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Oscars won't 'Listen' to Beyonce; she's disqualified in song race

January 2, 2007 |  3:07 pm


You can not only forget about Beyonce Knowles winning an Oscar for best actress this year. (If you haven't heard, a certain ingenue keeps upstaging her throughout "Dreamgirls." And in the race for best comedy/musical actress at the Globes, she's up against a real devil — Meryl Streep — who knows a lot about winning that award.) Now it looks like Beyonce won't win an Oscar as a songwriter either — for "Listen," one of the original new tunes added to the original Broadway score. Officially, she's listed as one of the song's four writers, but the motion-picture academy only permits three names — max — as a credit. To see the specific language of its Rule 16 — CLICK HERE!

Oscar Rule 16 is fairly new, by the way. At the 2003 derby, seven people were cited as cowriters of "Accidentally in Love" from "Shrek 2." In 1981, four folks won for writing "'Arthur's' Theme." Oscar guru Wayman Wong asserts that limiting the number of songwriters to three "is kinda arbitrary," adding, "The Oscars, of course, give out four Oscars in other categories, like visual effects and sound." However, the academy does limit the number of producers who get credit for best picture to three in its Rule 17 CLICK HERE.

The Oscars' songwriting branch has decided to qualify only Henry Krieger, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler for writing "Listen." No explanation is given for why Beyonce is excluded over the others. Is this just one of those cases of where the singer insisted upon having her name added to credits as part of her performance deal? In media interviews, she's often said that she was truly involved in its songwriting. Apparently, not to the extent as her three collaborators, according to the Oscars.

Notice some info posted in the "Comments" section of this blog piece — from poster named Nick. He provides a link to an article about the writing of "Crazy in Love," which earned Beyonce and cohorts the Grammy for best R&B song of 2003, an award bestowed to songwriters. CLICK HERE to read what her actual involvement was in its composition. In fact, it notes that she wrote the song's bridge section. Thanks for adding this insight and link, Nick!

Take heart, Beyonce fans. Not only is she nominated in the actress race at the Globes, but she'll be among the people who share the credit for "Listen" if it wins best song there. And it probably will.

(NOTE: Since this blog item was written, we've heard official word from Beyonce and the academy — CLICK HERE!

(Photo: DreamWorks)

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We as black people should support the few black performers we have. Beyonce makes a fine example for our race. She has carried herself with dignity and respect. Let's not put her down. We should be proud.

Do you even realize how racist that sounds?

Maybe you should support the people that deserve it, regardless of their race. Maybe you should stop and realize that rules are rules and just because someone's of the same race as you doesn't mean that those rules should be changed.

again-just because you are of a certain race doesn't mean you have to like a persons music or acting.and besides-we are talking about the disqualification.what?we should just ignore the academy rules because the person is black?that doesn't make sense.and-let people have their own opinions about a person.we don't all have to like the same doesn't mean you're against your own shouldn't get ugly about it either way.if someone likes her-fine-they can.if they don' for the disqualification-u can't just break a rule for one person.that is not right.

I am not a Beyonce' fan, however, I think that her singing has improved since she first came to fame with Destiny's Child. She does not have the excellent caliber of voice owned by Jennifer Hudson. As another wrote some people can "SANG" and Jennifer Hudson is certainly in that category. She would have to be in order to fufil the role of Effie Melody White. In the movie and play Deena Jones has a very mild, yet pleasing, voice and would never have been able to sing a song like "Listen" with any ferver or with a voice consistent with that used by Beyonce' to sing it. It seems apparent that this song was placed in the movie so that Beyonce' would have a way of showcasing her real voice. Now, I am sure that Beyonce' is disappointed about the "Rule of Three" which keeps her from being considered as part composer of the song. However, I believe that I did hear her say during an interview that Henry Krieger is still able to write great songs 25 years after writing songs for the original Broadway play as she referenced the song "Listen". (I saw the play on Broadway in 1982. Jennifer Holiday was AMAZING!)) So, maybe Krieger was the primary composer. Beyonce' need not fear because she will get new movie roles and sell CD's. Jennifer Hudson now has a chance to become a great performer and her performance in Dreamgirls warrants every nomination (Golden Globe, SAG, and hopefully Oscar) that she receives. While I'm writing I predict that Eddie Murphey will win every nomination that he receives for Best Actor. God's greatest blessings to each of them and the entire cast and production of the wonderful movie!

I love Beyonce` and all of her music and yes she was good in Dreamgirls. Not great but 100% better than her other movies. She doesn't need an oscar only a recognition that she was in the movie. She needs to stick to grammy's not oscars she'll never be that good for an oscar, trust. I search for talent and honey acting is not her talent. Now that other chick Jennifer she's could do both. Some people just can't do it all. Even though she doesn't completely write all of her songs she sings them and she sings them well, she just wants people to acknowledge that she has talent so let her do what it do. You'll love her, listen to her, and watch her anyway whether its a lie or the ugly truth.

We as black people should support the few black performers we have. Beyonce makes a fine example for our race. She has carried herself with dignity and respect. Let's not put her down. We should be proud.

look- it is a fact that this rule was not just added-you can look in the rule book-google-whatever-it was not just added.see....this is what i mean-u can't just make things up just to suit how you want things to be.also-let's not forget-there are other african-americans still in the running.and for all the offensive language-very very immature-and embarassing if you are an african-american.after all-it's just a celebrity we're talking about-not the war in irag,or gang violence,or hurricane katrina victims.put it in perspective here.she didn't qualify-and that's all to conspiracy theory.if you look it up you'll see it was instituted after the country crows(a white band mind you) had over 7people trying to get and oscar.that was over two years ago.

Peace everyone, I think that this "forum" has turned into a I love Beyonce versus I hate Beyonce spectacle! I think Beyonce was WONDERFUL in Dreamgirls, BUT as far as the "sunb" for writing cred for the song "Listen", it is, what is. Plenty of folks, including know that Beyonce is far from being a "serious" songwriter. And she has done what numerous other singers/"songwriters" (like P. Diddy and Mary J. Blige) do, they switch one or two words, then grab writing credit. For god sake on the DC3 Christmas Album, Beyonce gave herself writing credit for SILENT NIGHT!!!!!!! PLEASE! Silent Night was written before her ancestors came over from Africa! (i'm black guys, lighten up, it's a JOKE!)I'm, just saying, this is a wake-up call to her and all those other "writers" out there for them to contribute more than just an "oooh" and "ahhh" to a song to be recognized..i'm done..:)

I am a fanatic for her.Now many of you cant speak on this unless you have seen dream girls and underdstand why she deserves this Oscar.No rule was changed The rule was added Suddently.La La B. Sweetie you no absolutly Nothing about her was the FIRST black woman to receive ASCAP award. That was to dangerously in love. Now i dont think they would have given her that award if she dident write it . So there for you are the illiterate one Retard.
secondly Sandra Shut your face please. Beyonce have written most of her material and again is a excellent song writter she has never taken credit for sothing she had nothing to do with. Mark i Appluade you with passion Beyonce is the Biggest celebrity Now i have no clue why its so fashionable to hate on her.Beyonce Put somuch for this movie and know that she wasn't the main character jennifer huddson was and "They" used her name to get ticket sales and it worked.Shows you how much power she for every 5 haters there are another 15 fans.
I hate when people take before they know wthey have the facts...and please get to know beyonce before you judge her im 100% sure her personality is the excact opposite of what you think.....shes actually the sweetest person. beauty,talnt and, a humble personality.dosent get any better

yall bitches stop hating on beyonce point blank you bitches just mad cus she look better than yall. boy boy i tell you about women hating on other women thats why female i never had female friends in school because women dislike another woman just cus she's pretty and has a nice figure damn dats a shame. but don't worry about dat beyonce i have tha same problem too gurl shake dem hatas off jus tell em hated by plenty and loved by many HATAS GET ON YA JOB


To the people trying to say its a "race" thing, you really sound ignorant. Do we not remember the Oscars last year? 3-6 Mafia anyone? So the whole race thing is ridiculous! I am an African American female who happens to like some of Beyonces music but like someone else said..."this is NOT the 1st time something like this has happend" as far as her taking credit for songs she did not write herself. If the girl doesnt qualify for the Oscar she simply doesnt qualify..... SIMPLE AS THAT! To "Tania Knowles" that posted before me, I really hope you were joking because if you really are related to B then I can see that the "dumb" gene really runs in the family!

Hey Hey Hey I know yal are not talking about my aunt all of yal need to shut your mouth because my aunt did not do any thing to yal so you better shut up our yal will not get free money from her now say something else yal ulgy chicks.

Ok, firstly; Tamika Williams, you're delusional - Beyonce can sing, but she can't SANG; there's NO WAY she could EVER hold a candle to Jennifer Hudson; and she SURE as heck can't act! (Austin Powers, Pink Panther, dare I say Dreamgirls; you know she was upstaged by Jennifer) She has no acting talent - none. Jennifer got the chuch in her! Her voice and emotions say, "I'm loved, I love myself, I know HOW to love, and I want to share that with everyone." Beyonce's voice and emotions say, "I need attention, I'm better than you (song:Irreplacable) I'm self-absorbed, and I have no self esteem -PLEASE look at me." Secondly; speaking about black people upholding one another, and mentioning those words with anything associated with Beyonce is a total joke. If you've EVER seen any intereviews when she was with Destiny's Child, you'd know that it wasn't about the group, Beyonce made it about herself. I remember once, Kelly was asked a question, and before she could get 5 words in, that Bigheaded Beyonce cut her off and responded FOR her. Now if that doesn't scream 'I only care about myself', I don't know what does. And lastly, my dear, having money in the bank ONLY means you're not hungry, and you can afford clothing and shelter; it says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about who you are, what you're about, or how you treat others. Plainly stated, it's nothing more than a worldly superficial means to an end.

i think what's important to remember, especially with big stars like Beyonce, is that they are often given a writing credit simply because of they way they sing the song. Celine Dion does this, as does Mariah and countless others. in the music industry, percentages of profit from singles and albums (roaylties ect.) are determined by the PERCENTAGE of work that was put towards making the song what it is. Beyonce for example, has a very particular stamp to her voice - you hear it, you know it's Beyonce. she also has a huge following, and can generate alot of sales - this is where her percentage variable comes in. some stars will request 50% or more, simply because when they sing the song, it becomes theirs through recognition and star power. does this make someone a writer? well...that depends on what you constitute as writing music. no doubt that Beyonce definately stylizes everything she sings, comes up with her own riffs ect. but writing a song means creating, or contributing to the creation of the composition of music - the words, the melody, the instrumentation. if this was already in place before Beyonce sang it, then by the techincal definition of the word 'write', write she did not. songwriting isn't as simple as it used to be i guess!

I just wanted to comment on some of these comments:

* First of all, I don't believe it's a race thing, cause it's not like black people are banned from winning, and if she doesn't deserve the credit she shouldn't get it.

* Second of all, I don't call people who don't like Beyonce haters, but I do call people haters if they just have to put in something extra like, "She's a no talent hoe" or "She's so fake", because these are hateful comments. If you don't like someone's music that's okay, but to make comments on someones character or intelligence or even their appearance is spiteful, it's hateful. And I don't mean just hating Beyonce, that goes for anyone.

* Finally, a fan is short for a fanatical, so of course Beyonce's fans are going to seem a tad overzealous, if they weren't they wouldn't be FANaticals, they would just be an indifferent party. Why get mad when they defend their source of adoration??

Just wanted to get a say. Happy New Years.

i think it's about respect also-and also think that some people are over obsessed fans that just believe that their fave just walks on water.i am african-american i don't believe it's a race thing.and-i'm not hating on anyone.great she has a great music career-but just because she's famous means everything has to go her way-or rules have to be changed because fans or she wants her to have something.that is very immature and i hope it's not adults talking like that on here.if it's about race-then how come seal and prince have a chance -and 3 6 mafia won last year.stop saying makes all of us look bad.and just because someone is the same race as me doesn't mean i have to like every song they make-or every movie they make.that doesn't make sense.i think it's clear she should not receive the nomination.clear.

I don't hate Beyonce, but if she didn't contribute significantly to the song. She shouldn't get the credit. Period. By the way, I saw Dreamgirls the other night and thought it was just ok. LOVED Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy, but the ending felt rushed. I don't think it's the same caliber as The Departed. I also think the film is a bit overhyped. I was expecting this movie that would knock my socks off and, well, it was just ok. Happy to see black folks in a great movie. It was visually stunning and all, but it was just ok.

Beyonce is a lovely person and you have to give credit where credit is due .She can sing,,sell clothes ,and look like a diva at all times.People need to stop hating on her for having the talents to do all this.God gave her the ability to these things.That's why black people can't move up cause we never hold each other up.Stop hating on this young lady and let her do her thing I'll always be a BIG,BIG Fan and it really don't matter what people think about her cause she got MONEY IN THE BANK. Tamika Milwaukee,WI

this is all about ethics. anybody that tries to take credit for things they never did is in itself dishonest, and taking advantage of hard working songwriters, is one of the lowest. unfortunately this happens way to often, and anybody reading or writing on this post should be helping to get the word out....because this practice needs to be stopped. It's called respecting others, everybody wants it, but very few give it out. beyonce clearly knew exactly what she was doing.... I know people who were there when it was written. furthermore it's not the first time she did's been going on for a long time.....

let me school those of you who don't know about beyonce fans that go around calling everyone a "hater" that does not like her music,or acting.which by the way-is everyone's right to have their own opinion.just as they have theirs.these people also go on other artists web-sites and post pic's of her and call that artists names and profess how much better she is than them.very cruel.they always want all of the attention on her.and if anybody comes along that is gettin any type of attention-they go on the attack.i guess they are kids or immature teen's.i hope they are not adults stating that someone is a hater for having their own opionion about something or someone.i am sure they don't realize that they would have to consider themselves a hater in some fashion because they themselves do not like everyone else's music. or acting.just thought i would inform those of you who didn't know.

Another example of how whites hate it when they see a black person shining too much, they have to pull out the proverbial whip and try to get us back "in order". Pretty sneaky.

Give this girl a break ya'll act like want her to just stop achieveing goals and just don't even pursue her dreams. She is doing what she loves give her some credit damn. You don't see white people saying I'm gettting sick of Justin timberlake, he's got a clothing line a celebrity beau. and a couple of movies coming out and he's in the media a lot but no one sick of him. Think about it. And you can sit on here and say that you are not hating but when your putting someone down who you don't even know and they don't even know you are alive, you are hating. And only God can judge Beyonce because people will say anything to make this young lady look bad and that's sad when all she is doing is trying is to make money. And let's be real ya'll, she aint hurting nobody. And to be honest check out her cd's you'll see that there are some songs that she writes alone. Remember the No. 1 hit of 2000 Bootielicious. She wrote that alone and some songs alone of Destiny's childs albums. Let support not tear down......

I saw HBO's special on Dreamgirls. When they were interviewing Beyonce regarding the song, Listen, she applauded Henry Kreiger for being able to push out hits 20+ years after the premiere of the show. Although only a brief blurb was shown, Beyonce wasn't taking credit for writing the song. However, I do believe that it's possible she had the liberty to add a line or phrase here and there, and, therefore, may be worthy of writing credits.

BeYAWNce is a big fat fake. I would rather puncture my eardrums then have to listen to that screetching stuff she calls singing.

She is simply a product that her record company shoves down our throats. If they didn't pay the radio stations to play her stuff over and over and over again, no one would care one bit about her attempt at singing a song.

Fake hair, fake everything. What a joke.





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