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Did Oscar break up Reese and Ryan?

October 31, 2006 |  9:08 am


"Oscar did it again!" roars our forums poster "Academy Awards Guru" upon hearing the news that the latest best actress champ (Reese Witherspoon) busted up with her beau (Ryan Phillippe) soon after hooking up with Hollywood's naked golden boy.

Other examples include Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe, Marlee Matlin and William Hurt, Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim, Halle Berry and Eric Benet, Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt and Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria.

I'm not sure I buy into this whole linkage idea, which implies that these guys, beset with jealousy, couldn't handle their gals' success. Turns out Chad had a whole secret drug thing going on and Hilary stood by him as long as she could cope; ditto for Halle's tolerance level for Eric's philandering. And why should Ryan be jealous of Reese's kudos success since he actually topped it that same Oscar night when his film — "Crash" — pulled off one of the biggest shockeroos in the history of the best picture race?

Yes, that's true, but Ryan didn't seem to enjoy himself at Vanity Fair's post-Oscars fete. "He sat by himself looking pretty resentful," a witness told Life & Style magazine.

Personally, I happen to think something else busted up Reese and Ryan: bad chemistry. They never seemed right for each other. She always struck me as a gung-ho, pancake-flipping momma who belongs to the PTA, St. John's Church Christmas decoration committee and the Eagle Scouts' recycling drive. By contrast, he seemed to be a foggy-headed slacker and loner, who the tabloids kept catching smoking pot in cars with rolled-up windows not too far away from where a befuddled Reese, tapping a foot, fumed, "Golly darn, where the heck is that boy?!"

"I think everyone has their own set of problems, and sometimes I feel I'm in the middle of the biggest challenge of my life just trying to maintain normalcy in a kind of crazy lifestyle," she has said in the past. "Many people worry so much about managing their careers, but rarely spend half that much energy managing their lives. I want to make my life, not just my job, the best it can be. The rest will work itself out."

"Marriage is hard," Reese once told Vanity Fair. "(It's) not about expecting someone to make you happy every day or to complete your life."

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Photo: Ryan and Reese appeared disconnected as they arrived at the Oscars back in March.
(L.A. Times photo by Myung J. Chun)

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Ever think that the publicity from receiving an Oscar helps to bring attention to the individual's faults (both parties) and the problems with the relationship overall? Reece was not much of a tabloid darling in past years, but the Acadamy Award win brought attention. When a couple sees their own flaws plastered on the pages of every grocery store smut mag, of course it reinforces the reasons why they should not be together. Winning an Oscar helps bring that attention to the celebrity pair.

Ever see Cruel Intentions? Has anyone ever pretended the two have had any sort of chemistry ever since?

The one who will endup losing from this divorce is clearly Ryan Phillipe.

Reese is the top box-office pulling actress in Hollywood right now, while Phillipe's only hope at recognition is the upcoming Clint Eastwood WWII film, where Eastwood will be receiving all the kudos and accolades, as expected.

Phllipe's career is going nowhere. He still hasn't made that successful transition from teen heart-throb to adult actor with his 32 year old baby-face and poor wooden acting.

The guy should save up whatever money he can, because his career will be about as hot as Richard Grieco's next year!

He was drunk at her Golden Globe win. Thats why he made a scene. I felt bad for embarrassing.

Wasn't he uber excited for her Golden Globe win? Or was that just an act

Don't forget Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin...

It wasn't the Oscar. It was the whore that Ryan was sleeping with during their marriage. Look how happy Reese looks in that picture, and then look at Ryan. Wow.

Maybe it wasn't an Oscar. Maybe it was another woman that Ryan was sleeping with!!!!



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