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First real 'Dreamgirls' review?

August 11, 2006 |  9:39 pm

Dreamgirls3a posts what claims to be the first outside, impartial review of one of Oscar's best pic frontrunners: "Dreamgirls," written after attending a test screening held at the Pacific Gaslamp multiplex in San Diego. And it's a rave. So raving, in fact, that the sanity of its author may be questioned — or at least his intelligence and literacy skills. Even his true identity. Lots of posters claim he's an obvious studio plant, so much so that one poster added, "He's reaching for sunlight!"

I must add that the review seems suspicious to me, too, but — what the heck — I love the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls" and Bill Condon movies so much that I can't resist posting this link anyways — CLICK HERE!

What do you think? Honest appraisal or plant?

I can tell you lots more about this film after Monday night when I attend a press preview, hosted by Condon, producer Laurence Mark and star Jennifer Hudson, that will reveal more scenes from the pic.

Photo: "I loved this movie, and the whole audience there went completely bananas for it," claims an anonymous reviewer of "Dreamgirls." "The audience clapped after every song, we clapped for the characters, and during the big musical numbers we were cheering and yelling out."