing ever happens

Noble: I'd love to see you on 24

Will Arnett: ok

Professor Chaos: haha

Will Arnett: as an actor?

babypook: were you really on the sopranos? how'd i miss u?

Will Arnett: i had such a small part

dirtystayout: what's your middle name?

Will Arnett: get this my middle name is you guys can call me "Emmy"

Will Arnett: for real

Bob Loblaw: WEA?

Will Arnett: wea...yes?

stunned_mullet: that is fantastic

Tome6: that is an omen.

Tom O'Neil: Then winning an Emmy is DESTINY

Professor Chaos: Will, how long were you in the Uright Citizen's Brigade?

Will Arnett: I was never in UCB...merely a fan

Boomer: In the 3 years, do you have favorite AD episodes?

Will Arnett: my fave AD ep is "Afternoon delight" or Pier Pressure

meagan: Are you in New York to rock the Asssscat anniversary with some monologues?

Will Arnett: I will be at asssscat annive show

Cherith_Cutestory: have you been to the op?

Will Arnett: i have been to the OP...but dont call it that

Boomer: How cool was it working with Henry Winkler?

Will Arnett: hank winkler is the Fonz

Will Arnett: how cool is that?

Will Arnett: maybe the nicest person i have ever met

Will Arnett: could not be more unlike the Fonz

Tom O'Neil: Nicer than Ron Howard?

Will Arnett: well...Tom...Come On!

shyunein: my favorite Gob/Franklin moment is "You've ruined the act, Gob." in the british accent. how bout everyone else?

Will Arnett: you've ruined the act joke was an inside joke between me and Chuck of the writers

Will Arnett: my dog puzzle is whining right now because he has to go pee

Tom O'Neil: OK -- we'll letcha go. Thanks for hanging with us

becky3306: what kind of dog?

Will Arnett: 2 dogs

Will Arnett: thanks tom

Will Arnett: other dog is Suki

Will Arnett: 2 more questions

Will Arnett: thanks for all of the well wishes

Cherith_Cutestory: whats your next movie opening up?

Will Arnett: You are Going to Prison on Nov 22nd

Tom O'Neil: OK -- here's mine: Why didn't Arrested Development turn out to be a supersmash hit? What's your theory? Everybody knows it was a brilliant show

Will Arnett: People were tired of being told to watch the became like homework

Will Arnett: Thanks everyone...appreciate it

Tom O'Neil: Wow -- interesting answer

Will Arnett: Thanks, everybody!