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Report: Top 10 Emmy finalists for drama & comedy series

Low-rated critics' favorite "Friday Night Lights" made the top 10 list of Emmy finalists for best drama series, but "Brothers and Sisters" — packed with Emmy-friendly stars — did not, according to judges reporting to TheEnvelope.com.

Other surprises: "Rome" — a canceled show that aired its last episode in March — is included on the drama list, but not two current series that were considered shoo-ins by some Emmywatchers: "Rescue Me" and "The Tudors." Emmyshockeroos"The Office" and "Weeds" made the cut-off for best comedy, but there's one surprise addition — "Extras," which has relatively low Nielsen ratings.

The HBO show got in over "New Adventures of Old Christine," which was expected to be on the list. NBC leads all networks with 6 shows in the two Top 10s. ABC has 5, HBO 4, Showtime 2, Fox 2, CBS 1. FX network was shut out.

The top 10 shows reaping the most votes for best drama and comedy series from a polling of members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences are being screened by judges this weekend at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and the academy's North Hollywood headquarters.

ATAS has not announced which series are being screened, but judges dispatched Blackberry and text-message reports to TheEnvelope.com from the panel viewings. Screenings will continue this week in Los Angeles plus a location in New York City.

Judges must view all 10 contenders in one category and rank them against each other. To determine the final 5 nominees, accountants then use the same voting method used on "Dancing with the Stars" — combining judges' scores equally on a 50/50 basis with results of the original popular vote. The voting procedure is new.

Last year judges' scores alone determined the final five per category. The current method is also being used to determine the final five nominees in the acting races. However, those judges — all fellow actors deciding a peer-group award — may view DVD screeners at home, then send in a final ballot with a signed affidavit attesting that they watched all sample episodes (one per contender). Final nominations will be announced on July 19. Various independent reports sent to us unsolicited agree that these are the finalists in the top series races, but the information is unofficial and unverified.

Here are the views of a panelist (Judge #1) who evaluated the sample episodes submitted in both the comedy and drama races — CLICK HERE and HERE!

Compare those views with Judge #2 — CLICK HERE!

(In parens is name of sample episode viewed by judges)
Boston Legal ("Angel of Death")
Dexter ("Born Free")
Friday Night Lights (Pilot)
Grey's Anatomy ("From A Whisper to A Scream")
Heroes ("Genesis") House ("Half-wit")
Lost ("Through the Looking Glass")

CLICK HERE to Continue Reading!

Rome ("De Patre Vostro")
The Sopranos ("Soprano Home Movies")
24 ("Day 6: 6 a.m. - 7 a.m.")

Not Nominated:
Rescue Me
The Tudors
The Shield
Brothers & Sisters
Gilmore Girls
Battlestar Galactica
The Riches

(In parens is name of sample episode viewed by judges)
Desperate Housewives ("It Takes Two")
Entourage ("One Day in the Valley")
Extras ("Daniel Radcliffe")
My Name is Earl ("Robbed a Stoner Blind")
The Office ("The Coup")
Scrubs ("My Musical")
Thirty Rock ("Hard Ball")
Two and a Half Men ("Apologies For the Frivolity")
Ugly Betty (Pilot)
Weeds ("Cooking with Jesus")

Not Nominated:
The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother
Everybody Hates Chris

(NOTE: These reports come to us unsolicited. We pass them along when we know that the sources are usually credible, but information is unofficial and unverified. We do not encourage judges to break any agreement of confidentiality that they may have made with ATAS.)


House chose Half-Wit - ewww!! one of thr worst epsiodes ever!!! right up there with One Day One Room. They must have submitted it because Dave Mathews was in it. Dave was good but the episode was full of so much AWFULNESS, I don't think his musical presence could save it. I don't get the inclusion of Friday Nights - BORING, epsecially the pilot. And I can't believe BROTHERS AND SISTERS wasn't in the TOP TEN - best show on TV!!!

I can't believe the episode House chose, it's probably the worst episode of the season. As of now, I'm feeling like FNL, Heros and Grey's Anatomy are House's only real competion, probably with Grey's for the win. The episode they chose is the best of the season.

The fact that Lauren Graham and Gilmore Girls was ignored AGAIN really bothers me. And people call Hugh Laurie one of the most undderated actors on TV..

John Krasinksi is a very pleasent suprise, I think he definatly deserves it.

good to see entourage get recognized as a show and not just for jeremy piven

plus "day in the valley" was a really great and fun episode.

and please let lost get recognized for the best finale ive ever seen anywhere

It's sad that the best comedy on the air -- the adventures of Old Christine -- did not make the bake off -- it would have been nominated. Every episode of that show is hilarious.

The Tudors is not nonfiction. It is a great drama with great acting. What is wrong with the so called judges?

The final 5 should be BSG, Wire, LOST, and... dang, 2 of those shows aren't even in the running. And WHERE IS ELIZABETH MITCHELL and MICHAEL EMERSON!?!

I realize "Monk" is under the radar, but it has been consistently hilarious for years now -- and often touching as well. I wish the series would get recognized, in addition to Tony Shalhoub's performance. I realize "Entourage" and "Weeds" are sexier, but I barely crack a smile when watching either of them. With "Monk," I'm usually laughing out loud.

The Wire is a huge omission indeed and says a lot about the industry and what kind of subject matter they find interesting.

I agree. PURE DRAMA. Exceptionally well performed and written.
Is it because it is all done in Baltimore ?
Hollywood is shunning it for THAT reason......I wonder.

Don't understand why THE RICHES, didn't make the cut.. this is one of the best written/acted new shows on television since the first season of THE SOPRANO's... I hope Eddie and Minnie are recognized for their acting abilities.. they are brilliant!!!

Is it just me, or does the list of dramas NOT nominated look stronger than the list of dramas that were?

Why is Desperate Housewives considered a comedy when it is a drama? I am sad The New Adventures of Christine didn't make the top 10 list but happy that Two and a half men and 30 Rock did. I wish more people would watch 30 Rock because it is really a nice show. The whole cast is great. Why is Heroes on that list and not Battlestar Galactica or The 4400 which are all better than Heroes?

oh, and jc-- you've got to be kidding about friday night lights.

you are in no posisition to judge it if you have only seen the first episode, which has been the weakest by far, so they probably wouldn't enjoy the show if they only saw that.

i'm extremely happy that friday night lights made it, but am worried that it won't be judged on any other episodes, and the pilot was by far the worst episode of the season. i hope it makes it far enough through that they can submit some better episodes

i really hope heroes doesn't get any farther. it's an okay show at best, with extremely weak acting. and i don't see why they submitted their pilot...

where is the wire?? i started watching the dvd's a few weeks ago and it is one of the best (if not the best) show on tv right now. where's the justice??

oh, and how in the world is 24 still in it?? this season sucked. i'm a huge fan of the show, but this season was just terrible.

The Two and Half Men episode was "Apologies for the Frivolity"

I'm so excited FNL made the top ten. It truly deserves it. It's a wonderful show.

Thank you for this, Tom. I had no idea that there would be this kind of slow leak of Emmy news.

Where's "The Wire" ?......

I have a question. After the top 10 are dwindled down to 5, are those top 5 shows going to have a chance to submit more episodes like in some form of a reel type deal? If not I think its pretty stupid to judge whether or not a show is the best series on one episode. If any one has any info on this please let me know, thanks

I'm going to be very sad if Brothers and Sisters is ignored. I think this is one of the best series I have ever seen on TV It is probably one of the best cast shows ever.

I cannot believe Jericho and it's wonderful actors were not in the top actor and series nominations. It is well written, acted, produced, directed and the story line is on a par of it's own. Such a travesty.

Notice how there is only one sitcom that uses laugh tracks on their show (Two and A Half Men). I am glad to see that the voters dont need anyone to tell them what is funny by way of a cue. The top 10 are definitely the best of the best comedies. Now when it comes down to the top 5, im sure they will mess that up

No "Rescue Me"????

What a travesty!

what about the lists of actors??

i hate that the two best comedies on the air -- Adventures of Old Christine and How I met your mother did not make the cut.

Thrilled to see Rome get some posthumous acknowledgement by the Emmy voters. It's a shame more people didn't get into the first season. Rome should have had at least a three or four season run. I'm also happy that Rome made it in over The Tudors, whose historical inaccuracies are driving viewers who know the true details about Henry VIII's reign nuts.

I like the inclusion of Boston Legal. It's really sad that Battlestar Galactica didn't make it.

I wasn't expecting either Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls to be on the list, so even if it's sad, it's not surprising.

The lack of Veronica Mars upsets me, not that I'm surprised. Boston Legal is more of a Comedy and Desperate Housewives is more of a Drama, but what are you gonna do? 30 Rock is also low rated and on a network

i'm sorry, but that drama is ridiculous. "boston legal" instead of "brothers & sisters"? and i also have to say, i know that the critics love love love "friday night lights", but i don't know a single person who enjoyed that show or watched more than two episodes. if it doesn't make the final list that certainly isn't the travesty on par with slights such as lauren graham never being recognized.


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