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Is 'Beowulf' eligible in Oscars' race for best animated feature?

July 31, 2007 |  4:23 pm

When I asked Jeffrey Wells of to pipe in on the Oscar race for Best Animated Feature (CLICK HERE), he brought up a fascinating question: Is "Beowulf" eligible?

Jeff saw a reel of footage yesterday and it "may not, according to the Academy's 'Rule Seven,' be an animated film," he warns. "It's a real eyeball-popper and clearly something else in the realm of animation — each and every frame is, in fact, animated by the standard of digital animation — but the Academy seems to be saying that any film that starts with live action footage and then uses digital animation to enhance or augment that footage (like Richard Linklater's 'Waking Life' and 'A Scanner Darkly') is not eligible.

"The animation in this film, however, is real animation. It's not unvarnished reality. And it's also live action at the core. It was shot at Culver Studios against a green screen. It just doesn't seem to fit the Academy's definition. Roger Avary is calling it digitally enhanced live action, but it's also, in my view, unquestionably, animation. It's also mind-blowing. I loved it."


Here is Oscar's Rule Seven: CLICK HERE