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Transcript: Our chat session with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

June 19, 2007 | 12:10 pm


clarissa: hi jonny!!!!!!
2007-06-18 11:58:11.0
Lore190: no
2007-06-18 11:58:11.0
cyndi21: Jonathan, what has been your most memorable professional project so far?
2007-06-18 11:58:13.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Most memorable prof project thus far: Children of Huang Shi
2007-06-18 11:59:02.0
rougevelvet: How was it working with your brother in August Rush? Is he bitten by the acting bug, or will he stick to music?
2007-06-18 11:59:02.0
LauraLOVE: Hey! When will you be back in america and will you be doing any appearances anytime soon! I would love to meet you lol
2007-06-18 11:59:04.0
Cecile: what's your favorite movie you've worked on?and why?
2007-06-18 11:59:09.0
Lucia: are you really going to be in Toussaint? or is that just a rumor?
2007-06-18 11:59:09.0
musique: hey guy
2007-06-18 11:59:16.0
Ladybug: Hello
2007-06-18 11:59:18.0
NotoriousMSG: Sweet...can't wait until that movie comes out
2007-06-18 11:59:23.0
BC: Greetings, Jonathan.
2007-06-18 11:59:23.0
Riscado: Hey there
2007-06-18 11:59:24.0
cyndi21: What made it most memorable to you?
2007-06-18 11:59:28.0
Ladybug: do you perform with your bros often?
2007-06-18 11:59:38.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: My brother will stick to music, but attends college in dublin
2007-06-18 11:59:41.0
LauraLOVE: Hey! When will you be back in america and will you be doing any appearances anytime soon! I would love to meet you lol
2007-06-18 11:59:43.0
Ladybug: oh
2007-06-18 11:59:49.0
Lore190: Hi jonny, will there be a premier of August Rush in NYC ???
2007-06-18 11:59:50.0
Cate: Out of all your cast members on the Tudors, who do you most enjoy working with?
2007-06-18 11:59:53.0
Cecile: what's your favorite movie you've worked on?and why?
2007-06-18 11:59:55.0
abk1218: any difference in demeanor/character of henry in the second season?
2007-06-18 11:59:57.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: the experience of being in china was extraordinary
2007-06-18 12:00:02.0
BC: Jonathan, which is easier to play, since you've played both- King Henry VIII or the King of Rock and Roll- Elvis Presley?
2007-06-18 12:00:04.0
Winnie25: Jonathan, are you still attached to Bronte?
2007-06-18 12:00:06.0
Tom O'Neil: Hi Jonny, Thanks for joining us!You're shooting in Ireland now?Have you chopped off Anne Boleyn's head yet, you merciless brute?
2007-06-18 12:00:06.0
rougevelvet: Are you stil attached to the Bronte project?
2007-06-18 12:00:08.0
rougevelvet: snap
2007-06-18 12:00:10.0
Ladybug: do you think you'll ever do a romantic comedy?
2007-06-18 12:00:15.0
Lore190: lol
2007-06-18 12:00:16.0
cyndi21: Would you consider another project in China soon?
2007-06-18 12:00:17.0
BC: Tom, lol.
2007-06-18 12:00:19.0
K-Dogg: how do you feel about having the opportunity to work with Peter O'Toole?
2007-06-18 12:00:23.0
Ladybug: :D
2007-06-18 12:00:26.0
MidnightDiva: slow down people geez
2007-06-18 12:00:29.0
Ladybug: lol
2007-06-18 12:00:33.0
amsy73: Hello, Jonathan. Have you received a thankyou from the Irish film board forsinglehandedly kicking life back into the industry?
2007-06-18 12:00:35.0
night faerie: talk about a free-for-all, lol
2007-06-18 12:00:37.0
Ladybug: Or a horror movie
2007-06-18 12:00:37.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Hello Jonathan, What attracted you to 'The Tudors', where you worried about signing to do a series which could commit you for years?
2007-06-18 12:00:38.0
Cecile: is it fun filming in ireland?
2007-06-18 12:00:38.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: maria doyle kennedy, who plays my wife Katherine of Aragon
2007-06-18 12:00:48.0
night faerie: what inspires you?
2007-06-18 12:00:48.0
Tom O'Neil: You chose episode 5 of "Tudors" to be your submission to Emmy judges. Tell us what you like about that performance. It's tough, but tender at the end when Henry looks at his crown on the table in front of him, helpless.
2007-06-18 12:00:54.0
Lucia: are you really going to be in Toussaint? or is that just a rumor?
2007-06-18 12:00:54.0
Bohemianblue: She's a wonderful actress, I truly enjoy her work.
2007-06-18 12:00:58.0
clarissa: Jonny will you ever come to Yorkshire?
2007-06-18 12:01:04.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not fucking likely mate
2007-06-18 12:01:11.0
MidnightDiva: hehe
2007-06-18 12:01:12.0
musique: watch the language lol
2007-06-18 12:01:12.0
Aura: lol
2007-06-18 12:01:13.0
Tom O'Neil: let's discuss Emmys for a minute, pls
2007-06-18 12:01:14.0
clarissa: LOL
2007-06-18 12:01:17.0
Riscado: he swears online too
2007-06-18 12:01:18.0
Riscado: lol
2007-06-18 12:01:20.0
Lore190: nice
2007-06-18 12:01:20.0
LauraLOVE: When will you be back in america and will you be doing any appearances anytime soon!
2007-06-18 12:01:25.0
Ladybug: So, you're not doing Touissant?
2007-06-18 12:01:28.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: that wasnt for clarissa
2007-06-18 12:01:34.0
BC: Jonathan, which is easier to play, since you've played both- King Henry VIII or the King of Rock and Roll- Elvis Presley?
2007-06-18 12:01:36.0
Tom O'Neil: Your emmy submission, Jonathan -- episode 5 of Tudors
2007-06-18 12:01:37.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: that wasnt for clarissa
2007-06-18 12:01:44.0
Ladybug: I'm confused
2007-06-18 12:01:46.0
Tom O'Neil: That's what you'll be judged by at the Emmys
2007-06-18 12:01:46.0
clarissa: Lol so does that mean you will?
2007-06-18 12:01:47.0
Lucia: not fucking likely what?
2007-06-18 12:01:49.0
K-Dogg: you get to work with Peter O'Toole!
2007-06-18 12:01:49.0
amsy73: asking for tudors to be filmed in Dublin was brilliant!
2007-06-18 12:01:52.0
Tom O'Neil: tell us what you think of it
2007-06-18 12:01:52.0
Shamrock: I liked the episode you submitted. I think it's risky but great
2007-06-18 12:01:58.0
rougevelvet: We're all excited to see you sing (again) in August Rush. And speaking of, Toni Collette has a song out called Jonny's Lips. Have you heard it? Are you surprised? ;)
2007-06-18 12:01:59.0
Ladybug: Not fucking likely what/
2007-06-18 12:02:00.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: back in america to promote august rush in the fall
2007-06-18 12:02:03.0
Ladybug: oh
2007-06-18 12:02:09.0
LauraLOVE: ahhh yay
2007-06-18 12:02:13.0
musique: yay august rush!
2007-06-18 12:02:14.0
Lore190: will you be in New york??
2007-06-18 12:02:16.0
Riscado: Let's please slow down a bit, everyone. Let him answer Tom!
2007-06-18 12:02:17.0
Ladybug: do you still reside in L.A.?
2007-06-18 12:02:20.0
MidnightDiva: i want to see that movie
2007-06-18 12:02:22.0
Winnie25: Can't wait for August Rush!
2007-06-18 12:02:30.0
Lore190: Agusut Rush looks great
2007-06-18 12:02:31.0
abk1218: i read in an older article that you'd never move to LA. What changed your mind?
2007-06-18 12:02:32.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not fucking likely to be honored by the irish film board
2007-06-18 12:02:35.0
BC: What do you like about Henry VIII?
2007-06-18 12:02:36.0
cyndi21: How has it been working with Keri Russell twice. She seems truly sweet...
2007-06-18 12:02:39.0
Ladybug: oh
2007-06-18 12:02:41.0
NotoriousMSG: rofl
2007-06-18 12:02:41.0
Lore190: lol
2007-06-18 12:02:43.0
Cecile: are you single or do you have a gf?
2007-06-18 12:02:51.0
Ladybug: oookaaaay
2007-06-18 12:02:53.0
Senka: my god.... my head is aout to explode...
2007-06-18 12:02:54.0
Ladybug: cecile/
2007-06-18 12:02:55.0
Bohemianblue: They'll come to their sense someday Jonny, the film board that is.
2007-06-18 12:02:59.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: keri russell is truely sweet
2007-06-18 12:03:00.0
BTN: were you in charge of your emmy submission
2007-06-18 12:03:01.0
Bohemianblue: sense...oops
2007-06-18 12:03:06.0
Lore190: she' so pretty
2007-06-18 12:03:10.0
Leehlan: You seem very musically talented as well. Did you come into that naturally?
2007-06-18 12:03:11.0
clarissa: Jonny do you plan on starting a family with Reena?
2007-06-18 12:03:12.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: single
2007-06-18 12:03:13.0
rougevelvet: what do you like most about LA and miss most about home?
2007-06-18 12:03:14.0
Tom O'Neil: Jonathan -- Emmy question -- tell us what you think of episode 5 of Tudors -- that's your Emmy reel
2007-06-18 12:03:14.0
Ladybug: so, did you see Rise of the Silver Surfer?
2007-06-18 12:03:17.0
NotoriousMSG: sweet
2007-06-18 12:03:17.0
Ladybug: ???????
2007-06-18 12:03:19.0
Lore190: woot woot
2007-06-18 12:03:23.0
cyndi21: Is Robin Williams as crazy in person as he is on film?
2007-06-18 12:03:27.0
K-Dogg: you're so adorable JRM!
2007-06-18 12:03:31.0
Purple Stone: can you say (or type) 'jaysus' for us
2007-06-18 12:03:31.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: im not that musically talented
2007-06-18 12:03:34.0
ancientscribe: what do you eat when in Morocco? Couscous 24/7? I understand you detest peanut butter
2007-06-18 12:03:34.0
musique: are you involved in any charities?
2007-06-18 12:03:41.0
NotoriousMSG: I'm sure u r.
2007-06-18 12:03:49.0
Cecile: if you weren't a actor what would like to be?
2007-06-18 12:03:51.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not in charge of emmy submission
2007-06-18 12:04:00.0
Bohemianblue: You sang great on "Baby's on Fire"
2007-06-18 12:04:00.0
Winnie25: Will you be doing the movie Bronte, Jonathan?
2007-06-18 12:04:01.0
MidnightDiva: i love the way you sing
2007-06-18 12:04:03.0
BTN: press person in charge?
2007-06-18 12:04:03.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: who picked your emmy submission
2007-06-18 12:04:05.0
Tom O'Neil: what do you think of that episode?
2007-06-18 12:04:07.0
Ladybug: You have a nice voice
2007-06-18 12:04:08.0
clarissa: Do you plan on becoming a dad some day?
2007-06-18 12:04:13.0
Senka: hahah
2007-06-18 12:04:13.0
Leehlan: No? You play guitar and sing fairly well.
2007-06-18 12:04:19.0
amsy73: well that is their loss, isn't it? you've always been so loyal when speaking to the press abt your homeland.
2007-06-18 12:04:28.0
BC: Leehlan, he was Emmy-nommed last year for playing Elvis.
2007-06-18 12:04:28.0
Tom O'Neil: It's strong -- you're tough as Henry in it, so it's not 100% sympathetic
2007-06-18 12:04:33.0
Ladybug: what;s the most difficult part of portraying Henry IV
2007-06-18 12:04:35.0
Ladybug: ????
2007-06-18 12:04:39.0
BC: Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:04:39.0
Tom O'Neil: some people thinks it's a risky Emmy submission as a result
2007-06-18 12:04:39.0
cyndi21: Did you do your own singing for August Rush...I have seen the trailer and am impressed...
2007-06-18 12:04:43.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: perhaps doing the movie bronte
2007-06-18 12:04:43.0
Aura: You played a dad in the Tudors. You've got a great chance at an Emmy.
2007-06-18 12:04:44.0
Senka: Be brave, Clarissa!
2007-06-18 12:04:45.0
rougevelvet: Jonny, was it difficult to work through being sick and in the different climates?
2007-06-18 12:04:45.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: What attracted you to 'The Tudors'? (Where you worried about signing for a long running series)
2007-06-18 12:04:50.0
Tom O'Neil: but's it's a dynamic performance
2007-06-18 12:04:52.0
Winnie25: Thanks for answering!
2007-06-18 12:04:55.0
clarissa: Lol Senka
2007-06-18 12:04:57.0
Lucia: hello
2007-06-18 12:05:03.0
Lore190: in an article it says he did sing
2007-06-18 12:05:05.0
MidnightDiva: sigh
2007-06-18 12:05:11.0
abk1218: i hope showtime gives you a hefty bonus for this turnout
2007-06-18 12:05:12.0
Cecile: if you weren't a actor what would like to be?
2007-06-18 12:05:15.0
Ladybug: What kinds of movies do you watch?
2007-06-18 12:05:15.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i did my own singing for august rush
2007-06-18 12:05:22.0
BC: What about Elvis?
2007-06-18 12:05:25.0
Lore190: it sounds good
2007-06-18 12:05:26.0
clarissa: It was divine!!!!! lol
2007-06-18 12:05:27.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i watch everything
2007-06-18 12:05:28.0
Aura: Is it nice to be King? You've done it twice now.
2007-06-18 12:05:30.0
Winnie25: Your voice sounds beautiful in the trailer (August rush)
2007-06-18 12:05:33.0
Riscado: Joanathan - How did the Tudors come about? Did they call asking if you were interested? Did you audition for the role?
2007-06-18 12:05:39.0
cyndi21: Is performing musically more difficult than acting in some way?
2007-06-18 12:05:40.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no it was elvis
2007-06-18 12:05:43.0
NotoriousMSG: Do u plan on getting into music anytime soon?
2007-06-18 12:05:54.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: depends upon your talent for either
2007-06-18 12:05:56.0
Tom O'Neil: when you won the Globe for Elvis, you seemed surprised
2007-06-18 12:06:00.0
MidnightDiva: velvet goldmine is awesome
2007-06-18 12:06:01.0
Lore190: would you do any interview in new york lately???
2007-06-18 12:06:06.0
BTN: You really deserved that GG for Elvis too bad about Camryn Manheim!
2007-06-18 12:06:11.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: not planning on getting into music at the moment
2007-06-18 12:06:11.0
Bohemianblue: What books are you reading at the moment?
2007-06-18 12:06:12.0
Lucia: sorry was the answer for toussant no?
2007-06-18 12:06:15.0
Cecile: what are your upsoming films?
2007-06-18 12:06:20.0
cyndi21: Your pretty blessed to be gifted in more than one way artistically.
2007-06-18 12:06:26.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: of course i was surprised when i won the golden globe
2007-06-18 12:06:27.0
Ladybug: oh, do you still play guitar much?
2007-06-18 12:06:29.0
Lore190: like night shows.. with david letterman!
2007-06-18 12:06:31.0
K-Dogg: please don't do any're way too good in drama
2007-06-18 12:06:32.0
NotoriousMSG: Congrats on that!
2007-06-18 12:06:35.0
kerryanne: not to presume to tell you what to do, but you really should do Bronte - you're perfect for the role.
2007-06-18 12:06:36.0
MidnightDiva: nice surprise
2007-06-18 12:06:38.0
Tom O'Neil: you gave a good acceptance speech
2007-06-18 12:06:38.0
Aura: We weren't surprised.
2007-06-18 12:06:40.0
Ladybug: You looked nervous when you won the GG
2007-06-18 12:06:41.0
NotoriousMSG: Looks great on the resume.
2007-06-18 12:06:42.0
Tom O'Neil: very heartfelt
2007-06-18 12:06:48.0
cyndi21: WHat was it like working with Woody? I saw your impression of him on was hilarious!!
2007-06-18 12:06:50.0
BTN: do you think it had anything to do with Match Point being a huge hit at the globes
2007-06-18 12:06:55.0
abk1218: actually, i can see you doing a dark comedy
2007-06-18 12:06:59.0
Boomer: Yes, that was a great Golden Globe win for "Elvis". I met you on the red carpet earlier that night and told you to expect a win (I was the guy from Elvis' hometown of Tupelo).
2007-06-18 12:07:03.0
abk1218: not something like epic movie 500
2007-06-18 12:07:03.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i play guitar a little bit
2007-06-18 12:07:06.0
Ladybug: What was it like working with Robin Williams?
2007-06-18 12:07:16.0
clarissa: What does Woody think of your impression of him?
2007-06-18 12:07:23.0
Cecile: what actor would you like to work with?
2007-06-18 12:07:24.0
BC: What's it like working with Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn)?
2007-06-18 12:07:32.0
Winnie25: You play flute as well, right? I remember in Gormenghast.
2007-06-18 12:07:37.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i never did any scenes with robin but he was a lovely energy to be around and very gifted person
2007-06-18 12:07:43.0
rougevelvet: you've said you don't like to watch yourself in anything, but what performance of yours are you most proud of and can actually say he didn't do so bad?
2007-06-18 12:07:45.0
LauraLOVE: Are you planning on getting married anytime soon? Is there any hope for us ladies out here? lol
2007-06-18 12:07:50.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i play flute a little
2007-06-18 12:07:55.0
Cate: What's it like working with Henry Cavill?
2007-06-18 12:07:55.0
musique: do you play keyboards?
2007-06-18 12:07:58.0
cyndi21: I've heard you would like to work with Natalie Portman. WHat is it about her that draws you in?
2007-06-18 12:08:00.0
MidnightDiva: hsssss
2007-06-18 12:08:00.0
NotoriousMSG: Do you play any other instruments/
2007-06-18 12:08:04.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: im not planning on getting married anytime soon
2007-06-18 12:08:06.0
Lore190: lol nice questions laura
2007-06-18 12:08:08.0
Tulo: will u have a big "30" BD party in L.A.?
2007-06-18 12:08:10.0
K-Dogg: you're going to get that emmy
2007-06-18 12:08:10.0
LauraLOVE: yesss
2007-06-18 12:08:12.0
cyndi21: Smart man, you are!!!
2007-06-18 12:08:15.0
HollywoodStar: Hey Jonathan Rhys Meyers!.
2007-06-18 12:08:16.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Why did you chose to do a TV Series, why not continue with your film work?
2007-06-18 12:08:22.0
Lucia: who is your favorite director?
2007-06-18 12:08:27.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no i wont have bd party
2007-06-18 12:08:40.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: david lean is my favorite director
2007-06-18 12:08:40.0
mayfly: if you have one
2007-06-18 12:08:42.0
Lore190: what would you like to get for your birthday??
2007-06-18 12:08:43.0
mayfly: we will all show up
2007-06-18 12:08:46.0
MidnightDiva: why
2007-06-18 12:08:46.0
Bohemianblue: What books are you reading now?
2007-06-18 12:08:47.0
Winnie25: Jonathan, have you ever visited the JRMFansite?
2007-06-18 12:08:52.0
cyndi21: Do you prefer living in the UK or the US?
2007-06-18 12:08:53.0
Tulo: Then come to Montana and celebrate
2007-06-18 12:08:54.0
HollywoodStar: I have a question, how was it like playing Elvis!? I think you did him justice, btw.
2007-06-18 12:08:57.0
BTN: waht's your favorite Lean movie?
2007-06-18 12:08:58.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: happiness
2007-06-18 12:09:00.0
Cecile: who would you like to work in a movie with?
2007-06-18 12:09:01.0
Ladybug: Are you nervous about turning 30?\
2007-06-18 12:09:02.0
Aura: I once saw a movie where Obi Wan Kenobi made out with Batman and Elvis and I loved it. Do you guys ever bump into each other now that you're all superstars?
2007-06-18 12:09:03.0
Leehlan: Was it hard to portray King Henry Jerking off with a straight face
2007-06-18 12:09:08.0
Boomer: What does it mean to you to be working with a legendary actor like Peter O'Toole?
2007-06-18 12:09:14.0
NotoriousMSG: What song is the most played on your ipod?
2007-06-18 12:09:14.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i perfer living in the us
2007-06-18 12:09:20.0
Senka: Your father was in Murcia some months ago, right?
2007-06-18 12:09:23.0
Lore190: NEW YORK CITY that is right?? lol
2007-06-18 12:09:23.0
NotoriousMSG: good choice
2007-06-18 12:09:23.0
MidnightDiva: i wish you happiness
2007-06-18 12:09:24.0
LauraLOVE: how will we know when you will be in ny for your premiere for august rush?
2007-06-18 12:09:26.0
abk1218: really, why
2007-06-18 12:09:27.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no im not nervous about turning thirty
2007-06-18 12:09:27.0
Purple Stone: Are you a tea or coffee person
2007-06-18 12:09:28.0
Ladybug: Why don't you like Texas?
2007-06-18 12:09:29.0
Lore190: do you like New york city?
2007-06-18 12:09:30.0
abk1218: about the living in the us
2007-06-18 12:09:31.0
Tom O'Neil: Do you think Anne Boleyn deceived Henry from the beginning or they just fell out of love?
2007-06-18 12:09:32.0
cyndi21: Isn't LA a bit crazy?
2007-06-18 12:09:36.0
Ladybug: or Miami?
2007-06-18 12:09:37.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: tea
2007-06-18 12:09:41.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i love texas
2007-06-18 12:09:45.0
Purple Stone: me too
2007-06-18 12:09:46.0
LauraLOVE: i love you lol
2007-06-18 12:09:46.0
Ladybug: Tom said you didn't
2007-06-18 12:09:47.0
HollywoodStar: Are you going to have a big party for your birthday Meyers?!
2007-06-18 12:09:47.0
MidnightDiva: 30 is fine wait til you're 45
2007-06-18 12:09:50.0
NotoriousMSG: Do you like Washington?
2007-06-18 12:09:53.0
MidnightDiva: heh
2007-06-18 12:09:55.0
Ladybug: What about Miami
2007-06-18 12:09:55.0
BTN: did you see Elizabeth which was also written by michael hirst
2007-06-18 12:09:56.0
cyndi21: I'm from South Texas. Please visit us soon!!
2007-06-18 12:09:58.0
K-Dogg: you've never looked better jrm
2007-06-18 12:10:05.0
Tulo: How about Arizona
2007-06-18 12:10:08.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: it wasnt about love for anne and henry
2007-06-18 12:10:14.0
Senka: awww. . I am ingnoreddddd
2007-06-18 12:10:14.0
Lore190: Do you like anything about new york?
2007-06-18 12:10:18.0
Tom O'Neil: not even from Henry?
2007-06-18 12:10:22.0
rougevelvet: Would you like to work with Woody Allen again?
2007-06-18 12:10:24.0
Aura: what was it then?
2007-06-18 12:10:27.0
cyndi21: It was lust and passion; they played off each other
2007-06-18 12:10:28.0
Ladybug: Do you like Miami, Florida
2007-06-18 12:10:29.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i like arizona very much
2007-06-18 12:10:29.0
Ladybug: ????
2007-06-18 12:10:29.0
Tom O'Neil: Do you think she really cheated on him later?
2007-06-18 12:10:36.0
BTN: just a business deal?
2007-06-18 12:10:37.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i like miami too
2007-06-18 12:10:37.0
Tom O'Neil: Or did he just drum the whole thing up?
2007-06-18 12:10:44.0
NotoriousMSG: Who do you currently listen to on your ipod if you don't mind me asking.
2007-06-18 12:10:49.0
BC: She probably did cheat on him, Tom.
2007-06-18 12:10:50.0
Cate: Are there any big shocks planned for season 2?
2007-06-18 12:10:52.0
cyndi21: WHat do you love about Texas?
2007-06-18 12:10:55.0
K-Dogg: you should visit wisconsin...june 28 - july 8, we have a music fest with lots of music, girls, and beer!
2007-06-18 12:10:56.0
Tulo: okay e-mail me
2007-06-18 12:10:56.0
Lucia: have you ever been to venezuela?
2007-06-18 12:10:58.0
MidnightDiva: do you drive?
2007-06-18 12:11:00.0
Cecile: have you ever visited miami?
2007-06-18 12:11:01.0
Ladybug: Is this really you?
2007-06-18 12:11:03.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: of course id like to work with woody allen again
2007-06-18 12:11:11.0
2007-06-18 12:11:12.0
Lore190: lol
2007-06-18 12:11:12.0
Winnie25: Match Point was awesome
2007-06-18 12:11:17.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: no id like to go to venezuela
2007-06-18 12:11:19.0
BC: Everyone has like worked with Woody, lol.
2007-06-18 12:11:20.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i drive
2007-06-18 12:11:21.0
K-Dogg: woody's best film in years
2007-06-18 12:11:21.0
kerryanne: You should really visit Cape Town sometime... just let us know so we can polish the mountain!
2007-06-18 12:11:27.0
Lore190: have u visited Chile?
2007-06-18 12:11:28.0
cyndi21: I think you should have earned a golden globe or oscar for Matchpoint...
2007-06-18 12:11:29.0
Ladybug: Do you still keep in touch with Parminda Nagra?
2007-06-18 12:11:31.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes its really me
2007-06-18 12:11:34.0
Ladybug: How was it working with her?
2007-06-18 12:11:35.0
Senka: hahah
2007-06-18 12:11:35.0
Lore190: lol
2007-06-18 12:11:36.0
MidnightDiva: i just match point again the other night
2007-06-18 12:11:36.0
Riscado: Have you ever had any crazy fans experience?
2007-06-18 12:11:41.0
Ladybug: oh
2007-06-18 12:11:41.0
abk1218: do you hope to continue acting forever or do you have any other aspirations?
2007-06-18 12:11:44.0
Ladybug: prove it
2007-06-18 12:11:45.0
BTN: what about wearing those Henry VIII costumes
2007-06-18 12:11:50.0
BTN: any problems
2007-06-18 12:11:50.0
2007-06-18 12:11:50.0
kristalyn: the scene in match point where you approach nola at the tate close or how far is that from the real you?
2007-06-18 12:11:55.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent seen perminda for a while but i watch her career closely
2007-06-18 12:12:01.0
cyndi21: WHat kind of music do you graviate towards?
2007-06-18 12:12:04.0
K-Dogg: ER
2007-06-18 12:12:05.0
Purple Stone: do you have a favorite actor
2007-06-18 12:12:07.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Ireland or London
2007-06-18 12:12:07.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: johnny depp
2007-06-18 12:12:11.0
Lucia: favorite asctress?
2007-06-18 12:12:13.0
Lore190: he's good
2007-06-18 12:12:15.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: ireland
2007-06-18 12:12:18.0
musique: do you work for any charities?
2007-06-18 12:12:21.0
HollywoodStar: AWESOME CHOICE.
2007-06-18 12:12:22.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: sweet
2007-06-18 12:12:25.0
Tom O'Neil: What do YOU think of Henry VIII? Good man? Bad man?
2007-06-18 12:12:26.0
Cecile: who's ur favorite music artist
2007-06-18 12:12:27.0
Ladybug: Do you still visit Morocco
2007-06-18 12:12:27.0
cyndi21: You actually have a lot of similar acting qualities to Johnny Depp.
2007-06-18 12:12:32.0
2007-06-18 12:12:34.0
K-Dogg: great man...bad morals
2007-06-18 12:12:41.0
2007-06-18 12:12:46.0
Winnie25: How are you handling the increase in fame? Taking it in stride?
2007-06-18 12:12:47.0
rougevelvet: you'll have to work with Johnny then ;)
2007-06-18 12:12:48.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Do you have a favorite TV show other than your own of course
2007-06-18 12:12:50.0
2007-06-18 12:12:55.0
Purple Stone: you have nicer eyes than depp
2007-06-18 12:12:57.0
LauraLOVE: what do you look for in a woman?
2007-06-18 12:12:58.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: dont have a favorite actress
2007-06-18 12:12:58.0
Ladybug: Have you met Johhny Depp? What's he like?
2007-06-18 12:13:00.0
Tom O'Neil: What do YOU think of Henry VIII? Good man? Bad man?
2007-06-18 12:13:01.0
Bohemianblue: Can you tell us what books you're reading, if any at the moment?
2007-06-18 12:13:03.0
cyndi21: Any chance you and Depp could work on a project in the future?
2007-06-18 12:13:05.0
Sakura: hello
2007-06-18 12:13:06.0
MidnightDiva: i love the scene in gormenghast where you yell at the twins to get under the carpet
2007-06-18 12:13:09.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent met johnny depp
2007-06-18 12:13:12.0
K-Dogg: katharine hepburn
2007-06-18 12:13:14.0
kristalyn: the scene in the tate modern?
2007-06-18 12:13:21.0
Lucia: is there a city in the world that is very special to you? why?
2007-06-18 12:13:21.0
Shamrock: Do you watch any TV shows?
2007-06-18 12:13:28.0
abk1218: do you hope to continue acting forever or do you have any other aspirations? .
2007-06-18 12:13:35.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i dont notice my fame
2007-06-18 12:13:36.0
Ladybug: Have you seen Fantastic 4?
2007-06-18 12:13:38.0
cyndi21: How are American women different from British?
2007-06-18 12:13:40.0
LauraLOVE: what do you look for in a woman? haha
2007-06-18 12:13:42.0
NotoriousMSG: What's your fave. color?
2007-06-18 12:13:45.0
Tom O'Neil: Tell us what you think of Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:13:55.0
Lore190: Do you like Latina girls ??
2007-06-18 12:13:58.0
Winnie25: We notice your fame. It's alot easier to get pictures of you, lol
2007-06-18 12:14:03.0
Ladybug: do you like black girls/
2007-06-18 12:14:05.0
Purple Stone: what's your favorite name for a guy & gal
2007-06-18 12:14:07.0
Senka: awwwwwwwwwww......... this is driving me crazy
2007-06-18 12:14:08.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Where you worried about playing Henry, there is some talk he may have been abusive to his kids
2007-06-18 12:14:14.0
Cecile: i have a question for my daughter would you ever date a girl 14 yrs. younger than you?lol
2007-06-18 12:14:18.0
Sakura: I really admire you, Jonathan
2007-06-18 12:14:19.0
MidnightDiva: sigh
2007-06-18 12:14:21.0
clarissa: lol
2007-06-18 12:14:24.0
Tulo: We all admire you very much, keep up the great work
2007-06-18 12:14:31.0
Senka: i am ignoredddd, Clarissaaaaaa
2007-06-18 12:14:37.0
Lucia: jonny are you still there?
2007-06-18 12:14:37.0
2007-06-18 12:14:39.0
Tom O'Neil: Tell us what you think of Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:14:39.0
Ladybug: hello?
2007-06-18 12:14:40.0
cyndi21: HOw many seasons of the Tudors are you expecting to do?
2007-06-18 12:14:46.0
2007-06-18 12:14:52.0
HollywoodStar: *TWO
2007-06-18 12:14:56.0
Aura: Are you surprised that Velvet Goldmine has become so popular on DVD/cable?
2007-06-18 12:14:56.0
clarissa: Jonny I shouted "I love Jonny" on every rollercoaster in a theme park for you!!
2007-06-18 12:15:07.0
Senka: hhahahah
2007-06-18 12:15:12.0
clarissa: lol its true
2007-06-18 12:15:13.0
MidnightDiva: scare him off wont ya
2007-06-18 12:15:15.0
Ladybug: Would you ever play a super hero?
2007-06-18 12:15:16.0
NotoriousMSG: sheesh
2007-06-18 12:15:17.0
Senka: i know! you told me
2007-06-18 12:15:18.0
rougevelvet: Velvet Goldmine has a cult following now
2007-06-18 12:15:18.0
Purple Stone: your cute clarissa
2007-06-18 12:15:24.0
Turtle: Can you give us a role that was tough for you to tackle and how you think you did with it? Elvis vs. something light like "Beckham"? Same challenges? Thanks muchly.
2007-06-18 12:15:24.0
K-Dogg: you ever watch the andy griffith show?
2007-06-18 12:15:27.0
Ladybug: Johnny are you still ther?
2007-06-18 12:15:39.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: sorry guys bad internet signal
2007-06-18 12:15:44.0
LauraLOVE: what do you look for in a woman?
2007-06-18 12:15:45.0
NotoriousMSG: it's coo
2007-06-18 12:15:45.0
HollywoodStar: ITS COOL
2007-06-18 12:15:46.0
Senka: haha..
2007-06-18 12:15:46.0
MidnightDiva: yay
2007-06-18 12:15:49.0
cyndi21: Are you currently in Ireland?
2007-06-18 12:15:50.0
K-Dogg: no prob
2007-06-18 12:15:50.0
Tom O'Neil: tell us what you think of Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:15:52.0
Lucia: is there a city in the world that is very special to you? why?
2007-06-18 12:15:55.0
Aura: it's moving too fast that's why
2007-06-18 12:15:57.0
2007-06-18 12:15:57.0
MidnightDiva: aol?
2007-06-18 12:15:58.0
Tulo: Henry vlll is a fantasic series. Looks like youre having fun
2007-06-18 12:15:59.0
BTN: do you prefer modern roles or period roles
2007-06-18 12:16:05.0
Senka: WHY none of my questions are answered?!
2007-06-18 12:16:07.0
Sakura: I'm definietly part of that Velvet Goldmine cult following, by the way
2007-06-18 12:16:07.0
Aura: especially when they're shouting
2007-06-18 12:16:11.0
Cecile: i have a question from my daughter would you ever date a girl 14 yrs. younger than you?
2007-06-18 12:16:12.0
NotoriousMSG: What's your fave color?
2007-06-18 12:16:15.0
Sakura: how was it doing that movie?
2007-06-18 12:16:20.0
clarissa: Jonny what's your favourite food?
2007-06-18 12:16:23.0
abk1218: what made you move to LA? I read somewhere that you'd never think of moving there.
2007-06-18 12:16:27.0
Ladybug: jonny are you still there?
2007-06-18 12:16:27.0
Winnie25: Let him speak, guys
2007-06-18 12:16:27.0
kristalyn: you should visit los angeles more often so i can take you to lunch ;)
2007-06-18 12:16:28.0
cyndi21: How many seasons can we expect from the Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:16:30.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes would play a super hero
2007-06-18 12:16:33.0
K-Dogg: that'd be illegal
2007-06-18 12:16:38.0
Senka: Maybe he says "you", Clarissa
2007-06-18 12:16:38.0
2007-06-18 12:16:38.0
Tom O'Neil: tell us what you think of HENRY VIII
2007-06-18 12:16:39.0
Ladybug: yessssss!
2007-06-18 12:16:39.0
Leehlan: How about a woman slightly older?
2007-06-18 12:16:40.0
MidnightDiva: how bout 14 yrs older
2007-06-18 12:16:42.0
HollywoodStar: THE FILM.
2007-06-18 12:16:43.0
clarissa: Would you like to play Bond?
2007-06-18 12:16:43.0
cyndi21: WHich superhero?
2007-06-18 12:16:43.0
kristalyn: ok. i
2007-06-18 12:16:58.0
rougevelvet: And a few boys that love him in it too ;) :p
2007-06-18 12:16:59.0
LauraLOVE: what do you look for in a woman?
2007-06-18 12:16:59.0
Aura: You'd make a great Submariner
2007-06-18 12:17:01.0
Cecile: thats what i told her and hit her arm her for it
2007-06-18 12:17:02.0
HollywoodStar: WHAT SUPER HERO?!
2007-06-18 12:17:04.0
MidnightDiva: the joker
2007-06-18 12:17:07.0
kristalyn: still on the nola and chris meeting at the museum scene. jonny do you walk like that for real/
2007-06-18 12:17:07.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: doesnt matter: modern or period
2007-06-18 12:17:12.0
Bohemianblue: Jonny, what books are your reading now, if any?
2007-06-18 12:17:12.0
kristalyn: \?
2007-06-18 12:17:15.0
2007-06-18 12:17:15.0
BTN: thanks
2007-06-18 12:17:22.0
BC: I love your chemistry with Natalie Dormer (Anne). She's a lovely actress.
2007-06-18 12:17:25.0
NotoriousMSG: What movie did you recently watch?
2007-06-18 12:17:25.0
K-Dogg: the flash
2007-06-18 12:17:32.0
kerryanne: which was the toughest scene for you to play in Matchpoint?
2007-06-18 12:17:33.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: siagon is special to me
2007-06-18 12:17:39.0
Lucia: do you have a favorite movie?
2007-06-18 12:17:42.0
Turtle: Submariner is a perfect fit if you're gonna do a superhero.
2007-06-18 12:17:45.0
arrested53: Are you looking forward to working with Peter O'Toole?
2007-06-18 12:17:48.0
Ladybug: What was it like working with Christian Bale/
2007-06-18 12:17:49.0
Lucia: sorry
2007-06-18 12:17:50.0
Boomer: What are your thoughts about working with the legendary Peter O'Toole for the new season of THE TUDORS?
2007-06-18 12:17:52.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: saigon is beautiful and i have great memories
2007-06-18 12:17:52.0
Cate: What was it like to work with Henry Cavill?
2007-06-18 12:17:53.0
velvetlady: Are you going to come back to Rome for the fiction fest to present The Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:17:53.0
Senka: Your brother loves a book called 1984, have you read it too?
2007-06-18 12:17:59.0
clarissa: Jonny, chocolate or crisps??
2007-06-18 12:18:04.0
mayfly: jonathan
2007-06-18 12:18:12.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: christian bale is a lovely person and fine actor, working with him was wonderful
2007-06-18 12:18:13.0
mayfly: any other favorte countries to stay in?
2007-06-18 12:18:18.0
MidnightDiva: here we go again
2007-06-18 12:18:28.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i havent read 1984
2007-06-18 12:18:28.0
2007-06-18 12:18:33.0
Lore190: have you been to Chile?
2007-06-18 12:18:36.0
kristalyn: how much do you weigh
2007-06-18 12:18:41.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: chocolate and crisps
2007-06-18 12:18:44.0
Senka: haha
2007-06-18 12:18:44.0
NotoriousMSG: What movie are looking forward to watching that hasn't come out yet?
2007-06-18 12:18:46.0
kerryanne: good choice
2007-06-18 12:18:46.0
Tom O'Neil: Jonathan -- tell us what you think of Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:18:47.0
arrested53: How many episodes will the second season have?
2007-06-18 12:18:51.0
clarissa: woohooooooo
2007-06-18 12:18:55.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 160 lbs
2007-06-18 12:18:56.0
velvetlady: Are you going to come back to Rome for the fiction fest to present The Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:18:58.0
Cecile: what i weird question to ask him kristalyn
2007-06-18 12:19:01.0
abk1218: ever think of quitting smoking
2007-06-18 12:19:10.0
BTN: do you think of portraying an evil character or just a man
2007-06-18 12:19:10.0
2007-06-18 12:19:10.0
MidnightDiva: i could lift you ha
2007-06-18 12:19:13.0
cyndi21: What was your favorite episode from season 1 of the Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:19:14.0
abk1218: it'll help with your workout regimen
2007-06-18 12:19:17.0
2007-06-18 12:19:18.0
2007-06-18 12:19:18.0
Bohemianblue: Are the reports about you being in rehab true and if so how are you doing?
2007-06-18 12:19:28.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: the assination of jesse james by the coward robert ford
2007-06-18 12:19:33.0
Cute-Nic: What other actors/actress would you like to work with?
2007-06-18 12:19:35.0
HollywoodStar: HAHA
2007-06-18 12:19:35.0
clarissa: Jonny I quit drinking too
2007-06-18 12:19:42.0
BTN: that jesse james movie looks good
2007-06-18 12:19:47.0
NotoriousMSG: What's your fave soda?
2007-06-18 12:19:49.0
BTN: delayed though
2007-06-18 12:19:55.0
MidnightDiva: *cringe*
2007-06-18 12:19:56.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: good for you clarissa
2007-06-18 12:20:01.0
Aura: Do you have any movies lined up after the second season of Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:20:02.0
Cecile: who would you like to work with in a movie?
2007-06-18 12:20:02.0
Lore190: lol
2007-06-18 12:20:04.0
Senka: lol
2007-06-18 12:20:08.0
kristalyn: do you have your own official website?
2007-06-18 12:20:10.0
2007-06-18 12:20:12.0
Purple Stone: do you have a favorite city or town in ireland
2007-06-18 12:20:13.0
Shamrock: How do you like working on the Tudors? is it a great experince?
2007-06-18 12:20:17.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: episode 10 is my favorite
2007-06-18 12:20:21.0
Tom O'Neil: Jonathan -- let's dish Henry VIII
2007-06-18 12:20:23.0
Cate: mine too
2007-06-18 12:20:24.0
Tom O'Neil: Why?
2007-06-18 12:20:29.0
Senka: I know why!!
2007-06-18 12:20:31.0
Bohemianblue: I agree, my favorite is 10 as well
2007-06-18 12:20:34.0
MidnightDiva: when is the dvd coming out
2007-06-18 12:20:34.0
musique: me too
2007-06-18 12:20:35.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: abazaba bars
2007-06-18 12:20:42.0
Lore190: sorry
2007-06-18 12:20:44.0
Leehlan: I have read you were premature and had a heart condition when you were born? How premature were you? I'm a NICU RN, just curious.
2007-06-18 12:20:47.0
Winnie25: That opening scene was
2007-06-18 12:20:50.0
cyndi21: Do they realize how torturous it will be to make fans wait for months for season 2? Any advice on how to pass the time till then!!
2007-06-18 12:20:59.0
2007-06-18 12:21:01.0
Purple Stone: what are abazaba bars
2007-06-18 12:21:01.0
HollywoodStar: ?!
2007-06-18 12:21:02.0
MidnightDiva: read
2007-06-18 12:21:04.0
velvetlady: What kind of music do you like?
2007-06-18 12:21:08.0
kerryanne: try waiting for season 1... we still can't see it...
2007-06-18 12:21:17.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: never been in valencia but my father lives near there
2007-06-18 12:21:26.0
Turtle: Read up on your history in advance of Season Two...!
2007-06-18 12:21:29.0
2007-06-18 12:21:38.0
2007-06-18 12:21:38.0
musique: i'm from Valencia, ca:)
2007-06-18 12:21:39.0
Turtle: Not you, Jonathan...
2007-06-18 12:21:48.0
cyndi21: The last scene of episode 10 was incredible. Will we be introduced to Jane Seymour in season 2?
2007-06-18 12:21:49.0
Winnie25: Jonathan, will you be doing talk shows to promote August Rush?
2007-06-18 12:21:50.0
Bohemianblue: Are you reading the book on Jesse James in preparation for an upcoming film?
2007-06-18 12:21:51.0
Shamrock: episode 10 was great. What spefically did you like about it?
2007-06-18 12:21:51.0
Lore190: a weird question you like wine??
2007-06-18 12:22:00.0
HollywoodStar: HE DOESN'T DRINK.
2007-06-18 12:22:05.0
mayfly: em, jonathan
2007-06-18 12:22:07.0
Aura: I thought he meant the Brad Pitt movie
2007-06-18 12:22:08.0
mayfly: is this okay?
2007-06-18 12:22:10.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: yes i will do talk shows to promote august rush
2007-06-18 12:22:16.0
Winnie25: Good, I can't wait
2007-06-18 12:22:18.0
cyndi21: Will you do Ellen again?
2007-06-18 12:22:18.0
HollywoodStar: COOL.
2007-06-18 12:22:18.0
musique: when?
2007-06-18 12:22:18.0
mayfly: have you done this sort of interviewing before?
2007-06-18 12:22:21.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: i have to split, thanks for the chat
2007-06-18 12:22:25.0
BTN: thanks
2007-06-18 12:22:25.0
Cate: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:25.0
Lore190: byeee
2007-06-18 12:22:26.0
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: peace, johnyy
2007-06-18 12:22:26.0
arrested53: hope you get nominated for the emmy, you deserve it
2007-06-18 12:22:28.0
velvetlady: Are you going to come back to Rome for the fiction fest to present The Tudors?
2007-06-18 12:22:28.0
HollywoodStar: BYE.
2007-06-18 12:22:28.0
cyndi21: WE love you JOnny
2007-06-18 12:22:28.0
amsy73: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:28.0
mayfly: ciao
2007-06-18 12:22:29.0
kerryanne: by!
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
Purple Stone: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
Lore190: love!
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
Sakura: bye johnny
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
musique: noooooooooo!
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
Tulo: Thankyou
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
Bohemianblue: Congrats on all you success
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
BTN: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:30.0
MidnightDiva: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:31.0
Aura: thanks jonathan
2007-06-18 12:22:31.0
Tom O'Neil: thanks
2007-06-18 12:22:32.0
2007-06-18 12:22:33.0
NotoriousMSG: Will you be promoting Children of Huan Shi
2007-06-18 12:22:34.0
Turtle: thanks
2007-06-18 12:22:34.0
NotoriousMSG: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:34.0
Cecile: nice talking to you
2007-06-18 12:22:35.0
2007-06-18 12:22:37.0
2007-06-18 12:22:39.0
musique: we love you
2007-06-18 12:22:40.0
Sakura: congrats on everything
2007-06-18 12:22:42.0
Sakura: good luck in life!
2007-06-18 12:22:43.0
arrested53: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:44.0
Boomer: Thanks for joining us.
2007-06-18 12:22:44.0
velvetlady: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:45.0
BC: Good luck on trying to get your 2nd nomination, Jonathan.
2007-06-18 12:22:45.0
Sakura: thanks
2007-06-18 12:22:46.0
Cecile: p.s ur so fucking hot!!
2007-06-18 12:22:47.0
Turtle: Thanks, Tom...
2007-06-18 12:22:48.0
kristalyn: i want to see you in more fashion spreads or on the catwalk for designers!!!
2007-06-18 12:22:51.0
Sakura: bye
2007-06-18 12:22:55.0
Senka: CYA!
2007-06-18 12:22:56.0
BTN: have fun with Peter O'toole
2007-06-18 12:23:00.0
Riscado: I'll see you at the Emmys ;)
2007-06-18 12:23:04.0
2007-06-18 12:23:26.0
presidentmerkinmuffley: Did he answer any questions on the tudors?
2007-06-18 12:23:28.0
BC: The Emmy's yours, Jonathan!
2007-06-18 12:23:42.0
K-Dogg: i love you!
2007-06-18 12:23:42.0
MidnightDiva: thanks boomer and TOM

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I enjoyed Jon's honesty. I was online when the actual answers were being sent. Only sorry I couldn't become a member in time and join in. Viva Jon!

Wow. It's too bad the questions couldn't have been moderated better than that. I mean, I laughed through quite a few of those questions--- but they were just unnecessary.

Oh Jesus I didn't see the Andy Griffith question. LMFAO. These people are gonna be running the country when I'm old... :(

Good Lord!! It's a wonder you didn't lose your mind Tom. I'm sure Jonathan was probably overwhelmed by it all. I know I was and I only TRIED to read the transcript.



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