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'Gilmore' to switch to Emmy drama races; 'Housewives,' too?

August 22, 2006 |  9:40 pm


It's not official, but I have it on very good authority that, now that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has exited "Gilmore Girls" to develop a new show for Fox, the WB series will no longer compete in the comedy races at the Emmys. Defining "Girls" as a laffer was always Sherman-Palladino's idea, which was pooh-poohed by many colleagues. Next year they'll place themselves in the drama lineup. Not a bad idea, unless they're doing so as a way to explain the show's failure to nab noms in the past. Come on! Those snubs had nothing to do with category classification. Prior to this year, "Girls" got shunned because those geezer Emmy voters had no idea that the WB was on their cable box. This year, Lauren Graham made the finalist list for best comedy actress, but blew it by submitting a whiny, sulking episode submission to judges. Frankly, she wouldn't have had any better luck if she'd given it to the drama actress panel. Instead, had she entered her reunion episode with Rory to either the comedy or drama panels, that would've gotten her nommed in either. Because that was her best episode.

"Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" got snubbed for the same reason: poor episode entries. "Housewives" really blew it. Producers and stars didn't submit their one brilliant whopper of an episode, the 90-minute season finale, to any Emmy panel. Bizarre, eh? But it looks like cast members are bamboozled into believing that they were snubbed because of confusion over comedy or drama placement.

James Denton, who plays Mike "the plumber," says the show got snubbed in the comedy races because it's "too dark," adding, "I don't think the show is a pure comedy or pure drama and last year, particularly, it was very dark. So, when you're nominating yourself or presenting yourself as a comedy, there's certainly funnier shows on television, as a pure comedy."

Nice try, James. Denial is always a fun game, but futile. Why not face the real reason your show got snubbed? Because none of you guys did what you're supposed to do: submit your best work to the judging panels. How long will it be before you accept responsibility for your blunder?

Ah, well, let's get back to the firm news development of "GG" switching categories. What do you think? Good move? Dumb ploy? Join the fierce discussion in our forums — CLICK HERE!

Photo: Lauren Graham's Emmy episode "Partings" was dour and glum from the very first scene, which showed a sulking Graham pretending to be asleep on the coach.