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Forest amidst a media forest of laptops

January 28, 2007 |  7:30 pm

Here's the perspective of SAG's backstage press area from The Envelope's official position. That's Forest Whitaker at the mike up on the platform chatting with us — spied through the scattering of laptops owned by journos like me who must file instant reports. We sit in the back at tables. Up front are lots of chairs where other journos sit who write on small notepads and don't need computers. Along the right and left sides of the press room are monitors that show us what's happening out on stage. At most award shows, you can trade in your driver's license to get a headset that enables you to listen to the TV show if you're not interested in hearing the winners drone on. Often the most frustrating thing about covering award shows backstage is that you miss what's happening out on stage. That's certainly a toughie here where headsets aren't offered.