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'Sunshine' braces for Oscar uproar over producer credits

January 18, 2007 | 12:16 pm


With Oscar noms due out next week, Pete Hammond of is flagging a guaranteed flapdoodle: which of "Little Miss Sunshine's" five producers will be eligible for a golden boy if the pic gets nommed — as surely it will — for best picture?

Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, Marc Turtletaub, David T. Friendly and Peter Saraf are the film's five legit producers, but the academy rules permit only three to take the prize. The Producers Guild of America "now vets producers for the Academy as well (as its own awards) and has informed them that all five passed the arbitration process with flying colors and ALL deserve full credit for the film," Hammond reports. "This is clearly the last thing the Acad wants to deal with especially since they (along with the PGA) have spent the last several months battling (and defeating) 'Crash' producer Bob Yari in court over last year's process that left four of the six credited producers out in the cold on Hollywood Boulevard come Oscar night. There are probably some potential arbitrators in the Academy right now who are praying ANYTHING, even 'Basic Instinct 2,' gets nominated over 'Sunshine' so they dont have to deal with this headache."

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Photo: Grimly, "Little Miss Sunshine" awaits the Oscar hubbub certain to erupt next week.
(Fox Searchlight)