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Oscars won't 'Listen' to Beyonce; she's disqualified in song race

January 2, 2007 |  3:07 pm


You can not only forget about Beyonce Knowles winning an Oscar for best actress this year. (If you haven't heard, a certain ingenue keeps upstaging her throughout "Dreamgirls." And in the race for best comedy/musical actress at the Globes, she's up against a real devil — Meryl Streep — who knows a lot about winning that award.) Now it looks like Beyonce won't win an Oscar as a songwriter either — for "Listen," one of the original new tunes added to the original Broadway score. Officially, she's listed as one of the song's four writers, but the motion-picture academy only permits three names — max — as a credit. To see the specific language of its Rule 16 — CLICK HERE!

Oscar Rule 16 is fairly new, by the way. At the 2003 derby, seven people were cited as cowriters of "Accidentally in Love" from "Shrek 2." In 1981, four folks won for writing "'Arthur's' Theme." Oscar guru Wayman Wong asserts that limiting the number of songwriters to three "is kinda arbitrary," adding, "The Oscars, of course, give out four Oscars in other categories, like visual effects and sound." However, the academy does limit the number of producers who get credit for best picture to three in its Rule 17 CLICK HERE.

The Oscars' songwriting branch has decided to qualify only Henry Krieger, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler for writing "Listen." No explanation is given for why Beyonce is excluded over the others. Is this just one of those cases of where the singer insisted upon having her name added to credits as part of her performance deal? In media interviews, she's often said that she was truly involved in its songwriting. Apparently, not to the extent as her three collaborators, according to the Oscars.

Notice some info posted in the "Comments" section of this blog piece — from poster named Nick. He provides a link to an article about the writing of "Crazy in Love," which earned Beyonce and cohorts the Grammy for best R&B song of 2003, an award bestowed to songwriters. CLICK HERE to read what her actual involvement was in its composition. In fact, it notes that she wrote the song's bridge section. Thanks for adding this insight and link, Nick!

Take heart, Beyonce fans. Not only is she nominated in the actress race at the Globes, but she'll be among the people who share the credit for "Listen" if it wins best song there. And it probably will.

(NOTE: Since this blog item was written, we've heard official word from Beyonce and the academy — CLICK HERE!

(Photo: DreamWorks)

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In response to:
"Shrek 2 had 7 people nominated for song that year....This is outrageous....Will this make her chances of Best Actress better, Tom????
*Cough, sympathy votes* Posted by: Mike B. | January 02, 2007 at 07:43 PM "

The reason why Shrek 2 has 7 people nominated is because all SEVEN members of Counting Crows wrote the song ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE.

i would kinda like avril lavigne's Keep holding on winning!. Cause its an amazing song, and its lyrics just awesome and its does make concordance with the eragon movie and of course she wrote it by herself

the academy had this rule 2 years's not new.i know b fans think it is-but it isn''s not a racial thing either because prince,seal,and other's are in the running as well.
the 3 writers that wrote the song are nominated.if she was the writer-she would be nominated.nothing funny is going can read the rules for yourself.anyway-who's to say it will even win?why do people think that just because she's beyonce-she should be nominated and win every award?

I knew that song was too deep for Beyonce to have written...Dont get me wrong she sang it well...but lets remember this is the girl who looked liked a Reindeer caught in headlights when Oprah asked her about her favourite book..and looked like a 6year old in a candy store when asked about her favourite cereal..

She needs to sit down and stop acting like she had an Oscar perfomance on dream girls she couldnt even cry and she calls herself and oscar deserving actress...

She is only nominated coz she's Beyonce..and she's supposedly preety..not coz of her input......Dina should've been played by some one who can act..

I understand that Beyonce can't read music. How can you write music if you can't read it?

Actually, technically, the comedy/musical actress Globe is the only one that Meryl Streep has been eligible for and hasn't won yet. This will be her fourth try, after losing for Death Becomes Her, Postcards From the Edge and, interestingly, as the "victim" in She-Devil.

Stop hating...Beyonce is beautiful...and Ive heard her sing in person at a concert and the girl can blow...She put goosebumps on my arms.....White's are going to hate because shes beautiful, and voice and performance skills are on point....shes not just a face she can blow.....unlike the Brittney Spears of the world.....She is also the first African AMerican Woman to ever recieve a writers guild award and she did write the majority of her songs with Destinys child and charlies angels well as Bootylicious......She's sitting on a whole lot more money than we will ever see.....College well plenty go to college go in debt and still cant find a good job if one at all......Id rather be able to make millions and be a hot singer......stop hatin...shes good at what she does....Go B!

First of all I would like to say congratulations to Beyonce. I am from Houston I really admire that she went after her dreams even though both of her parents may have push her and also guide her throughout her career. Beyonce can sing certain songs thats why a lot of people might not care too much about her. I think the song has to fit the person as well as the voice. For example the old W. Houston I felt as though she could not do no wrong as far as singing she could sing anything and it would sound excelllent. Beyonce can't do that not just yet but I will give her time. Now as far as this song LISTEN I watch and interview that she did with Kathy Hughes on TV One and she said that she did not write the entire song she wrote bits and pieces were she thought that she could help in and she said that a week before the movie came out. Now B grammar yes that is how we talk down here in Houston but B just has to REMEMBER that she is in the public eye and she can't be talking like that but still I can UNDERSTAND where she is coming from. Keep up the good work Beyonce you will get them one day.

The song is ok, yes better than last years winnerThree Six Mafia. However, it's her destiny to get the bad karma she and her family has placed out in the universe. The roosters have come home to roost.

She's overrated, her voice is hollow it has no depth. She created that song so she could have a shining moment in the movie after she has them redo the script so she wouldn't look like the true villian that's her legacy. She has stepped on the former and present members of Destiny's Child so her star could shine brighter.

Guess she's not familiar with what happened to Diana Ross when she did the exact same thing.

How come anyone who doesn't LIKE beyonce is a hater? What's up with that? Do we all have to love Beyonce? If you don't like Beyonce then your a hater, but if you do like Beyonce, then what are you? A groupie? Don't judge the ANTI Beyonce Fans. Some of us just think she takes too much credit in EVERYTHING. Some of us just don't believe she has that much talent. Just because you like Bee doesn't mean everyone has too. Why call it hate if your stating your opinions?

This goes way back to Destiny's Child. The group won an award for "Say my name", and also had songwriter credits for this song, but it was Rodney Jerkins who actually wrote the song. Just because your listed as songwriter does not mean YOU WROTE THE SONG, people. In this bizz, THE WRITER ACTUALLY "SELLS" the song to the artist which means you can be listed as a songwriter even if you didnt WRITE it. MOST LIKELY, the academy took her name off the list because she didn't write it. Is that soooo hard to believe? Why can't it be just black and white? Why does everyone have to have something against Beyonce? Let's be real here, you've seen her interviews, Is her dialect even that advanced? I seriously doubt Bee wrote "Listen". I mean she is getting nominated at least for Best Actress, and come on, was she really? The movie was based around Effie White who was played by Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson stole the movie. Give Jen her props. She was amazing. And we all know Bee, and her Father are furious about this.

Anyhooo, point is Bee does get way too much credit. We all know Beyonce wouldnt have even gotten the part if she wasn't who she was.

oh.get over it people....number one, what does her father have to do with a writting credit? she has always said that she tweaked the song and wrote a few lines to her liking........dreamworks felt that adding her was appropriate. now if there are only 3 allowd ok....then the three who put in the most work get it. big deal, it still does not take away that beyonce is extremely talented and very beautiful....when i see linsey, paris britney on every channel getting publicity for getting drunk, showing their private parts and sleeping with every one it pisses me off that you can have hte audasity to bash a women in the same age group for having TALENT something her counter parts dont. iot isn't that serious...beyonce knowles sang the hell out of LISTEN in the movie and live on OPRAH!!!!!!

SHE IS very talentd and humble so all the bashing....itis very unnessasary. and fo r hte female who said she can't sing? Obviously, 3 million others do....check billboard!

women lie, men lie, this post lies but her stats dont!

Isn't songwriting a way to ensure you get paid? Everyone in her camp has had songwriting credits, right down to her cousin/personal assistant. But, it's mighty funny that real songwriters usually write for other people, i.e. newcomer Ne-Yo writing Beyoncé's smash hit "Irreplaceable", on which I'm sure she added some 'ummms' and 'oooohs' and attached her name to. The fact that her credits only appear on her works or Jay-Z's is enough to smell a rat, IMO.

I'm pissed stop hating on her!!!! She got it going on in everyway. The Academy should be F@#$%& up for this mess. She'll ( Beyonce) will do just fine in her acting career jerks....jackass

Finally, someone is on to what really happens in the movie/music industry.

Beyonce can well be a writer but she DID LITTLE AS POSSIBLE on the song LISTEN...this is why she is not being listed in regards to a Grammy nomination. Her contribution could have been a word or sentence change, but the people who came up with the melody, the hook and concept of the song should rightfully be honored!

Also, any entertainment industry insider knows that her being named WRITER was probably put into the contract by her blood sucking father...

yes beyonce is notorious for this. ive always knwon her to be a fishy writer. she takes 2 much credit for stuff and fools people into believing taht shw wrote da full cong adn takin all da cre4dit. it is wrong. im sayin that is she did write on LISTEN she should be nominated but da rule states 3 so mayeb she did the least work so teh 3 hard workers got da credit in stead which in da rite thign to do . sum people im sure didnt knwo neyo wrote irreplaceable. maybe if it go tnominated fo ra grammy shwe wold take all da credit also. it is pathetic. i love her work but as a peroson i dotn like her. she taeks too much credit. shes greedy taht whay d otejr 2 gurls i.e. letoya n latavia left DC becuz of her takin all da credit. she seems liek a gld digger. well i guess its just her nature beign greedy. dats all folks!

FYI, the horn part in "Crazy in Love" was sampled from an old Chi-lites song from 1970 "Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)"

Listen to sample here (scroll down; it's the last song on the greatest hits):

For the record, I am a big Beyonce fan, but I try my best to give credit where it's due. Good discussion.

Let Beyonce go sit down ! Why does she think she deserves an acting award for singing?!???








Oh! Berna! Let's not pull the race card here. Save that for a time when it is really necessary! This girl should not be given credit for a song that was already written before she was ever even thought of for the part. It should have been an honor that they let her sing it let alone play the part in the movie. There were plenty other of African-American artists who could have sung it just as well. Give credit where credit is due and push the BS to the side!

Yes, Beyonce is an atrractive girl and can sing, but I don't think that she is all of that. I agree with the individual who questioned her literacy. She is about as dumb as they get. Millionaire (YES); however, maybe she should take sometime off and go to college to expand her vocabulary so that she can enhance her acting, oral, and writing skills. Did the Oscars rip her off by not listing her as a writer for Listen? HELL NO! Lala B. is correct in stating that her Father negotiated that in her contract. Personally, besides good negotiation by her Father, there is no way that Beyonce should be paid more than Halle Barry or any other Hollywood actress that has done their time just because of her ability to sing. Halle and other actresses accepted less for films this year. With that having been said, "She maybe an aspiring actress, but she still needs many more acting classes to be thought of as Osar material!" Anyway why did she get nominated for Best Actress when the story was about the character that Jennifer Hudson played. I am glad the writers pulled their VIP cards and got the Oscars to take her name off the credits. They probably knew that they would get around that clause in the contract. As for Miss B! In due time if you study hard like all the other world reknowned actresses you will get the recognition you deserve, but for NOW sit back and watch the PRO's AND LEARN. It is not all about you! That is probably why your group members left, and why Kelly Rowland should leave your father's management. I would be darn if I would allow my release to continue to be put off by your father while he is constantly working on new adventures for you! Kelly wake up and tell Matthew like Jennifer Hudson did HELL TO THE NAW!`````````````````````````````````````````

Beyonce cannot act, and she can barely sing. I don't think she's a bad person, i just think she is getting way more credit then she deserves, I don't even think she should have even been given a part in the movie Dreamgirls, I don't even get the big deal over this girl, maybe because she is dating Jay Z, that will keep the gossip going a bit longer. I don't see acting as being her. there's to much black competition out there, she doesn't stand a chance.

well the way i see it ,like she said she has 9 grammys shes already a star why does she need an oscar?and hell maybe she really wasnt involved as much as she needed to be to qualify for the catagory.

I'm a songwriter so I know how the business goes, but why is this artist forever being hated on?

Wow, that's weird, because I was under the understanding that Beyonce writes most of her own material. Not sure if that's the case with this song (which might have needed to be written to fit in with the rest of the songs in Dreamgirls, as well as the thematic lyrics to the story), but it seems odd that they'd knock her name off over one of the other writers, unless of course, they're some kind of writing team.

Of the 7 folks nominated for Shrek, two were lyricists and the rest were composers. Only composers and lyricists are nominated in that category.

Beyonce's name ended up the song's credits thanks to Matthew Knowles. She didn't contribute jack to the song.




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