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Oscar seers pick their own best pic: 'Children of Men'

January 20, 2007 | 10:15 pm


Uh-oh. Guess what I'm having for supper! Members of the Society of Online Awards Prognosticators just proved me wrong about their new kudos, which I criticized heavily because I thought it would end up looking like everybody else's. But they boldly went their own way, opting for "Children of Men" as best picture (excellent!) and choosing Ryan Gosling for best actor ("Half Nelson").

SOAP prez Scott Feinberg of AndTheWinnerIs Blog says, "I might add, on a personal note, that while I can't say I agree with all of our winners, I believe that they undeniably rebut the criticism made by some" — ahem, guess who he means — "that SOAP only honors the same films and individuals as other awards groups that preceded it. Nobody could have predicted these winners. Some do correlate with the mainstream picks — perhaps rightfully so — while a great many others, as you can now see, are bold and unprecedented choices."

To read more and to see the full list of winners: CLICK HERE!