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'Departed' and 'Sunshine' win WGA laurels

February 11, 2007 |  8:15 pm

This news sure pushes "The Departed" and "Little Miss Sunshine" closer to a best-pic smackdown at the Oscars! And I don't think that Borat guy is laughing much tonight. To see the full list of winners of prizes bestowed tonight by the Writers Guild of America — CLICK HERE!

I'm toooooo zonked tonight to write more about these wins. Let's pick this up tomorrow, kids.

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Jack Sparrow--Do I care if they do? No! LMS is a pedophile's dream movie--this Jon Bonet freak show is not worthy of Best Picture...Seriously take a really good look at the movie (again)...It's not really very funny---most in the theater weren't laughing very much, a nervous chuckle here and there and two laugh out loud moments and much else, when I saw this treacly picture. It's just another over-hyped low budget film like the Blair Witch Project that doesn't really live up to its hype...The Academy really picked a dog with this movie and it would be very embarrassing to the Academy if it wins Best Picture because LMS truly SUCKS! It doesn't even hold up to the really great comedies of the past. In 10 years, LMS will just look shamelessly dated and unfunny as it is. The Academy really blew it with this nomination over worthier picks as LITTLE CHILDREN, CHILDREN OF MEN, PAN'S LABYRINTH, THE LIVES OF OTHERS...

Y'know, Frankie, a lot of people (Critics, Audiences, Hollywood insiders) disagree with you

Departed VS Sunshine seems to be the matchup. My gut has Departed winning Best Pic, Director & Adapted Screenplay and Deservedly so. Sunshine for Original screenplay (tho the Queen deserves it).

Kudos for THE DEPARTED. As for LMS it obviously won but the film itself is really the lamest of the lot that's nominated for Best Pic and Best Original Screenplay for the Oscars. Dear God, heaven forbid this treacly little crappy film should win Best Picture--it's a Jon Bonet freak show of a movie not worthy of any award really...It isn't all that uplifting or all that funny--the pageant segment of the movie had me cringing at the thought the audience was almost watching some kind of kiddie porn--it is very Jon Bonet freaky....If the Academy bestows the Best Picture prize on this freakish Afterschool Special puff piece, Oscars will hit the lowest of lows since last year's CRASH win...



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