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Minkler blames the media for his bashing of O'Connell

March 3, 2007 | 12:51 pm

"Dreamgirls" sound mixer Michael Minkler refused to accept full responsibility when issuing an apology for slamming "Apocalypto" mixer Kevin O'Connell soon after beating him for the Oscar. Jeff Wells of reports that Minkler sent out an email to colleagues addressing this "very unfortunate situation (that) has developed because of my stupid answers to some inappropriate questions." Minkler issued his regrets: "I apologize to all of you for creating a messy situation, and exposing the appearance of any dissention among our ranks." But then he dodged taking full blame by taking another potshot — this time at the media.


Soon after nominees win an Oscar, they have the option of returning to their seat or to head to the press room to field questions from reporters. Minkler chose the latter, knowing full well what inevitable question awaited him: how did he feel about dealing another loss to Oscar's biggest loser? Minkler fielded the same question when he beat O'Connell in 2001 (winning for "Black Hawk Down"; O'Connell lost for "Pearl Harbor") and again one year later (Minkler won for "Chicago," O'Connell lost for "Spider-Man"). Of course, he knew that the topic would come up again. If he wished to dodge it, Minkler could've chosen to skip the press room.

Now, in his email statement, Minkler insists — preposterously — "I did not seek this spotlight — the press did, as they have in the past. It was wrong of them to ask the questions, and wrong, wrong, wrong of me to answer them the way that I did."

Memo to Minkler: what's really wrong is obvious to many of us observers. You refuse to accept full responsibility. Not just because you blame the press, but because you also claim that your comment was "off-the-cuff sarcasm meant as humor." I think it's clear to anyone who saw the backstage video, that that's not the case. (To see it — CLICK HERE.)

Ah, well, at least O'Connell — ever a classy chap — has chosen to forgive Minkler anyway. He issued a public statement noting that he received an apology from Minkler on Thursday morning (days after Minkler claimed to have sent it), adding, "I think it is time for all of us to move on in the best interest of the sound community, and put this behind us." READ MORE at