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Jude Law 'angry' at Oscar host Chris Rock

September 11, 2006 |  8:00 pm

In case you missed it, Jude Law recently fired back at Chris Rock for the potshots the Oscar host took at him in 2005.

Rock chided producers in the audience for taking shortcuts to make movies cheaper.

"You want Tom Cruise and all you can get is Jude Law? Wait. It’s not the same thing, O.K.?" Rock ranted. "Who is Jude Law? Why's he in every movie I have seen for the last four years? He's in everything. Even the movies he's not in, if you look at the credits he made cupcakes or something."

Law told the New York Times: "At first I laughed because I didn’t think he knew who I was. Then I got angry as his remarks became personal. My friends were livid. It's unfortunate I had five or six films come out at the same time."

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Hey, Jude, get over it.
You should be honored -- he's only picking on successful people.
Be glad that you're working so much.
There are a million other actors out there who would kill to have what you've got.

I thought you were great in "A.I."

Livid.... Oh come on...

It was a dreadful 'joke' and I'd be happy to see Rock take flack for this every year. Worst host ever. Except Letterman. And DeGeneres (probably).

Actually, if I made as much money as Jude Law I wouldn't give a damn about what Chris Rock said. It didn't hurt his career and he still works with other great actors and directors. It was a joke from like two years ago. Move on!

It was a question someone asked him. What would you do if someone joked about your "status"? You'd be upset if he made those jokes about you as well.

Wow. Jude needs to grow a sense of humor. I thought it was bad when Penn "fired back" at Rock three hours after the joke came out. This is nearly two years ago.



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