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Watch video of William Shatner chatting Emmys with us!

June 17, 2007 |  9:19 pm

ShatnervideoWhen William Shatner did a chat session with us on Friday, he had the event streamed at his website To watch the video —
CLICK HERE for Part One of the Video!.
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Below is the edited transcript.

Our chat begins with discussion of the "Boston Legal" episode that Shatner submitted for Emmy consideration this year — "Son of The Defender" — a fantastically clever story that weaves contemporary action with 50-year-old TV footage of a young Shatner starring in an episode of "Playhouse 90" that eventually became the basis for the spin-off TV show "The Defenders," which won Emmys as best drama series of 1962 and 1964. In "Son of . . .," a man with an old grudge against Denny Crane (Shatner) and his late attorney father (Ralph Bellamy) takes the firm hostage, forcing the staff to re-try a murder case in which a young Denny ensured the defendant's acquittal.


Tom O'Neil: Welcome!
Guru: beaming in
babypook: omg
Boomer: Hello, Mr. Shatner.
Shatnerpullquote2Alan Shore: Welcome Mr Shatner from across the Big Pond:-)
William Shatner: So we're all in the chat room together, a virtual room filled with virtual people, sharing virtual emotions. So, virtually, it's good to see you all.
Tom O'Neil: We were just discussing the episode of "Boston Legal" that you've submitted for Emmy consideration this year. How did it come together?
Tom O'Neil: The episode weaves old TV footage with new
K-Dogg: was that footage from JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG?
Tom O'Neil: Tell us about "Son of The Defender"
William Shatner: K-Dogg, no, that was footage from an early television show -- and by early, I mean early in the history of television -- called THE DEFENDERS. For your interest, a couple of other people you may have heard of were also involved in the show . . . Ralph Bellamy played my father and a young actor named Steve McQueen.
Tom O'Neil: The Defenders is a past Emmy winner as Best Drama Series
K-Dogg: McQueen, wow!
Tom O'Neil: Who came up with the idea of using the old footage with new? GREAT IDEA
BC: Mike Brady played Shatner's part in the series.

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K-Dogg: lots of legends
William Shatner: Tom--it came together in the mind of some genius at BOSTON LEGAL. From my understanding, it was not the genius of David E Kelley, which leads us to believe that there are several geniuses in the BOSTON LEGAL company.
K-Dogg: Spencer Tracy went to my high school
BC: er, Robert Reed.
K-Dogg: Marquette Academy
BC: Weeds' Tonye Patano went to my college.
Tom O'Neil: Yes, there are many geniuses there, that's obvious to viewers
BC: so did Rachael Harris.
William Shatner: Hey, BC: who cares who went to your high school?
Tom O'Neil: You've won two Emmys as Crane -- one in the guest category back when the show was still "The Practice"
Alan Shore: Mr. Shatner, If you could write a Boston Legal episode, which topic would you choose?
Boomer: Your first experience with David E. Kelly helped you win your first Emmy? What was that moment like winning an Emmy Award after so many years in the business?
BC: I don't know, Bill. Mind if I call you that?
HollywoodStar: Yeah!. I MADE IT IN!.
Tom O'Neil: It's nifty how your character arrived as a guest on "The Practice," then pulled up a chair and stuck around for "Boston Legal"
William Shatner: Alan Shore: It would have to be on sex and violence. Our ratings aren't that good, you know.
babypook: hahaha!
Aura: lol
BC: Denny Crane is the best character on TV right now, and you and James Spader are wonderful as a tandem.
K-Dogg: i loved you on THE PRACTICE and even more so on BOSTON LEGAL
Tom O'Neil: I'm upset that Candice Bergen didn't submit her name for Emmy consideration this year
Tom O'Neil: she decided to sit this year out
babypook: Love your work with horses too....
HollywoodStar: Who do you feel is your BIGGEST competition William Shatner?!
HollywoodStar: the Emmys
William Shatner: Tom: I didn't know Candice didn't submit her name. I wonder if it's too late...
Tom O'Neil: yep, voting's going on right now
iskolar: She didnt? I guess she should.
Tom O'Neil: Did you know that Candice's father WAS THE FOUNDING PRESIDENT OF THE TV ACADEMY???
Watergate Burglar: if Denny Crane is a Republican, how come he's friends with Al Sharpton ?
Tom O'Neil: She is, being a 5-time winner, EMMY'S OFFICIAL PRINCESS
K-Dogg: ed bergen wow
Meredith: @ Tom She has won 5 already she does not need anothe, does she?
babypook: sure she does
Meredith: #another sorry
iskolar: I think a nom wont hurt
HollywoodStar: Candice would've had a good shot
K-Dogg: absolutely
Tom O'Neil: sure she does
babypook: you appear to be having so much fun doing BL
William Shatner: HWd Star: the truth of the matter is, I would just love to be nominated. There. I said it. So I don't know who the competition is, but they're always more wonderful than I am. It came as a complete shock to win when I did. In fact, I didn't to jinx it, so I didn't prepare anything to say. And I guess my thank-you speech must've sounded like that.
BC: John Larroquette's joining the cast this season...
iskolar: Mr. Shatner, I think your 2005 Emmy win was a funny moment when Alan Alda tore his acceptance speech when your name was called. haha.
BC: He did? :">
K-Dogg: shatner - did she send in the episode where is kidnapped by lincoln meyer?
Boomer: Yes, are you looking forward to John Larroquette joining the cast?
HollywoodStar: Whats been the craziest esperience with Caption Kirk fans, William?!
Tom O'Neil: Mr. Shatner, Lots of award=watchers like us get upset that Hollywood Awards don't take sci-fi seriously. Like "Battlestar Galactica" - TV critics say it's a masterpiece, but Emmys ignore it. Star Trek was nominated twice for series but otherwise ignored. "Star Wars" lost best picture at the Oscars.
Tom O'Neil: What do YOU think about how Hollywood awards treat sci=fi?
William Shatner: Boomer: I only know John slightly. But he's a wonderful actor. So, yes, I am looking forward to working with him. The only thing is he's so damn tall . . . I hate looking up to people when I'm acting with them. Maybe I'll stand on a chair.
BC: Mr. Shatner, what was your favorite "Star Trek" episode?
MittagongBowral: Mr. Shatner, how would you like your character Denny Crane develop more in the upcoming season? ... to boldly go... - sort of thing...
Cathrine Crane: Or on a soap box....
HollywoodStar: You deserve it for your role in Boston Legal
Roberto_Orellana: HI Will
babypook: i saw that
Roberto_Orellana: i'm a big fan
iskolar: I think no ine should udnerestimate the cast of BL when it comes to the Emmys. Hehe.
Roberto_Orellana: ok
iskolar: one*
Watergate Burglar: which do you think was the best book you wrote ?
William Shatner: Tom: You know, it's true that, for the most part, sci-fi is treated condescendingly by many in the Academy. What they fail to recognize is that sci-fi has taken over from Cecil B DeMille in making epic movies. In the old days of movie-making, DeMille would hire 10,000 extras and days would be spent getting one shot. Now you have 10,000 illustrators drawing all kinds of fantasy figures and fighting. To me, it's the most exciting effect in motion pictures today.
Tom O'Neil: YES!
babypook: good
SunSurfSand: Can we call you "Shat"?
William Shatner: SunSurf Sand: You can call me "Shat" as long as it's preceded with a "Sir."
babypook: hahaha
Tom O'Neil: yes, sir
Meredith: Mr. Shatner what's your opinion on the radical change of cast on BL for season four? Lot's of fans are not happy about Rene's leaving for example. Will this damage the show in a way?
Tom O'Neil: Good question!
HollywoodStar: I love Battlestar Galactica. Its a great series. Under-rated I feel. Emmy's should consider it
SunSurfSand: lol well I may change one vowel then...
HollywoodStar: Sir Shat...I like it.
babypook: I'm writing to Elizabeth Windsor about that
Watergate Burglar: i liked your early film, The Intruder.
HollywoodStar: Who have you gotten the closest to in BL?! And, who have you kept in touch with from Star Trek Mr. Shat?!
Watergate Burglar: how did you get involved in Kingdom of the Spiders ?
William Shatner: Watergate: KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS just happened to be around when I was there. It seemed innocuous enough. Little did I know that I would have an intimate interaction with thousands of tarantulas. I had aversion therapy with the tarantuals as I'm having with the cigars on BOSTON LEGAL.
SunSurfSand: Sir Shat, what is left to do in your life -- what haven't you accomplished that you might like to try?
Watergate Burglar: weren't you nominated for Andersonville ?
William Shatner: Watergate: ANDERSONVILLE was an award-winning show. It's just that I don't remember what the awards were. And that's easy to do. For example, we won a Peabody award this year for BOSTON LEGAL. And everybody's forgotten about it.
SunSurfSand: Was surprised to see Julie Bowen removed from BL -- but now more time for her to do eps of LOST
Tom O'Neil: What do you think of the sudden, controversial cast changes for BL announced the other day?
Meredith: @ BC A friend of mine was about to write a protest lette to David Kelley, because of it
Tom O'Neil: big shakeup
BC: I was shocked.
William Shatner: TOM: I'm absolutely astounded and the shake-up. Our cast is very tightly knit...a great deal of affection everyone has for each other. And Rene Auberjonois was one of my favorite people. I shall miss him dearly. So the whole thing has come as quite a shock.
Boomer: One amazing honor was your induction in the Television Academy Hall of Fame! What was that experience and honor like for you? There are only about 120 people from the history of TV inducted over the years.
babypook: it shows
William Shatner: I'm going to do one more question and then Sir Shat will leave the building.
Roberto_Orellana: Who would you like to see nominated @ the emmys this year
babypook: good luck with all your environmental stuff, Sir Shat
Boomer: ne amazing honor was your induction in the Television Academy Hall of Fame! What was that experience and honor like for you?
MittagongBowral: What's in store for DENNY CRANE in the upcoming season, Mr. Shatner?
Tom O'Neil: pick whatever question here you like, Sir WS!
SunSurfSand: How do you like all our fawning obsequiousness?
HollywoodStar: Is there anything you would like to do Sir Shat?! I think you've covered all bases.
William Shatner: Babypook, we all must have good luck with the environmental stuff. The whole world needs more awareness as to the danger that we all face due to the toxicity of the planet.
iskolar: Good luck at the Emmys and all your other stuff Sir Shat!
BC: Thank you for taking your time out, Mr. Shatner. As Captain Kirk once said, "Live long and prosper!" Good luck getting another nomination & win!
Aura: thanks for doing this, Mr. Shatner :)
William Shatner: I'm leaving now but I want to remind you of that one thought--be aware that the planet needs our help.
Boomer: Thank you for joining us tonight.
babypook: thanks so much. We love you in Canada
Tom O'Neil: yes, good luck with the Emmys. Candice has FIVE. You need THREE MORE