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Beyonce and academy respond to Oscar song news

January 3, 2007 |  4:57 pm

Yesterday when we broke the news that Beyonce Knowles is not eligible to be nominated for best song at the Oscars as she is at the Globes, we'd received confirmation from the studio. Now we've heard directly from the Oscars and Beyonce's rep.

First, here's what academy PR spokesman John Pavlik says: "Various branch executive committees have to make this kind of a decision almost every year, and the decision always comes down to the same thing: who had the most to do with the achievement being considered. It was no different in this case."

Beyonce's rep Alan Nierob says, "It's wrong to say that Beyonce was disqualified because she never qualified. Beyonce is aware of the Oscar rule that says only three songwriters can be nominated. It's all about percentages — how much each person contributed to the song. Beyonce contributed greatly to 'Listen,' but her percentage is lower, so she didn't expect to be eligible for nomination. She's very happy that her co-writers may be recognized."

Nierob confirms that Beyonce is officially credited as a best-song nominee at the Golden Globes.

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beyonce is a whore i heard jay z hits her

Beyonce Knowles is beautiful, has a wonderful voice. Her acting is HORRIBLE!!! She will NEVER be a consumate actress!!! EVA!!! She seems phony and snobbish, as well as her snooty MAMA!!
Solange is a doll baby, she has a chance of being a "decent" actress and she seems a lot more "REAL" than her older sibling.
Give it up B, you are in the rankings of Janet (whom I adore, but she KNOWS she can't act) Whitney (only hilarious on reality shows).
J.Lo is the only singer/actress who can work the screen, although she needs to work on her acting "range".
This comment should be set in STONE!! YOU CANNOT ACT BEYONCE KNOWLES!!!

beyonce is a big disapointment she acts like shes so nice but behind all the lies shes a big hoe trying to take all the spotlight thats why shes doing everything she can to be on top she played her group members now latavia is coming out with a cd shes the last group member to get paid shes on myspace her url is thereallatavia she can sing too beyonce wants it all everybody is tired of her stealing peoples dance moves hair styes etc... i'm sick of her shes not beatiful anymore because of her attitude she thinks the world owes her something because she can sing her acting skills are terrible and she needs to go away she say she makes music for only blacks well im white and beyonce is a cold hearted whore monkey if thats so true why is she singing latina songs she is not the shit the bitch is inlove with all the fame and fortune to all the beyonce fans you are stupidf for loving her just listen to her interviews she always say something wierd but you guys still like her she don;t care about nobody but herself

Dangerouly in Love was sample big time from Are you my woman, written by the late Eugene Record of the Chi-lites. I have not seen his name on any of the credits. It's amazing how you oh ah a few word and get writers credit.

People get so upset because your not a beyonce fan. Sorry there just to many talented singer out there. beyonce just has a daddy that pushes her in every avenue, that may hurt her in the long run. I

love it when artist release an CD lik Ursher, wait a year or so and then come out banging again. She needs to let people miss her, because right some people are getting tired of her.

I have Beyonce's new album "B-Day" and on track 11, after the song "Back Up" is over, the song "Listen" is about to start. She is speaking about the Dreamgirls movie. She says that the movie is about HER LIFE and that SHE WROTE "Listen". I wonder if anyone caught that. The movie is not about her life and she didn't write the song "Listen". What's up with that??????????????

Screw Beyonce,

She didn't even have the conviction to show up at the SAG Awards with the rest of the Dreamgirls team. She wasn't doing anything that pressing. Has Jennifer hudson not been getting all this praise, she would have been there. The fact that she's not the female at the center of attention has her hiding.

They were nominated for Best Ensemble cast. This goes to prove that when the light isn't on her that she wants no involvement. This hurts because I have been a Beyonce supporter for a while, but the fact is is is that she is absolutely jealous of Jennifer Hudson and cannot handle being second fiddle. All those phony press conferences about how she knew that her role wasn't as beefy as Effie's...and that how she wanted to prove that she can not have the spotlight on her is bullshit! I hope to God that she takes this same road at the Oscars and then Jennifer Hudson can sing Listen,outsing her with her own song, and then we wait for Daddy Knowles to bitch afterward!

The majority of any post and the critics have downplayed Beyonce's performance as mediocre and have mentioned this so called feud between the two. It's proof now that this all isn't just make beleive. Beyonce Knowles is a jealous woman and God help her!

Ya'll need to leave Beyonce along. How do yall know what she do, she do write her own songs and if she didn't it ain't none of yall damn problem, it aint like ya'll gon get paid for the songs, so her leave alone. By the way, I seen Dreamgirls 10 times and I think Beyonce did an excellent job even if ya'll say Jennifer Hudson was the best actress in the movie. Beyonce song Listen and no one could say that she sound bad so if ya'll have any more comments keep it to YOUR DAMN SELF and leave Beyonce alone bacause at the end of the day she will have the money and yall will have nothing . Ya'll will still be sitting ya'll dumb asses at that computer hating on Beyonce.

Sign by Beyonce #1 fan
and if any one have a comment on what i said please feel free to email me at

Stupid ass haters

I am an up-and-coming producer, I was in on the writing session for "Irreplaceable". Beyonce hummed a few, STRESS on FEW words. It was Ne-Yo, Warren Campbell, & the track was produced by the producer ___STARR (I always call him STARR) from Ne-Yo's camp. Beyonce hardly wrote any of her songs. She has stated that to appeal to the masses and give herself more nororiety. In fact, it turns out that LeToya was responsible for "Bills, Bills, Bills,", "No, No, No" and "Say My Name" and sued Beyonce, her dad, SONY, and the whole "DC" Franchise for copyright infringement laws. They settled the dispute out of court, but trust, when I was in the lab for her 1st album, she even says that she produced this track that 9th Wonder created (dope producer by the way, Little Brother, classic!!!). I am not hating on her, or "downgrading" her in any way shape or form. She just shouldn't make it seem that she is the POWERFORCE behind herself when she has a whole staff of people supporting her and actually making/ made her into the superstar-diva-icon she is today. The Academy rules are as followed. In fact, if the Grammy's and any other music accolade would apply the same rules, a lot of her credibility would be yanked! point blank! but that does not stop her from being the talented woman she is. I think this will be an eye-opener for her to stop saying that she is responsible for things in her career that she is not.

Like I thought she was not going to win. I am so glad that Jennifer Hudson won. I have not yet seen the movie but from what I heard she played the hell out of that role. As for the song credits that did end up putting her name down as one of the writers of the song (I guess after she bitched so much) but in the end of the day who came out on top? (She did not get her way completely this time) Everyone who deserved to win I think did.

It does get me a little bit angry that people talk about Beyonce writting and her song-writing credibility. She writes these songs herself along with other people. I haven't seen a comment yet, where she said "I, Beyonce wrote this song by myself". IRREPLACEABLE, she wrote along with Ne-Yo and Warren Campbell if I'm not mistaken, "Resentment", so changed some words along with Warren Campbell, and as far as Bootylicious, the reason other people's names are up under the song title on the album "Survivor" is because Stevie Nicks was a co-writer and performed instruments on the song and she wrote the song with the people who did the producing, so Beyonce still had to put their name on their because she used a melody and a sample of the song. And people don't know that Jay-Z also got song-writing credits on both Dangerously In Love and B-Day, but everybody thinks she writes these songs by herself, naw that's not the case.

As far as Dreamgirls, I don't think that she will win Best Actress, but if she does, I'll eat my own words. The reason she was nominated Best Actress was because they couldn't put both her and Jennifer Hudson in that same category, which is what they were going to do. Somebody had to be put in the leading category and like someone said earlier, the award is nominated by her peers, so all her friends in the biz and whatnot, nominated her for that category. I personally think that Jennifer will win Best Supporting Actress in this one and I think that Listen will win for Best Original Song. The reason being for both is because Jennifer did really good in that movie, although I didn't like her character, she did very well and her voice is amazing. LISTEN is the song and is very passionate. It's funny because Listen wasn't gonna get put in the song, but they needed a song to balance out Jennifer's performance for "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" because they didn't have another song, that's when Scott, Ann and Beyonce got called to do a song. Even though she didn't "PERSONALLY" get a statue for Best Song, she still singing all the way to the bank for her 3x platinum B'Day for the song Listen

As an African-American, I think we need to stop these negative comments about our own people. It is to close to Black History month for all of this negative energy. Jennifer Huddson and Beyonce should be congratulated on there preformance in "Dream Girls". Looking over some of the comments that was made. I think that some of you all need to go back to school, and take English 101.

I am so glad that some one else feels me about how she is. She is fake that is just like when she was on 106 & Park for her Birthday and she stated that the song "Ring the Alarm" (that she clamed that she wrote) was not about her life and that she just write songs for females to get courage and strength in relationships but her songs were not based of her life. No come on even comedians tell jokes about their own life expereince and other singers but you are going to tell me that the songs just come to you, what a bunch of bull. I seen her in concert not on purpose I only went to see my girl Alicia Keys when they were on tour together and what made me see how she really was was when her own fans went to take a picture as she wasr going down the aisle on their camera phone (granted I know that they are not suppose to take pictures but damn those are your fans, so some respect) and holding out their hands for her to acknowledge them she covered up her face and did not touch a sole. She did not uncover her face until she got on stage I thought that was so cold. Also when she was on Oprah they said she greeted everyone on the stage but Jennifer Hudson, who is the hater now. I think is is B.

I wish this bitch will come to an end....I swear on her death. Beyonce is fake,a phony, a liar. She decieves her fans and make them think of all of these great things about her.....Only time will tell when all of this will bite her in the ass........Everyone is gonna see the REAL Beyonce...everyone is gonna see how much of a liar she is....all she does is sing...she never neve ever ever wrote any of her songs...never..she lies about every damn song that she comes out with......she just adds her name to the song and then comes on tv and say she wrote the song...when she ain't write shit...not even one word.....She lied about writing that song "bootylicious" ya'll rember that excellent lie she came up with about how she was on the plane and the song just popped up in her head??? LOL well that is someone else wrote that song for her...she never wrote a song...and far as I know her sister Solange can write...Beyonce comes with a new lie everytime she comes out wth a song sooo it will sound convincing that she wrote it.....Oh, yeah did ya'll also hear this...The Golden Globes had no intention in nominating Beyonce for Best Actress...she wasn't even on the list...and her and her father bribe and talk their way in ttrynna get the Producer of Dreamgirls to get her nominated? Yeah, true story.....because before they had all the list of nominations...Jennifer and Eddie were the only ones getting nominated....But that Jealous Bitch Beyonce wasn't having it and neither was her father...So she got nominated as well...I dunno how she does it...But one day everyone is gonna see who she really is,

No one is hating on her so what if she has millions, money is not everything. You can have all the money in the world but if you are not happy what differnece does it really make. She is good at what she does but she is not all of that. Everyone should be recognized when they do good but not to the point where they are given praise when do one else is. The media has pumped up DREAMGIRLS as being Beyonce' movie and it is not. If you watch the commericals they only show her not noone else and I think that is wrong. Yes there important issues all over the world but all anyone is doing on this page is commenting on this issue.

Okay enough with all the hate ! I am pretty sure that none of you making these negative remarks could do any better. I think she works very hard and puts a lot of effort into everything she does. So what if she didn't write the song or how much of it she wrote. She sings it and she sings it well! as far as her acting I think she did a good job . I don't really care about "awards shows" I there are so many real life issues that you should be more concerned about, Its sickening the comments about how many lines she had, and how she articulates. You say your tired of seeing her... I think its the opposite Your tired of not seeing enough of her! As for Listen its on her album so its her song! when its all said and done she still has her millions and you'll still be "hating" or obsessing....

The only reason why it is so much fuse is because she wants to be the center of everything this goes all way back to when she was in Destiny's Child. Also the media also PUMPS her up when it is not like. I am not a fan her her, don;t get me wrong the girl can sing and she strives to do her best and she will practice will hard with the dance moves but she is so over rated. You have other talented stars out her that can sing and ACT but are not given their props that they should. As long as the money is right sometimes the ballard may not if you catch my draft. She reminds me of a spoiled baby she will cry until she gets what she wants. As far as the song writing credits she stated on an interiw with Cathy Hughs (TVONE) that she had her in put on the song whatever she liked or didn't she would but down her thoughts but to me that is not saying that you had a great input to me they where being considerate since she was singing the song. Someone write in the comments that they should give her credit because she sang but someone else could have song it even better TRUST.

I liked Beyonce until now. As a signer she is talented, but she is at best, dull, as an actress. What bothers me is that she admits in interviews and television that her character was not the main star, yet she attempts to hog the spotlight despite this. For example, she damn well know that she & Paramount isn't legitimate in bumping Jennifer Hudson for Best Actress. If B was a humble as she says, then she would morally do what's right. Instead, despite the overwhelming majority about her bland performance, she still refuses to backdown. It's OK though because J-hud is so overwhemingly good...NO ONE can stop the role she's on. J Hud should sweep GG,SAG, and Oscar.....hands down. I sincerely hope that one award show does have the guts to place her where she belongs....THE LEAD, Beyonce wasn't even a good supporting character....she was just a face with very minimal lines.

With Beyoncé now out of the Best Original Song contest, I think her best chance is for the acting branch to "flip the memo" from Paramount--that is, nominate Jennifer Hudson for Best Actress and Beyoncé for Best Supporting Actress, instead of the other way around. Remember, at the Oscars the actors themselves decide whether a performance is leading or supporting, NOT the studio.

Having just seen the movie, I think that's a great idea for several reasons: First of all, there's no question Hudson steals the show, but I think Beyoncé deserves recognition as well, at least as much as Eddie Murphy. (No, Beyoncé isn't fake; with James Brown now gone, she is arguably the hardest-working person in showbiz. And I'm not much of a fan of her music OR Destiny's Child's.)

Second, both the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress races need some shaking up; otherwise Best Actress goes down just as Rick says it will, and though the Supporting Actress nominees aren't firmed up yet, Hudson definitely wins--but in a dull race truly NOT deserving of a diva like Effie. Moving Hudson to Best Actress would shake that race up dramatically, and I think she would almost certainly beat Helen Mirren (albeit by a slim margin); and as long as Meryl Streep doesn't get bumped into the Supporting Actress race by Hudson's move, I think Beyoncé would win there as well. Since Streep already has two Oscars, even if she does end up there, Beyoncé might still win.

Finally, with the "flip-the-memo" strategy plus Will Smith or Forrest Whitaker for Best Actor and Murphy for Supporting Actor, it's entirely possible we could see African-Americans win ALL FOUR acting races--definitely a big deal just five years after Halle & Denzel. (I think that was so historic, I hope I live to see the day when the Kodak Theater is renamed the Kodak-Halle Berry Theater. And if it matters, I'm white!)

I don't understand how a singer can get the chance over other "GREAT" actress to get roles in movies. Beyonce is so fake and the only reason why she is so popular is because she is with J. When she was just with Destiny Childs she was known but once she got with J it was all over. In a way her career was really boosted because of him. To me she is only a good singer not actress and she seems not to be real. A real singer in her same cateroy in singing is Mary J. she can make you feel the song and the words. Beyonce wants to be liked and cares what people say and that is not beinga real person. She is not qualified in my eyes to be even considered for BEST Actress of any movie but BESt actress of her LIFE.

Honestly, does it really matter if she's nominated or not, she's talented, beautiful and has made a name for herself and for some reason now she's the celebrity of the moment that people love to hate. It's easy for others to comment negatively on her but I'm sure that if one of us had to walk a mile in her shoes, the tune we would sing would be quite different.

Although I like Beyonce, love her voice and her beauty, she will not be nommed for Best Actress. The only reason shes up for GG is because theres TEN slots to fill. The Oscar noms will be Mirren (winner), Dench, Streep, Winslet, and Cruz. If Mirren weren't there the winner would be Dench.

if she knew she would not qualify-why even submitt with your name attached.

For the same reason Matthew Knowles kept trying to get them to rewrite the script and make Beyonce a more central character - anything for his little girl. Beyonce DOES NOT write all of her own songs. She changes a few words here and there after the lyrics and composition are complete. It's pathetic that she tries to take so much credit for the work others have done.

What else can you really expect, though? She hasn't come out with anything truly original in years. Everything from her songs to her clothes to her photo shoots are a copy of something else.

I don't know when AMPAS changed the rules about the number of songwriters. But I remember in 1981 when 4--yes FOUR--writers took credit for that schlocky "Theme from Arthur". Even Bette Midler, announcing the winner referred to it as "four on a song".




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