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Transcript: Our Emmy chat with 'Gilmore Girls' star Lauren Graham

June 13, 2007 |  1:53 am

"This is moving so fast I can't see all the questions!" Lauren Graham gasped when she began our chat session on Tuesday. "I am having an anxiety attack!" But at least she was able to get into the chat room this year. Last year she got shut out when a similar effort ended in catastrophe after legions of her "Gilmore Girls" fans jammed this site. This year The Envelope had to limit access, but the chat was still crowded, though ultimately successful.

Lauren_graham_pullquoteWhy did "Gilmore Girls" switch classification this year at the Emmys? At previous Emmys the TV show competed in the comedy categories, but now switched to drama in its final year. "None of that was ever my decision," she said. "It is up to the producers. Different producer this year so different category. The only awards success the show had was in the beginning in drama so maybe that was why." Graham was nominated for best drama-series actress at the Golden Globes in 2002, but has never been recognized by Emmy voters. Indeed, the only nomination the critically hailed series has received in any category was in makeup in 2004.

Graham called her episode submission to Emmy judges — "Farewell, My Pet" — "my favorite episode of the year. Michel's dog funeral. Written by Jennie Snyder. Funny in the beginning, dramatic at the end. That is the show at its best I think." Read more below. Many thanks to Bryan "BC" Curtis for editing the transcript.


Kait: Hi, Lauren!
Roberto_Orellana: Hi, Lauren!
Kasey: Hi!

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Tom O'Neil: Wow - you made it into the Chat Room this year!
Bug: Hey, Lauren.
iskolar: Finally, you entered the chatroom!
Robert Licuria: Welcome to another crazy chat!
Tom O'Neil: Hooray!
Katie108: Hi!
Tom O'Neil: Last year neither Lauren nor I could get in. You fans crowded us out
iskolar: And welcome to you Tom for entering the chatroom as well. Haha!
BernardS: Lauren is da bomb of course.
BC: Hi, sexy!
auntbee: Welcome, Lauren.
Hybrid87: And Tom made quite an effort to not let anyone know about this one
ijustdontseeit: lol
gogol: Welcome from Tel Aviv!
Robert Licuria: How does it feel to be so damn popular!?!
BC: Hail to the Queen!
Lauren Graham: you all are speedy typists
Boomer: Great to have you here, Lauren!!
iskolar: haha. I can feel the pressure on Lauren while typing.
Tom O'Neil: Why switch from Comedy to Drama?
Robert Licuria: Yes, Laur - Gilmore Girls: Comedy or Drama?
Lauren Graham: None of that was ever my decision. It is up to the producers. Different producer this year so different category
Tine: hey Lauren,do you have anything on the horizon in the way of movies?
Ingw: Besides your own show, which shows are you rooting for in the Emmy race?
Robert Licuria: OK, people. Calm down. Give the woman time to type!
iskolar: ow. nice to know that.
Robert Licuria: :)
Lauren Graham: The only awards success the show had was in the beginning in drama so maybe that was why
Tom O'Neil: Do you have a personal opinion about whether the show belongs in comedy or drama?
iskolar: I think we should let Lauren breathe first. haha
PaulHan: Hey, Lauren; a chat guest who's EARLY. Nice! :D
Roberto_Orellana: hopefully the switch will garner u a nomination
gogol: Early? Only took a year!
Lauren Graham: I have agonized over where it belongs but I think there is an argument either way
Tom O'Neil: Lauren - tell us about the episode you picked for Emmy submission
Robert Licuria: Great submission
PaulHan: Lauren; can you walk us through exactly how you decide which episode to submit to the Emmys.
BernardS: Lauren -- how was it working with Kelly Bishop? You and her have great chemistry together as mother and daughter.
Tom O'Neil: what did you pick and why did you pick it?
lalaloo: Lauren, how does it feel now that Gilmore Girls has finished its run?
Ele: Iike your decision
Bug: Perfect submission. Excellent episode. Very emotional.
hommemcbo: amazing performance in that particular episode
Boomer: You chose "Farewell, My Pet"? Great choice!!
Tom O'Neil: why?
Diana: Hey people slow down, let Lauren answer first :P
iskolar: I'm not gonna ask first. Haha.
FishBiscuit: Lauren you rock; I loved your work on GG; I'm looking forward to more from you
Lauren Graham: My favorite episode of the year. Michel's dog funeral. Written by Jennie Snyder. Funny in the beginning, dramatic at the end. That is the show at its best I think.
gogol: Great episode! Jennie Snyder wrote great episodes throughout the season
iskolar: And you showed a lot of range in there. I think.
FunkyDanishChick: Great submission. One of the best episodes of the season.
Ele: you were amazing in that last scene with Chris
Katie108: It was a great episode, for sure.
Tom O'Neil: Did you have another one that came close in terms of being so good?
Tom O'Neil: Or was this an easy choice to make?
BC: I don't think any other episode came close.
Hybrid87: I still think the 'I will always love you" moment was too big to ignore
Lauren Graham: It was easy.
BC: "You're the one I want to want" was the quote of the year, Lauren.
K-Dogg: hey Lauren!
ijustdontseeit: Lorelai, Lorelai would've been a great choice too!
Lauren Graham: I dont think we had shot that singing episode yet.
hommemcbo: the karaoke scene!!!! that was incredible!!!
ijustdontseeit: Oh
gogol: Jennie Snyder captured both the wit and heart of old GG
Ingw: you have a great voice by the way!
K-Dogg: i'm so sad gilmore girls is ending without a single emmy nomination
Katie108: The singing episode was amazing. That scene was just great.
iskolar: Lauren, i am just oh so starstrucked.
ijustdontseeit: sme, iskolar
ijustdontseeit: same
Lauren Graham: I am a huge Jennie Snyder fan. Great person, very talented.
Kait: Lauren, were you happy to see the show get back to it's roots of being about a family and less about Lorelai and Rory and their romantic pairings? I know I was excited to see Lorelai and Rory really interacting again
Princematt999: Was is sad to leave Gilmore Girls behind, or was it just closing a chapter to begin a new one?
Ele: I liked the karaoke scene but Farewellmy pet was better
hommemcbo: what??? gilmore girls won for makeup in 2004 if i'm not mistaken
BC: same here. she's my girl
Bug: Do you feel that the Lorelai/Christopher/Luke triangle could have been played better and less "obvious choice?" The inevitable break up between Lorelai and Christopher seemed to taint the early episodes.
BernardS: yes, that's correct.
BC: it did. 1/1
K-Dogg: well, i mean major nomination
ijustdontseeit: my palms are sweating, lauren! all for you
Hybrid87: So Lauren, wats ur preference, more TV or Films
Boomer: Can you tell us more about filming the finale? What kinds of emotions did it bring you actually shooting it and being around your friends for the last time?
Robert Licuria: Lauren, my wife Paula is the most devoted fan of your show and she really admires you and your work in general. She is busy working today (a teacher), so she wanted me to ask you a few questions. I just thought I’d just put that out there
Tom O'Neil: Alexis/Rory competes against you in the lead race. Doesn't momma pull rank over daughter? You gonna ground her if she beats you?
BC: Lauren should have like three Emmys at least by now.
lalaloo: when you were filming Because I Said So, how did it feel working with Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton, and Piper Perabo?
BernardS: Tom -- LOL
Roberto_Orellana: if you do get nominated this year who else would u like to be nominated in the same catergory
Lauren Graham: I felt the L and C stuff moved a little quickly. They get married in France and divorce minutes later. Tough to justify.
ijustdontseeit: cal down people, please! :)
iskolar: This si the chat with the quickest response I think.
PaulHan: Lauren, what was your reaction when some critics described the rule changes at last year's Emmys as 'The Lauren Graham Rule'. How did you feel about that?
BernardS: Lauren -- if you could change anything about the series finale -- what would you have done? Or was it a good ending?
Jets57: Do you think that was the same direction Amy was planning to go?
K-Dogg: she's been nominated for a golden globe and 2 sags but not an emmy...yet
Tom O'Neil: Alexis/Rory competes against you in the lead race. Doesn't momma pull rank over daughter? You gonna ground her if she beats you?
gogol: That's why another season was needed, more time to resolve things well
Hybrid87: I thought it was well justified. They had planned a trip to Europe as kids, not similar circumstances but while they went there for GiGi, they found themselves living a bitiva fantasy.
caf: Did you consider submitting the finale, or another episode with more family interaction?
iskolar: Lauren, is there a good thing about Gilmore Girls also ending? I know its sad but is there a part that it has to end as well?
Robert Licuria: Paula Q 1: Do you feel that GG went out in a way that was fitting for the show?
Ingw: How are things going with the Good Games production company (that is the name right?). Anything in particular you are working on? And if so, how is that experience for you?
Lauren Graham: This is moving so fast I cant see all the questions. I am having an anxiety attack.
Diana: Hahaha
iskolar: Medics!
Diana: Guys, slow down
Ele: lol sorry
Hybrid87: Btw, I have noted that you are incessantly pulled towards these projects that have a strong family in its core. Why?
hommemcbo: hahaha iguess we're all really excited to have you here
Tom O'Neil: only Paris Hilton is allowed to have anxiety attacks among celebs this week
BernardS: it will be fine Lauren...we should all slow down.
K-Dogg: you're so funny and nice lauren, I love you, you're great!
Boomer: We type faster than your Gilmore dialogue!!;)
BC: Take your time, Lauren.
FunkyDanishChick: Tom- haha
iskolar: I love that Boomer. Haha
ijustdontseeit: good one, Boomer :)
Tom O'Neil: ha - great line, Boomer!
Robert Licuria: Just scroll up Lauren. We'll wait
K-Dogg: i actually visited your set back in 2004 on a set tour and saw you!
Kait: hee, in order for her to scroll up we'd have to stop talking now
Robert Licuria: hahaha joy
Lauren Graham: Mixed feelings about the end. I wanted it to be the most amazing episode ever. That is too much pressure for anything to bear. I actually havent seen it yet.
Robert Licuria: Really!!!???
ijustdontseeit: could you tell us a bit of what specific changes you asked for in the finale script?
hommemcbo: what?????
K-Dogg: well, it's way better than the end of the sopranos
BernardS: you were very good in it, Lauren...Fabulous. :-)
Robert Licuria: Paula Q2: Is Melissa McCarthy as funny in real life as Sookie is on the show?
Boomer: It was very nice and a great ending. Much better than The Sopranos this weekend!
Diana: Lauren, and LORELAI is the most amazing character ever :P
K-Dogg: parallel parking just isnt exciting...yet
Nadine: Lauren, are you looking to concentrate on behind the scenes stuff in the future or acting?
BC: Lauren, Lorelai Gilmore is the sexiest TV mom in television history.
iskolar: Lauren, can you see any parallelism between you and your character, Lorelai?
Kait: Lauren, I thought the finale really did the show justice and I'm a huge fan, so I'm hard to please
Lauren Graham: The finale was a little lighter, more plot driven. I wanted it to be more emotional with a little moment for everyone.
Hybrid87: Its really not bad and I can confidently say the last time I cried as much was "Dancer in the dark"
Katie108: It was a great finale, it was very nice to go back to an episode mainly about Stars Hollow and the Girls.
Robert Licuria: She's what we'd call a Yummy Mummy
K-Dogg: can you talk about EVAN ALMIGHTY, LAUREN?!
Tom O'Neil: You're doing well keeping up here, Lauren!
ijustdontseeit: cool!
Lauren Graham: I mean in the original version. I thought it got better with the rewrites.
BernardS: yes, I agree Lauren
BernardS: :-)
K-Dogg: ME TOO
JIllem: I cried.
ijustdontseeit: it really was emotional - at least for us, crazy fans
Kait: Did you push for more emotional time between Lorelai and Rory?
Robert Licuria: Paula Q 3: Was there ever times where the hilariously rapid pop culture dialogue cracked you and Alexis up so much that it took way too many takes to get through a scene?
Roberto_Orellana: it was great work by all the cast
Jets57: The finale wrapped up things well enough without spelling eberything out
Boomer: Very emotional. I was so glad it was centered around all of the characters in the town.
Bug: Is it true you were originally supposed to sing Fernando by ABBA? If so, why the change? (Awesome singing scene by the way, though.)
Diana: It was nice to see the townies, and Rory saying goodbye to them, it felt like we were saying goodbye to the show and everyone aswell
Lauren Graham: I play the straight man in EVAN. Dramatic part.
BC: Wow.
iskolar: lauren, can you see any parallelism between you and your charcter Lorelai?
FunkyDanishChick: I loved it. Cried through the whole thing. Everyone got their moment. Rightfully so.
K-Dogg: hows it working with steve carell?
K-Dogg: he's a hoot
PaulHan: Lauren, will you do a TV series again down the road?
Tom O'Neil: There are straight people in Hollywood? Who knew?
Lauren Graham: Steve very funny and nice.
BernardS: Lauren -- if you could describe yourself in 3 words -- what would they be? I always have a hard time doing you?
Jets57: Can't wait for Evan - how did you enjoy the premiere?
Robert Licuria: Will you guest on "...Jezebel James"?
Lauren Graham: Premiere very fun. My Godson asked me what animal I was playing in the movie. He is %.
Kait: That's adorable, Lauren
Robert Licuria: Any long-time friendships formed from the show?
A.H.: Who is a better kisser, the camel from Evan Almighty or Steve Carell?
Aura: 5?
Lauren Graham: He is 5, not %
AggieShan: Haha, thats great
BernardS: :-)
Ele: lol
iskolar: Lauren, what is the difference between working in movies, tv, and theatre? Do you have a favorite among the three? is there an easier task to do than the other?
FunkyDanishChick: haha
Ingw: haha, that's cute!
24fanatic: I was about to say...didn't get it haha
Roberto_Orellana: if you get nomianted this year, who else would u like to be nominated with in drama actress
Tine: Any chance you'll promote Evan Almighty in Europe? We would like to see you here.
Lauren Graham: Kelly B probably person I see most outside of work
gogol: we would've watched you playing an animal, as well, haha
24fanatic: Kelly B is very funny
hommemcbo: kelly bishop is amazing
BernardS: Kelly and you have great chemistry.
Robert Licuria: Lauren, are you an Emmy voter?
K-Dogg: i think you should focus more on establishing yourself in're already established on TV
Lauren Graham: I am a voter.
BC: I want you to get nominated, really really bad, Lauren.
Robert Licuria: What other TV do you love right now?
Bug: That just means you now need to do an animated film to bring your godson too.
iskolar: Bishop is as amazing as Lauren.
gogol: Your scenes with Kelly - the best. And banter with SP
Francisco: Kelly B should of received at least an emmy nod, her performance in Scene in the Mall was amazing
Ele: Whose a better kisser, the camel from Evan Almighty or Steve Carrell?
K-Dogg: were you a model before you made your 1995 acting debut on CAROLINE IN THE CITY?
Robert Licuria: Lauren, you have a real shot this year. Honestly.
BC: Bishop should have an Emmy too.
Paul Sheehan: Kelly B has Tony for A Chorus Line
BernardS: yep, she does.
Lauren Graham: I am doing a movie now and have 2 lined up after. KB amazing actress
JIllem: Lauren do you voice a Special K commercial? (If not, you have a voice double)
Diana: Good luck Lauren :D
Robert Licuria: It would mean so much to SO MANY PEOPLE for you to be nominated. How does that feel?
Lauren Graham: Special K me
BC: I thought that was her.
BernardS: Lauren -- have you ever consider doing Broadway or theatre?
Roberto_Orellana: if you get nomianted this year, who else would u like to be nominated with in drama actress .
Lauren Graham: I am going to talk like caveman for speed
ijustdontseeit: Do you think you'll ever be as cool a mom as Lorelai?
Robert Licuria: good idea.
24fanatic: haha
Aura: oh that must be those IMDb pro listing that I can't see
BC: Caveman? lol
gogol: the emily/lorelai relationship was compelling. loved it so complex full of wit and heart
Hybrid87: Lauren want Emmy?
K-Dogg: is it difficult to move naturally with all the markings on the floor of your home sets?
Katie108: What type of movies do you have lined up?
Bug: Oh, poor Lauren. You deserve an Emmy for doing this.
Lauren Graham: will never be as cool as Lor. Took lots of her jeans though.
iskolar: Lauren, is it difficult to read all of our posts? Hehe.
hommemcbo: hahahahah
ijustdontseeit: LOL
Robert Licuria: Fave TV shows Lauren?
Boomer: What Gilmore prop or souvenir did you take from the set?
Lauren Graham: monkey lamp from set
Lauren Graham: fave show 30 rock, office, extras
JIllem: It is a Travesty that lauren doesn't have an Emmy nomination.
Kait: Will you miss Alexis or try to keep in touch?
iskolar: Yo love comedies.
24fanatic: love those shows
Hybrid87: Alexis just entered the room. Welcome
BC: Alexis is here?
BernardS: great tastes Lauren
lalaloo: do you want to work on movies permanently now or would you go back to television if you got the chance?
K-Dogg: maybe steve will get you a guest spot on the office
Roberto_Orellana: favorite actress/actor
BC: Hopefully.
24fanatic: U need to guest on 30 Rock
Jets57: Were you having problems with your contacts when you wore glasses on a few episodes?
iskolar: Is that really Alexis Bledel?
Diana: monkey lamp?
Robert Licuria: Best shot in years for Lauren this year: In a field of 12 to 15 likely contenders, with the general feeling that Lauren deserves a nod, plus the whole “Lauren Graham rule”, as well as the EXCELLENT episode submission, and that it is the final year
caf: Kelly B was quoted as dissatisfied with the show's ending, you liked it, did you discuss that? What was her input?
Diana: I think that was a Guest
Tom O'Neil: While Emmy voting: have you ever done at-home screening of DVDs? Or have you just voted on the paper ballot, checking off choices?
Lauren Graham: would go back to tv but later. loving a little variety now.
K-Dogg: you should be yourself dating one believes he is dating a celeb until you show up at the office all h****, no offense intended
Robert Licuria: Yeah, do you watch the DVDs at home?
Jets57: what are the upcoming movies?
gogol: go on the three major networks only!
iskolar: You guested on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. How did you feel that it was cancelled?
Boomer: Great question, Tom! And what are some of the shows and performances you enjoyed this season?
Robert Licuria: Loved your guest spot on Studio 60
Tom O'Neil: Have you done BOTH kinds of Emmy voting?
Lauren Graham: havent done at home screening but I would now that I dont work a
Ingw: whats happening with Good Game?
ijustdontseeit: I miss Paul Anka on my tv already! Any idea what he's up to these days?
BernardS: Are you a big movie buff like Lor and Roy?
Tom O'Neil: You can just sign up for one category -- keep it simple
Lauren Graham: Good Game ended with show.
Tom O'Neil: it's worth doing
Bug: How has the fan outcry about the ending of Gilmore affected you? Woud you ever really consider the television movie that Amy Sherman-Pallidino teased about?
Tom O'Neil: really gives you an insight into how the process works
Nadine: are you looking to go into directing and producing more than in front of the camera (regardless of the projects you already have lined up?)
gogol: new production company?
Lauren Graham: I will. I am the only voter I know which is weird.
K-Dogg: i just saw you on a seinfeld rerun! you're always
BC: I saw that Seinfeld eppy too! You were great. And were hot then, as you are now.
Roberto_Orellana: what other shows other then GG would u like to see nominated this year?????????
iskolar: lauren, do you have any favorite guesting stint?
Lauren Graham: no directing yet. Loving being an actor.
Robert Licuria: Do you like or dislike the publicicty you get every year pre-Emmys about how you have been overlooked unfairly?
hommemcbo: i remember your guest role in 'newsradio'... hilarious!!!
Diana: We love seeing you on screen too :P
Boomer: One of my favorites was your guest arc on News Radio. That was a great role!
A.H.: Connie Britton may get a nom how do you feel about that?
24fanatic: Haha
BC: Edward Herrmann got nominated for St. Elsewhere and playing FDR, Tom.
caf: Tom- lol
Lauren Graham: doing a movie now with Matthew P. Hillary Swank producer. Next playing Greg Kinnear wife. Then with Jeff Daniels. Love all.
ijustdontseeit: Do you think you'll be forever known as Lorelai Gilmore? Would you say it's a priority to you right now to break away from that character?
iskolar: Wow!
iskolar: Great stars.
Boomer: Ed Herrmann won an Emmy for The Practice, too.
Aura: Oooo Greg Kinnear...nice
gogol: Too bad your fans aren't emmy voters, you'd have several emmys by now
BernardS: How did you like your gig on Studio 60? Did you want to do more on that show?
Ele: with Matthew? yay
Bug: Matthew Perry? Nice!
Tom O'Neil: Screw the Emmys then -- you'll get an Oscar next
Aura: ;)
K-Dogg: lauren...see if you know your work...on what show did you play Lisa Lundquist?
24fanatic: Love Jeff Daniels...very funny and very good actor
Ingw: sounds very good!
cking33: Yes, Lauren and Connie Britton. You are the two actresses who deserve a nomination the most.
Lauren Graham: No our cast is, but no one else in TV I know.
K-Dogg: he was good in THE HOURS
AggieShan: Yay! I was excited about the Matthew movie
Katie108: A movie with Matthew perry? I can't wait.
Hybrid87: Matthew P. Hmm! You know what you just inspired: another wave of tablodis reporting the two of you together
BC: They are friends.
Lauren Graham: I play his wife. We are doomed to rumours.
Diana: Ellen Degeneres' dream come true.
Francisco: did u consider submitting "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out" last year? It was one of my fav. performances in the run of the series
iskolar: Lauren, do you have any guilty pleasures?
Bug: Matthew Perry is incredible. I can't wait to see you both work together. You were hilarious on Studio 60 together.
Jets57: You should remake some of the Hepburn/Tracy movies with Mathew
Lauren Graham: I dont know the episodes by title.
Roberto_Orellana: what show would you love to have a guest role on?
gogol: so, how many movies in the works?
Robert Licuria: What is your favourite episode of the entire show?
Hybrid87: Holy! That scene with taking care of Paul Anka. Nothing topped that last year
lalaloo: do you still keep in touch with Alexis Bidel?
Lauren Graham: # movies coming. MP and I want to do remake of Hart to Hart. Sort of a joke but not totally.
Lauren Graham: 3 not #
Francisco: the episode in which you are in depression over the dog and in the end has a huge scene about how you failed the dog/and as a mother
BernardS: Hart to Hart -- cool.
Jets57: That would be incredible - loved Hart to Hart
ijustdontseeit: are you in love with #? just sayin'
Diana: 3 movies? Wow, that's exciting!
24fanatic: Homegirl need a new shift key haha
FunkyDanishChick: Hart to Hart. Excellent
ijustdontseeit: lol
gogol: wow, 3 movies. I loved you in GNOME!!
Diana: it was % the other time lol
Tom O'Neil: Hart 2 Hart is terrif idea
BC: Who are the leads in that? (hart 2 hart)
BernardS: Lauren -- any actors/actresses you haven't worked with that you do want to
Roberto_Orellana: what show would you like to have a guest role on?
Hybrid87: Yeah! was Gnome for a friend or did you generally like the theme of the flick
Robert Licuria: Do you enjoy presenting at the Emmys? The *swag*?
Lauren Graham: I love award shows. Swag went bye bye since IRS no fun
Ele: Are you planning to do a play like you did at the Williamstown Theatre Festival again?
Hybrid87: especially if they out you next to the Ghost Whisperer again, it may get bloody.
Ingw: Are you planning to do a play like you did at the Williamstown Theatre Festival again?
Lauren Graham: would love to do a ply
Lauren Graham: play
Roberto_Orellana: what show would you like to have a guest role on?
BC: That's nice.
Nadine: What type of play would you be interested in doing?
BernardS: Are there any playwrights you enjoy? Or any play you would love to do?
Robert Licuria: Lauren - we are all trying to get the word out to get you nominated (finally) this year (just sayin')
Lauren Graham: you are all nice
Pink Hammer: What other plans do you have now that you have some more time on your hands?
ijustdontseeit: aww
BC: Why thank you, Lauren.
Boomer: Yes, you must be nominated this final time.
Tom O'Neil: not ALL nice. We have some bitches here
K-Dogg: absolutely
ijustdontseeit: lol
hommemcbo: lol tom
24fanatic: haha
Roberto_Orellana: lol
FunkyDanishChick: dude. haha
lalaloo: thank you
Tom O'Neil: like ME
Lauren Graham: playwright craig lucas directing movie w MP .love.
K-Dogg: how can i get my start in this business, lauren?
BernardS: :-)
BC: What is MP?
Kait: Matthew Perry
Bug: Lauren, do you think that more interaction between Lorelai and Luke would have been better for the last season? That chemistry/tension seemed to be a bit lacking and certainly missed.
Katie108: Matthew Perry
gogol: matthew perry
hommemcbo: matt perry
joyjoy88: Matthew Perry
Hybrid87: Thank God the bitches aren't here, at least one of them is watching "Girlfriends" right now.
BernardS: Craig Lucas --- good playwright.
Lauren Graham: Matthew
BC: Duh!
24fanatic: Sorry
hommemcbo: lol hybrid
K-Dogg: i love craig lucas' film LONGTIME sweet
Ele: we're crazy but nice :)
BC: This is the best chat that I've had, because it's with one of my favorite actresses.
ijustdontseeit: Lauren - when are you coming to Brazil? :wink wink:
PaulHan: Lauren, what is your general opinion of The CW now that the show is over? Was it overall positive or negative?
gogol: Lauren did you ever try to get JONI MITCHELL on GG like other musical guests?
Tom O'Neil: Longtime Companion is a masterfookinpiece
Diana: MP .love. ahahahaha
Lauren Graham: I think this was a tough season but everyone did their best. More Luke Lorelai could have been a good idea
BC: The CW is now a 4-letter word, Paul.
Roberto_Orellana: Lauren if you do not get nominated this year I will boycott the emmys for you
gogol: yes. More LL
Diana: LAUREEEN, who cares about the Emmy's for us you're THE BEST ALREADY. No awards needed ...
Kait: Lauren, where do you think they would have gone next season with Gilmore Girls?
Lauren Graham: CW experience good.
PaulHan: Yes, BC. :| :mad:
Robert Licuria: Lauren - fave all time movie?
BernardS: Lauren -- more Luke and Lorelai would have been good -- but don't think being apart sweetened the end a bit more.
Lauren Graham: Philadelphia Story
Aura: Lauren, you have a lot of crazy fans here. Were you ever a crazy fan? If so whose?
Robert Licuria: Brilliant
Boomer: You won our GoldDerby TV Award for Lead Actress last year!!:)
Nadine: You ready for your big press junket for Evan Almighty?
PaulHan: Wouldn't that have been something if it were actually Alexis in the chatroom?
BC: We all love you, Lauren.
Ele: Any chance you'll promote Evan Almighty in Europe? We would like to see you here.
FunkyDanishChick: Aw. One of my fave's too.
iskolar: I simply love you Lauren
BC: Who doesn't? She's hot.
Diana: hahaha
Lauren Graham: Just did junket. 3 days of crazy animal questions.
hommemcbo: lol
PaulHan: LMAO ;-)
K-Dogg: lol
BernardS: what was the craziest quiestion?
Nadine: I meant television appearances!
gogol: haha, reporters in heat
Robert Licuria: Are you travelling overseas to promote Evan Almighty? (*cough*Australia*cough*)
iskolar: What made you decide to come back here in Goldderby?
FunkyDanishChick: Did you have any "incident's" with any of the animails?
Ele: lol did you like toothie?
ijustdontseeit: ad now onto crazy internet people q's
Katie108: I'm excited to see you on Leno tonight, Lauren.
iskolar: We are so much craving for you.
Jets57: Will you be back in NY to do Letterman?
Bug: You've said before that you forget episodes once they finish filming, but do you have any favorite moments or episodes you can recall?
Lauren Graham: If you were God what would you do.
Diana: haha
ijustdontseeit: no, no, we ask the questions, Lauren.
Lauren Graham: crazy God questions hard to answer
BernardS: and what did you answer?
hommemcbo: lol
Katie108: and what would the answer to that be?
BC: Fire Jim Tressel, lol and bring back GG for Season 8.
Aura: oh those could be fun though
Tom O'Neil: If I were God, I'd make Oscars and Emmys SOLID gold and give you and me one of each (Aren't I generous?)
K-Dogg: who's the biggest name you've worked with?
Hybrid87: If I were God, I would declare the Lead Actress Drama a two-way tie. You and Connie B
BC: I'd also give Lauren 4 Emmys.
Lauren Graham: tom oneil generous
Boomer: How serious were the discussions to bring back GG for a shortened 8th season?
PaulHan: Especially for season 5 *big nod*
Kait: If I were God, I'd cure cancer (Sorry Lauren)
Robert Licuria: Any actors you still dieing to meet after all these years at Awards shows?
24fanatic: If I were god I would do something like world peace
gogol: yes, season 8 - we were sure it would happen and needed it
Hybrid87: Good one Kait
Bug: Yes, sad day when the news of Season 8 was released.
ijustdontseeit: If I were God, I'd have Lauren here with me RIGHT NOW.
K-Dogg: you should do L&O again
ijustdontseeit: okay, sorry.
AggieShan: I'm loving the cave-man talk
Ele: May 3rd :(
iskolar: If I wree God, I'd take you home lauren. Haha
Diana: Whose a better kisser, the camel from Evan Almighty or Steve Carrell?
BC: Probably Steve.
K-Dogg: what's your favorite non-LG movie?
Tom O'Neil: Oh why bother with world peach when you could buy your own Dairy Queen and be its only customer around the clock?
Aura: lol
hommemcbo: lol
BC: lol, Tom.
Lauren Graham: tom oneil getting punchy
iskolar: is there still a dream role for you lauren?
Ingw: haha
Robert Licuria: Lauren - international press tour for Evan Almighty - give it a go!
K-Dogg: oh, yeah...giggidy giggidy
BC: He's sometimes like that.
24fanatic: haha...I don't know about Dairy Queen
Lauren Graham: would love to travel international
PaulHan: Lauren, will you be involved in the season 7 DVD, as in an interview or maybe an audio commentary? And have you been given any idea of when season 7 will be coming out?
Ele: Berin would be a good address to promote :)
Tine: Who would you love to work with in film or tv that you have yet to work with?
Robert Licuria: *cough*Australia*cough*
lalaloo: what countries have you beeen to?
gogol: your name came up as The View co host - would youdo it?
Ele: Berlin
ijustdontseeit: just come to Brazil, dammit! :D
Bug: Caveman talk reminds me a bit of reading Rosie's blog. No offense. It's funny.
lalaloo: *been
BC: Ohio...
K-Dogg: you shouldnt
Boomer: Before this film, were you already a fan of Steve Carell and/or The Office?
K-Dogg: you'll be driven insane
Tom O'Neil: Rosie O'Donnell or Donald Trump?
Tom O'Neil: Who's side u on?
K-Dogg: rosie
Jets57: In the past you and Alexis both mentioned working on DVD extras but they never seem to appear - what happened?
Lauren Graham: we make no money on dvd so don't tend to do the commentary as we think that is unfair
24fanatic: I was so gonna ask that TOm!
Aura: oh geez
BC: Trump.
hommemcbo: lauren in 'the view'?? that would make daytime tv a whole lot better
Robert Licuria: Good question. Is there any other answer apart from Rosie?
BernardS: no money for commentary -- WOW...
Aura: I didn't realize there was no money for the actors
BC: yikes
Tom O'Neil: what a gyp
Robert Licuria: I didn't know that about the DVD stuff
Aura: boo hiss
FunkyDanishChick: geez!
Diana: OUCH
Lauren Graham: no money off dvd sales.
iskolar: aww. that's sad
Kait: No wonder you don't commentary, although I think you and Alexis would be hilarious
K-Dogg: but it would promote your acting ability
Bug: Wow, really?
Jets57: Totally unfair - I thought all actors got a cut of DVD sales
K-Dogg: you make residuals, right?
BernardS: Lauren -- do you know the DVD's of Gilmore Girls? :-)
lalaloo: yea me too
Robert Licuria: It would be hilarious though. Oh well.
BernardS: own
K-Dogg: off of reruns
PaulHan: Kind of like Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica's) tussle with Universal over the webisodes which were a prelude to their third season
24fanatic: Are you afraid of Rosie Lauren?
BernardS: do you own the DVD's of GG?
gogol: That's awful. GG DVDs sell the best
Lauren Graham: we did it in beginning. we support the show.
iskolar: lauren, do you have all the Gg Dvds?
BC: Why would she?
Diana: Some bloopers would have been amazing too.
Robert Licuria: Any big-time stars ever tell you how much they love your work on Gilmore Girls?
K-Dogg: i saw you on set while i did a WB tour in 2004
Hybrid87: Lauren was featured on Rosie's last ever show so I'd say no
Lauren Graham: Meryl Streep said she watches. thrilling.
BernardS: I bet that is thrilling.
ijustdontseeit: wow
Philip: Hi Lauren! Sorry I'm late
Robert Licuria: And you were really great on Ellen's show
24fanatic: Wow...big compliment
Tom O'Neil: yeah!
ijustdontseeit: Pretty cool!
FunkyDanishChick: Exciting
iskolar: Wow! Meryl is the queen. Haha
lalaloo: wow. you must have been thrilled when she told you that
Robert Licuria: Meryl freaking Streep!!!!! Wow.
BC: Better late than never, Philip.
ijustdontseeit: La Streep rocks, heh.
Bug: Ellen.. yes. You could never be on her show enough. You two are hilarious together.
Hybrid87: Yes! we were all just checking the time, holding our breath and waiting for you Philip
BernardS: Hey -- GG was a great show -- my cube mate and I would always discuss the show on Wednesday morning before was fun
Diana: Lauren, still haven't met Clooney ???
lalaloo: how is he in person. has he pulled any pranks on you?
gogol: Streep has perfect taste in TV!
Lauren Graham: I have met him but havent yet married him
K-Dogg: you met Meryl? omg!
btooley: Lauren, I think you the best actress on TV
BC: I had a secret crush on Lauren since Season 3 (and Alexis too).
Diana: Awww, good luck then!!!!!!
Hybrid87: BC wants Mamma and Daughter. You go bro
BC: twofer.
iskolar: lauren, how do you pratice saying all your fast lines? Do you have a tongue twister therapy of some sort?
btooley: You and all the cast should get Emmy nods
K-Dogg: you should marry george clooney
Lauren Graham: he is very warm and has great hair
Jets57: Did george know about teh way you always talk about him?
BernardS: I do think Matthew and you make a cute couple -- but too bad you are just friends. :-)
Robert Licuria: The machine-gun dialogue is awesome
btooley: Who was your best freind on the set??
Lauren Graham: AB and I had lots of fun. My makeup artist Ann good friend
Tom O'Neil: Lauren has a real shot at an Emmy nom this year
Diana: Heeeey, what are you saying Bernard, MATTHEW is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Robert Licuria: Definitely.
Tom O'Neil: The category is crowded but she's got a wow eppy
BernardS: Sorry Diana...
Robert Licuria: Top 10 is almost certain
Diana: lol
24fanatic: Emmy or no Emmy...Lauren is that hott fire
Robert Licuria: Then the work speaks for itself
btooley: I hope she gets the nod. What is ep. Tom?
gogol: Lauren deserves seven emmys retroactively. Can they do that?
Tom O'Neil: yes, Rob is right -- Lauren will certainly make the top 10 cutoff
JIllem: I've lost faith in the Emmy process
iskolar: I think so too.
BC: I was saying this before you came on, Lauren. If I had a daughter, I was going to name her Lauren, because I'm in love with that name.
Tom O'Neil: Then she's in the hands of the judges watching the episodes
K-Dogg: is yanic truesdale going to act anymore?
Lauren Graham: Yanic is in Montreal relaxing.
gogol: We want top five, finally. Right?
Kait: What will you miss most about Gilmore Girls?
Diana: LAUREEEN, who cares about the Emmy's for us you're the best already. No awards needed ...
iskolar: Lauren, what other TV dramatic performance do you admire?
BernardS: Lauren -- do you have any pets?
BC: Where is Yanic from?
Lauren Graham: MOntreal
btooley: What is your favorite all time episode Lauren?
Robert Licuria: Yes, what other TV perfs have you really enjoyed this past season?
Philip: Lauren I am a big broadway fan, would you ever think about doing a broadway show?
Aura: animal question :O
K-Dogg: hows it working with Ed Herrmann?
Katie108: Lauren, what was always your reaction when you'd see how many devoted fans Gilmore had (i.e. last year's chat crash, etc.)?
Lauren Graham: will miss steady job, challenging dialogue,
Ele: Lauren, a bunch of people from all over the world came together last year to create a postcard book, any chance that you get this? We just want to know :)
btooley: Thanks!!
Bug: Any chance you would work with ASP in the future again? On Jezebel James or another project?
btooley: I want you and AB to win the Emmy.
Hybrid87: They can't both unless Alexis goes Supporting
BC: I saw Lauren 11 years ago on a 3-part L&O with Benj. Bratt.
Diana: Yeah please Lauren answer that about the scrapbook
Tom O'Neil: yes, Lauren, please tell us what you thought last year when you couldn't even GET INTO THIS CHAT ROOM
Tom O'Neil: I had to outlaw lots of new registrations in order to cut back the number of posters here
Robert Licuria: Pretty impressive. A record for chatroom
Tom O'Neil: to make sure you and I got in this year
Ele: too many
Lauren Graham: oh my god the postcard people! That was the coolest thing! thank you so much. There were so many of you I wasnt sure how to write back. Truly the most creative sweetest gift. Please give my thanks and love to all who contributed.
Tom O'Neil: more than 100 got in last year but that maxed out this chat room
btooley: I am honored to be here talking to Lauren.
Ele: awww thank you lauren
Philip: Lauren would you ever do a broadway show?
Lauren Graham: Broadway yes
Robert Licuria: Lauren, you must be touched by the fan adoration you get all the time
Diana: SO GLAD YOU GOT IT LAUREN!!! :d:d:d:d:d
24fanatic: Can you sing?
btooley: Lauren could be Roxie.
BernardS: When you were growing up, were you doing acting in school? Or when did the bug for acting bite you?
lalaloo: how many autographs do you give each day?
Philip: Would you want to do a play or a musical?
Lauren Graham: acting since I was little in school
Ele: God, I'm so glad you got it
Diana: Eleeee :D:D:D
Diana: she go it!!
BernardS: What was your favorite part in school?
btooley: What was your 1st part???
Ele: YEAH :)
BernardS: do you remember your first acting role?
iskolar: If you didnt became an actress, what do you think is Lauren gRaham doing now?
gogol: Lauren, GG movie - how can we help make it happen. Will it ever? So many need/want it.
K-Dogg: LAUREN, YOU DID AN EPISODE OF "townies" with my uncle, jeff doucette
Kasey: Yay, I'm glad you got the postcard book!
BC: what postcard book?
Diana: Yeah talk abou t it :D:D:D
Lauren Graham: love you postcard people!!
Diana: BC we sent Lauren a scrapbook with postcards
Diana: from out towns
BC: how does one send a postcard?
Ele: BC w made a book with postcards from people from all over the world and made a book :)
Robert Licuria: Lauren, I remember first seeing you on TV in MYOB. Funny how that had to go for you to really hit the big time with GG.
caf: what are the realistic chances of a Gilmore movie actually happening?
btooley: Did you see the finale of the Sopranos? What did you think??
BC: I'm watching it right now.
Lauren Graham: havent seen sopranos finale yet please dont tell me what happens
BC: My lips are sealed.
btooley: No way I would ruin it for my favorite actress on TV
PaulHan: Shaddup, people! LG must remain spoiler free, dambit! :D
lalaloo: what type of music do you like to listen to?
Robert Licuria: It's amazing (my opinion)
Lauren Graham: GG movie
iskolar: Ohh. Sopranos fan I guess. What you think of Edie Falco?
gogol: yes, please GG movie ASP penned!!
Diana: What about the GG MOVIEEE :O
K-Dogg: have you ever done voice over work lauren?
BC: I'd love a Lauren-Edie showdown at the Emmys.
gogol: Was ASP serious?
Philip: Lauren did Family Guy
Lauren Graham: love the sopranos. love edie falco
K-Dogg: ok
BC: It'll make up for the Lauren/Marcia showdown that'll never happen.
Robert Licuria: Edie/Kyra/Lauren showdown is probably what will happen.
K-Dogg: you should work with pixar
btooley: Edie vs Lauren. Lauren is so much better.
PaulHan: Lauren-Edie would be the same as Quinton Jackson v. Chuck Liddell at UFC 71. No freaking contest. :D
Robert Licuria: You were so funny in Family guy!!!
Lauren Graham: GG movie maybe. Ask amy SP
Diana: YAY
lalaloo: oh yea you would make a great voice for kids movies
BernardS: I agree -- Lauren is much better than Edie...hands down.
BC: and sexier...
Robert Licuria: Do you ever talk to ASP these days?
Bug: Have you seen the pilot of Jezebel James?
24fanatic: sounds great. Would it be TV Movie or movie movie?
Kait: Would you like to do a GIlmore Girls movie or do you feel the story is pretty much over?
BernardS: I would guess TV movie, 24fanatic
Diana: SP ???
BC: Sherman Paladino
Hybrid87: OK Lauren! I am already late for work so I am gonna say goodbye here. I think you are amazing. You deserve all the success in the world and you have already created a legacy with a devoted 4 million plus viewers of GG.
Hybrid87: Bye everyone
BC: Bye, Hybrid!
Diana: Oh thanks
gogol: Oh, I'd love Amy in a chat .... we'd all need a week of relaxation after ...
Lauren Graham: got email from asp today. they are moving to ny for show. havent seen it but read it and I think it is great
Diana: lol duuh
K-Dogg: wouldnt a gg movie be a bit bland? it's great tv but isn't really transferable to film
Robert Licuria: Cool. Thanks for telling us
Ele: I would like to see you in a Sound of Music musical. Any chance my dream will come true?
Lauren Graham: I cant sing high enough for sound of music sorry
Robert Licuria: Lauren - fave music - a MUST question
lalaloo: yes what are your favorite artists?
Ele: lol that's okay :D
BC: What is your range, Lauren?
24fanatic: So you can sing!
ijustdontseeit: how was it shooting the karaoke scene?
Jets57: I thouoght you had a great voice
Ele: I love your voice, nice alto
Katie108: You sang great in the karaoke scene.
Bug: The karaoke scene was amazing. Made me cry, and I don't cry.
joyjoy88: how did singing on Ellen come about?
Lauren Graham: karaoke my idea so fun to shoot. didnt want her to sound great wanted her to be drunky and off her game I thought that was a way for them to connect
btooley: What should GG be nomianted for?
BC: At least 12 categories, btooley.
btooley: I agree BC
Diana: GREAT ideaaa
Kasey: Have you gotten any better at playing the piano since you played on Ellen?
Bug: It was a great idea. I loved how she went from drunk to completely aware. Amazing scene.
FunkyDanishChick: Do you feel yoyu have a real shot at an Emmy nod? General consensus around here is that you'll at least make it in the top 10
ijustdontseeit: If that was drunky singing, can't wait to listen you singing seriously!
Robert Licuria: Give us a scoop on what you'll be saying on Leno tonight!
gogol: karaoke was such a wondeful scene. Too bad it's not a full episode of that - to submit
ijustdontseeit: I mean it, it was great
A.H.: What happened to Fernando??
Lauren Graham: my piano bad
Jets57: Worked great - and you conveyed your emotions very well while singing
Boomer: Was there anything you ever wanted to do on Gilmore Girls but couldn't or didn't?
Lauren Graham: fernando not emotional enough lyrics are about war dindt seem like a love song
btooley: Lauren should be in the top 5
BC: Top 2
ijustdontseeit: Lauren should be #1.
hommemcbo: lauren should win. period.
24fanatic: haha
BernardS: yes, love song was better...:-)
btooley: Lauren, I amdying to know. What was your favorite episode? You deserve the Emmy
Jets57: Wise choice on the song
Bug: Has ASP given you the final four words yet?
Katie108: The song was perfect to sing to both Rory and Luke. It was an amazing scene.
Lauren Graham: no word on the final four. I will get it out of her when I see her in NYC
Diana: Hey Lauren, you sang in BECAUSE I SAID SO too
Ele: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? As an actress, producer, author or would you like to do all of that?
gogol: Did you and scott shoot it together or seperately - the karaoke.
lalaloo: oh yea how was it singing with Diane Keaton, Piper Perabo, and Mandy Moore
A.H.: are you sure she will tell?
Robert Licuria: Fave bands Lauren?
Jets57: What happened to the projects at Good Game that sounded like they were close?
btooley: Tom/ Lauren, what episode did you submit?
BC: She submitted "Farewell, My Pet"- the Lorelai/Chris breakup eppy.
Tom O'Neil: yes
Diana: Hey Lauren, you sang in BECAUSE I SAID SO too :P you always seem to be singing lately, and you do it great
gogol: NO! That means no movie! Don't get it out of her. It's the whole ending that counts, last whole season, not just four words! Movie!
Lauren Graham: in 10 years would like to be doing all that.
PaulHan: Farewell My Pet, I think
Ele: :)
iskolar: Lauen, do you have any unfortunate experience with a fan?
Tom O'Neil: unfortunate experieces with fan -- yes, trying to get into this chatroom last year
Diana: hahaha
Lauren Graham: why do you want a movie? im curious. What would you like to see?
hommemcbo: lol
Ingw: what's a book you would love to see become a movie?
hommemcbo: more of GG lauren
iskolar: Haha. Tom! Of course, aside from that.
hommemcbo: we can't get enough
Diana: We would like to see Lorelai's dream come true THE WHOLE PACKAGE the dream from Season 3
BC: We love this woman...
FunkyDanishChick: More Lorelai and Emily closure
Robert Licuria: I'm hapy with the way it has ended. Although, just more of that banter would make my day.
joyjoy88: want more old school snappy dialogue with funky references
Kait: Lauren, I think a lot of fans wanted to see Luke and Lorelai with a family of their own. I think the family needed a bit more closure
Bug: Luke and Lorelai happy for a change. More of Lorelai interacting with her parents. More closure with Emily. And seeing Rory doing her thing on in the big, bad world.
ijustdontseeit: What people are mostly complaining about is how they never got to see Lorelai and Luke get married, have children
Bug: And ASP to write amazing dialogue.
BernardS: Lauren -- we just want more GG...plain and simple...we felt like it ended prematurely.
gogol: More emily and Lorelai, LL getting past a kiss we saw in season 4 .... a planned ending
Kait: I'd just like to see where everyone ended up 5 years from now. If Kirk ever married Lulu, what Rory's up to
Kait: If Sookie had a son or daughter
gogol: it ended abruptly
BC: Isn't Lulu on General Hospital?
Bug: Speaking of Melissa, have you seen her new baby?
btooley: a movie would be a good closure
Robert Licuria: But kudos to Rosenthal for doing a great job tieing it all up - he had big shoes to fill
iskolar: A wedding! Susan Mayer fortunately got one already. But still, none for Lorelai Gilmore. That's what most of us wants to see.
gogol: wasn't it dragged out knowing there was a seaon 8 even partial
Robert Licuria: Sookie = funniest supporting character EVER
Lauren Graham: interesting. I am very touched by your ideas. thankful for your attention.
ijustdontseeit: Great point, iskolar.
btooley: Rory finds a new man. Sookie has more kids.
ijustdontseeit: Do you think you'll be forever known as Lorelai Gilmore? Would you say it's a priority to you right now to break away from that character?
BC: Her initials are LG.
K-Dogg: do you miss amy sherman p.?
Diana: Give some of those ideas to the writers and the movie is gonna be a hit, LOL :P
iskolar: Yes BC. Tof course to Mike
caf: Why a movie - I'd like to get the old Lorelai back. It feels like she lost her way. I'd like to believe not only Rory has a future but Lorelai has one too. The last 2 years destroyed my faith in Lorelai, and many of my friends, too. Sorry to say that.
Turtle: Rory's big-wide-world experiences compared with Lorelia's Stars Hollow life would be fascinating to explore.
btooley: I miss GG already. What will my Tuesday entail??
iskolar: Is it possible that if not a movie, just a special one time reunion episode?
gogol: Kelly Bishop said the ending was disrespectful to fans. I agree, but you too did not wrap the show, and it didn't get the year long farewell and send off it deserved!
Ele: Lauren I just saw you inill Scallion and let me say it's not easy to get this here in Germany, loved your play there
K-Dogg: boston legal is good
Bug: Do you feel that you have a different way of portraying Lorelai when you are acting opposite of David S. and Scott P.?
btooley: GG was witty and timeless.
hommemcbo: lauren graham made 'lorelai gilmore' a memorable character that will pass the test of time... just like that, always remembered, and i think it's quite an honor to have made tv history with such a character
Diana: Lauren said she still says album, lol, I'd like to know if she has an IPOD
Lauren Graham: I have an ipod but my music is very album-ish
24fanatic: This shouldn't have been a show guys could watch...but I luved it...ya'll are too funny
iskolar: Lauren, can you imagine yourself starring in Desperate Housewives? or Sex and the City?
BC: I would.
Robert Licuria: The special features of the DVDs show how similar Lorelai is to ASP. Was that unnerving at first?
K-Dogg: you are always so stunning...whats you're secret?
Robert Licuria: Lauren - laternative idie pop/rock, or r&b, or country???
auntbee: Still listening to Joni Mitchell and James Taylor?
Robert Licuria: *alternative indie
Tom O'Neil: Lauren, if you'd like to wrap things up now, that's fine? Or keep chatting?
Lauren Graham: I love you all but soon I am going to meet my sister for dinner. What havent I answered
24fanatic: Or are u da Hip-Hop Queen?
iskolar: Lauren, any pland os writing a book? or a screenplay?
iskolar: plans*
Katie108: I'm a little late here, but why would we want a Gilmore movie? The ending was also a beginning in so many ways, so it would be great to see how Rory did with her work and where it brings her, how Luke and Lorelai went from that kiss, if Lorelai and Emily are able to remain close. The end was just so sudden, a bit more closure would be amazing. Also, having Amy Palladino wrap things up one last time would be great.
K-Dogg: you look good!
Robert Licuria: Too many - don't worry about it Lauren - we are SO APPRECIATIVE
BC: I love you as an actress, and I want your name to be called on July 19. Good luck, and goodbye, sweet princess.
Turtle: Lauren, do you have any improv training? The "GG" dialogue was so rapid-fire, I'm wondering if any improv skills came in handy, or if it was just a LOT of prep work?
Pink Hammer: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us
Turtle: Thanks...
Katie108: Thanks for talking with us Lauren!
Kait: Thanks so much, Lauren!
Aura: thanks Lauren
hommemcbo: yes, thank you very much lauren
lalaloo: thank you lauren. you rock
K-Dogg: bye lauren, have fun @ dinner with your sis? is she as good looking as you?
Robert Licuria: Good luck Lauren. My wife loves you and I am praying for that elusive Emmy nom!!!!
BernardS: Have a great time at dinner, Lauren -- :-) Eat some good food for us! :-)
iskolar: I love you lauren. Once a fan, always a fan!
Jets57: Thanks Lauren - you are the best
ijustdontseeit: You rock, Lauren. I'll miss you on my TV every week!
BC: Thank you for this long overdue chat, love ya!
FunkyDanishChick: Thank you ever so much Lauren. You've been great!
Ele: thanks Lauren for giving us this opportunity :) you rock!!!
gogol: Bye from Tel Aviv! Good luck and thank you!
Kasey: Thanks Lauren, you're amazing!
Bug: Thanks for chatting Lauren. Glad you got in this year. We appreciate it!
Diana: LAUREEEN, who cares about the Emmy's for us you're the best already. No awards needed to prove anything ... :P THANKS FOR BEING HERE
auntbee: Thanks so much, Lauren.
btooley: Thanks Lauren I think you are the best. Get a dress ready
A.H.: thanks Lauren, good luck!!
iskolar: You're the best.
hommemcbo: not all actors are this kind to fans... that's why you're loved by many
jefty2000: love ya! see ya in evan almighty
AggieShan: Good luck, Lauren! Thanks so much for coming :)
Tom O'Neil: Good luck with those rascally Emmys
iskolar: We're wishing you an Emmy nom. Thanks for the time!
Turtle: Looking forward to "Evan Almighty" tooo...
Ele: Greetz from Germany :D
Robert Licuria: Fingers crossed
gogol: Will you present at the emmys?
ijustdontseeit: come to Brazil when you get a time off -- don't forget to give me a call first ;)
Boomer: Thanks so much, Lauren! Pick out an expensive dress for the Emmys this September! It is finally your turn.
24fanatic: Thanks for doing this Lauren...I think I speak for everyone when I say we will all be following your career and supporting u in everything that you do. Gracias and have a good meal!
Ingw: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Truly appreciated! :)
PaulHan: Word, Lauren, thanks for the memories. Good luck in the future, and LG for BEST DRAMA ACTRESS, DAMMIT! (yes I was shouting) :D
Tine: Thanks,Lauren! You're amazing! Greetings from Germany!
K-Dogg: you should win a tony.,...if u ever do stage work :)
btooley: LAUREN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
iskolar: Greetings here from Asia.
K-Dogg: ;)
BC: Lauren Graham is the sexiest woman alive.
Robert Licuria: See ya from Oz
K-Dogg: you bet
FunkyDanishChick: Fingers crossed for the Emmy's! You deserve it
Ags: Thank you from Argentina!
Bug: Good luck with the Emmys. You deserve them.
iskolar: Bye Lauren!
Diana: Thanks from Texas :D
BC: Bye from Ohio!
Ags: =)
btooley: If you are in Hemet, CA give me a call. You have many fans here
gogol: Bon apetite with your sister!
Ingw: or in Norway
Lauren Graham: I am truly thankful. Beyond words. I know it is hard to say goodbye to something you were loyal to, and I want you to know how much your opinions and passionate support have meant
Diana: awww
iskolar: Thanks a lot!!!!
Diana: Thank YOU
hommemcbo: thanks
lalaloo: thanks lauren
ijustdontseeit: have a nice dinner!
Turtle: Cheers
Tom O'Neil: very well said, Lauren
FunkyDanishChick: Aw. Thanks Lauren. Bless you
Tom O'Neil: you deserve an Emmy just for that
iskolar: That was awesome!!!!!!
K-Dogg: thanks lauren
Diana: Thanks for those 7 years! and keep up the good work
Bug: Thanks, Lauren.
Robert Licuria: Thanks Lauren, means alot
gogol: Thank you. I'm sure it is hard for you, too, despite the free time and new opportunities!
Lauren Graham: to me. Someday I hope to learn to type. In the meantime, thank you and goodnight!
BC: You are so sweet, Lauren.
iskolar: You are so down to earth!
joyjoy88: bye!