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Ellen will flop as Oscar host (Part 2)

October 6, 2006 |  6:03 pm


Uh-oh. There's more reason than ever to believe that Ellen DeGeneres is gonna be a really lousy Oscar host!

She just told the New York Times that she won't insult people like Chris Rock did or get political like Jon Stewart! Has she already forgotten that the only time she's received decent reviews for hosting an awards show was when she got political at the Emmys in the aftermath of the Afghan invasion? In case you missed it, check out my original rant against Ellen as the choice for Oscar host, complete with quotations of reviews dissing her many bad jobs as kudocast emcee in the past — CLICK HERE!

"I know what the job is," she said. "It's to honor movies and to honor people who worked hard. Those people take it seriously. I'm there to make them feel good and take their minds off it a little bit and make it a fun night."

"I really am aware that no matter how strongly I feel about something, there's someone else who feels just as strongly about the exact opposite," she said. "Maybe because I was penalized in a way when I came out, there are certain areas that I am aware would get me in trouble," she added. "I talk about my life and I talk about Portia and it's not a big deal if it comes up. But it really doesn't come up."

Oh, gawd, reading that blah-blah, I'm already bored to tears and nominations are months away! Why, oh, why can't they hire some new brilliant choice like Tom Hanks or Jim Carrey? Why have they slotted a consistent, proven failure? Please click on the link above and read the rotten reviews she's received over and over again!

Photo: "I have a certain philosophy — that if it feels good, that if I feel good doing it, then it will just feel good to watch," Ellen says. (AMPAS)