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Some of the Envelope's top posters dish Emmy's Top 10s

July 4, 2007 |  1:35 pm

Last weekend our forums moderator Robert "Rob L" Licuria (and host of Awards Heaven) rounded up some of The Envelope's savviest Emmy gurus for a moderated chat session. Focus: We (yes, he let me in — HA!) dished what we thought of the Emmy pre-noms for best comedy and drama series. Here's transcript below. Beware: I got lazy while preparing it for this blog and stopped removing the time codes about a third of the way through. So sue me. Keep reading anyway — it's worth it and its' fun.

Rob L: How shall we start? Perhaps a discussion of the recent news - top 10s drama and comedy series. Who got 'em all right?
MicheBel: love those young actors
Atypical: Supporting actor drama is a tough field this year.
MicheBel: waves hand
Tom O'Neil: did anybody predict ROME?
Boomer: I got 8 dramas and 9 comedies right out of 10.
742: i got eight of them right in drama, despite my best efforts
BuffyMars: i went 8/10 on comedy. drama, well, let's just say I'd be a hall of famer in baseball with my numbers
Kams: Well, all of my 5 predicted nominees for Best Drama and Comedy Series made the top 10 list.
Tom O'Neil: I got 100% -- as usual (kidding!)
MicheBel: oh, all ten in both, no
TommyCastro: I'll give 100 bucks to anyone who got Rome
Noble: I was sure Deadwood would be in before Rome
Rob L: I got 8/10 drama and 9/10 comedy. I picked Tudors and Rescue Me over Rome and Dexter, plus Old Christine over Extras
TommyCastro: 8/10 in both for me
Kams: I never thought "Rome" was going to be on the top 10 Drama List.
742: we've definitely been underestimating rome
MicheBel: I listened to Tom and picked the Tudors instead of Rome :-(
BuffyMars: Deadwood, The Tudors, The Shield, The Wire, I missed on those
Tom O'Neil: Rome is definitely a shockeroo
Rob L: I was praying for Rome. I'm really happy today
Atypical: I picked "The Tudors" over "Rome", but I'm thrilled for "Rome" though.
Kams: IMO, the second season of "Rome" was weak. The only standout was James Purefoy.
Tom O'Neil: biggest surprises -- no Brothers and Sisters, no Rescue Me, No Tudors -- but EXTRAS making it in!
742: but i correctly predicted that "Deadwood," "Rescue Me," and "Brothers & Sisters" would be left off
MicheBel: I got 7/10 in drama and 8/10 in Comedy
BuffyMars: Rome is probably the biggest shocker. Still part of me can't believe FNL actually got in.
Atypical: I thought that the proximity of its release would help it, but it didn't unfortunately.
Rob L: Question to panelists: What went wrong with "The Tudors"?
Tom O'Neil: i'm very happy that FNL got in --
Kams: I am still mad about "The New Adventures of Old Christine". The show had a great second season.
Rob L: Me too Tom
TommyCastro: Nothing went wrong, I think Tom just raised expectations too high for Tudors
Tom O'Neil: when it doesn't get nommed for drama series because of this fooked up new voting we can blame the voting
Rob L: Will hush the critics
742: i've never watched "The Tudors," but it might be comaprable to "Dreamgirls" - huge campaign, not a lot of support
Noble: The voters must have preferred Dexter in their Showtime box
Boomer: I can't imagine what happened on The Tudors. It airs at voting time and had great prestige.
Rob L: I think they realised it wasn't very good.
BuffyMars: Dexter is the better show.
Kams: I also didn't watch to "The Tudors". I am waiting for the series to air in Brazil.
Rob L: Execution was not as good as it could have been.
Atypical: "The Tudors" is a difficult show to navigate through -- it probably didn't play well for casual viewers that wanted something more accessible.
BuffyMars: Brotherhood was better than the Tudors. That's a show that deserved more of a push
TommyCastro: But does The Tudors have any Emmy prestige?
MicheBel: ahem. FNL is getting in, though.
Rob L: Showtime must not be very happy. Although, they one in in each of comedy and drama.
BuffyMars: if the Tudors were a miniseries, it would probably clean up
Kams: I guess we could say no, Tommy.
742: how were the ratings for "The Tudors"?
TommyCastro: Other Showtime shows had Azaria, Platt, Danner and now Michael C. Hall
Atypical: I think we'll see "The Tudors" in the technical categories at least.
Boomer: Neither Dexter or Weeds will actually be nominated. Once again, Showtime goes away empty.
Kams: Does this mean that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will probably not be nominated?
Atypical: It would have been a coup for Showtime to manage two series bids in the top ten though.
Rob L: You never know Boomer :)
TommyCastro: Yeah, like Rome for its first year, or Carnivale
Boomer: I think JRM is off the table for a nom.
MicheBel: you are wrong about both, Boomer
Rob L: I wouldn't want to work for FX right now. That's all I'm gonna say :)
BuffyMars: What does HBO have that Showtime doesn't? Why has HBO long been a darling?
MicheBel: both are gonna be in
Rob L: HBO is on the decline I think. Showtime ahs some great series on the air now.
Tom O'Neil: HBO's strong showing is really surprising to me
Tom O'Neil: I can't believe Extras is in
Atypical: "Dexter" plays way dark though.
BuffyMars: Showtime had an outstanding year, I thought their stuff was wonderful
742: i'm not surprised about "extras"
Rob L: I know Tom - 6 epsisode, no buzz.
Atypical: It'll have an uphill battle making the top 5.
Tom O'Neil: but if only have of the people who starred in Extras voted for it -- they that's how it got in
Kams: I am also not surprise about "Extras".
Rob L: Extras has FANTASTIC submissions.
TommyCastro: But people love Ricky Gervais
MicheBel: people out here LOVE Dexter
BuffyMars: RIcky Gervais is a big enough name. Extras was a pleasant surprise, but I had them in.
Atypical: I'm rooting to Ricky Gervais to make the top five for lead actor comedy.
Tom O'Neil: oh, buffy, you're so smart
Kams: They love "Dexter", but I don't think the show will be nominated, MicheBel.
TommyCastro: HBO is still the big draw, even if the shows aren't as stellar as before
MicheBel: bet me now
Tom O'Neil: FX got SHUT OUT
742: ricky gervais brings prestige, being on hbo doesn't hurt, and it has tons more snob appeal that "new adventures" or "how i met your mother"
Atypical: "Extras" or "Entourage"?
MicheBel: Dexter is one of the nominees
Rob L: FX - that's a sad story. Poor Mr Solberg.
Kams: "Entourage".
BuffyMars: it's always sunny in philadelphia deserved a spot in the top 10. that show is hilarious.
Rob L: 742 - very insightful.
MicheBel: Entourage is a better show
742: "Entourage" has a much better shot at the nomination between the two
TommyCastro: Neither will make the top five
MicheBel: no one sees that, BuffyM
Tom O'Neil: yeah, snob appeal matters a lot
Boomer: Entourage will be nominated this time.
Atypical: "One Day in the Valley" plays better on second viewing.
Rob L: Not enough for Tudors.
MicheBel: I think so too
TommyCastro: Entourage won't play as well in the panels (as exhibited last year, when they had a genius tape)
Tom O'Neil: yes, i think entourage could be nommed this time
MicheBel: Entourage is in my top five
Noble: I wouldn't be surprised if Extras dose better with the panel than Entourage
BuffyMars: So, what will it take for The CW, SciFI and FX to get their shows nominated in series?
Atypical: There's an ode to "Almost Famous" that's done really well there.
Rob L: I'll go watch "One Day in the Valley" again, becuase I wasn't impressed first time.
Kams: "Entourage" is in my top 5.
Tom O'Neil: i heard today that there were quite a few young people at the academy screenings and at the Bev Hilton -- that was a BIG SURPRISE
Atypical: This feels like "Entourage"'s time though.
Rob L: Who does CW, FX and SciFi have to blow to make it in???
742: i'm not so sure "Entourage" will make it in
Tom O'Neil: normally, all of the judges are walking corpses
BuffyMars: so, we need more young people and the old ones to die for those networks to get in?
Rob L: Great insight Tom. MORE PLEASE :)
Kams: As long as the CW keeps doing the bad work, they will never get the respect or the nominations.
Atypical: "The Shield" missing out really is a disappointment.
MicheBel: wow
Rob L: and The Wire.
Tom O'Neil: i also heard that many of the panels skipped lunch break because they just wanted to get the damn judging over with
TommyCastro: The younger fans are in love with Gervais, though....Extras could be very high with panels
BuffyMars: And how on earth does the best show of the year, on HBO, not make it? The Wire snubbed again.
Rob L: They act like its a big chore! I'd love to watch TV all day becuase "I have to"
Atypical: It should have made it in over "Boston Legal" of all things.
Tom O'Neil: I can't believe 'According to Jim' was gypped AGAIN!
Tom O'Neil: Just kiddin
Rob L: hahahaha
MicheBel: wow. is that good?
Boomer: Extras probably slipped in at #9 or #10. It would have to be the 1st or 2nd ranked panel show to make it.
BuffyMars: I would kill to be on a panel and watch tv
742: yeah, i'm disappointed about "The Wire" too. but i didn't have any realistic expectation it would make it in anyway
Kams: "The New Adventures of Old Christine" was robbed. It should have been on the top 10 list.
742: i think "New Adventures" is overrated
Tom O'Neil: Most panelists who showed up today were men again, of course
TommyCastro: I had Old Christine scoring an actual nom, so I'm way off there
Boomer: The same goes for Dexter at #9 or #10 on popularity.
Atypical: This can be the year of the single camera series in comedy series. Three cheers?
Tom O'Neil: i'm not really sure how many women are in the acad
Kams: The second season of "Old Christine" was amazing.
BuffyMars: I think, at the end of the day, the wire just turns too many people off, for whatever reason.
Rob L: hip hip... horray
MicheBel: I have no disappointments in either category for Series
Rob L: No Studio 60 Miche
MicheBel: it's pretty dark
MicheBel: oh yeah ;-(
Noble: Only i multi cam traditional sit com in the top 10
TommyCastro: The oddest thing is, NBC has a realistic shot at getting four Series noms for Comedy
Tom O'Neil: I want to brag to you all that HBO, Showtime, FX and most major publicists found out their news today FROM US
Atypical: NBC must be happy campers today.
MicheBel: thanks for reminding me of my disappointments :(
Rob L: wow tom
742: i think "old christine" is an average show with a great star. i never thought it had a great shot at a nod for anyone but julia
Kams: But, they do have the best comedies right now, Tommy.
BuffyMars: and they really deserve 4. NBC doesn't have the ratings, but they have a lot of quality
Rob L: ATAS is pissing me off!!!
MicheBel: applause for The Envelope!
Boomer: And, CBS has only ONE show in the combined Top 20.
Kams: 742, Wanda Sykes must be nominated for Guest Actress and she should win it.
Rob L: CBS - good call Boomer
Rob L: Wanda Sykes - comedy MVP of the season
TommyCastro: Is NBC the highest, really? I guess so
Kams: Totally agree, Rob L.
Atypical: So can the "Housewives" make a comeback this year?
Rob L: Nope.
MicheBel: yeah, and that isn't going to be among the nominees
Rob L: :)
Kams: Yes, DH will be nominated.
MicheBel: nope
742: i'm not sure about DH
MicheBel: no DH nom
Tom O'Neil: We even got a congratulations from a former chairman and a former president of ATAS
Atypical: "It Takes Two" just aired again in repeat, and it's much better than I remembered it.
BuffyMars: Housewives shouldn't get in
Boomer: Huffman will be the only DH major nominee. Nic Sheridan actually has a decent chance with her episode and no internal competition.
Tom O'Neil: they were very impressed
Kams: That's great, Tom.
742: its ratings are still huge, but support for that show seems to have plummeted since season one
TommyCastro: No way, DH is past it's might crack the top 5 in the pop. vote, but the panels will likely drop it low when compared to shows that are actually funny
Rob L: Keep telling us inside scoop Tom. Reactiosn from exex and crix???
Tom O'Neil: i haven't heard from other journalists yet
Tom O'Neil: i think they're p'o'ed at us for scoopin' 'em
BuffyMars: when compared to the other nominees, I think DH falls short on laughs. and it is a comedy category
Kams: Boomer, I also think that Huffman is going to be the only Housewife nominates.
Atypical: "Desperate Housewives" had a resurgent third season -- they've earned another chance at a nod.
BuffyMars: it's why I think Huffman won't get in, even though her performance is wonderful. It's just not funny enough.
Kams: But, the show had a good season. And "It Takes Two" is a good submission.
Tom O'Neil: ha ha ha ha
Noble: Last year we saw the panels responded poorly to drama/comedies
Rob L: The Emmy can't really be faulted for not picking CW, Sci-Fi or FX. The Top 10s are really strong and deserving.
MicheBel: they have a chance. they are in the top ten, after all.
Rob L: Never, ever doubt Tom
Atypical: I only see Felicity Huffman making the final five of the group though.
BuffyMars: the top 10's are strong, just seems like it's always the same networks
Kams: And the same shows...
MicheBel: well, you also said FNL wouldn't make it ;-)
Rob L: True. But shows shouldnt have an advantage because theyre on a small network.
742: CW, sci-fi, etc. are NEVER going to get in with a top 10 vote
742: you'd need 20 or 30
Kams: Good point, 742.
Rob L: There should be blue ribbon panels creating the top 10s
Boomer: Based on this Top 10, what do each of you have for 5 nominees Comedy Series?
742: and even then you'd have eight CSI spin-offs making the cut first
BuffyMars: those networks just don't exist on the emmy radar.
Tom O'Neil: That's the BIG QUESTION -- Can FNL now be nommed? It was probably in the bottom 7, 8, 9 or 10 ranking, right? That means it needs to be ranked high by judges CONSISTENTLY
Kams: Desperate Housewives, Entourage, My Name is Earl, The Office, Ugly Betty
TommyCastro: Office, Scrubs, Betty, 30 Rock, 2.5 Men, easy
MicheBel: 1. The Office 2. Ugly Betty 3. Weeds 4. 30 Rock 5. Entourage
Rob L: Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, 2.5 Men, Ugly Betty]
742: My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty
BuffyMars: Top 5 comedy, in order: Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Office, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty
Boomer: COMEDY SERIES: Entourage, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty (MY PICKS)
Atypical: I'me going with "The Office", "Desperate Housewives", "Ugly Betty", "Entourage", and "Scrubs"
Noble: Office, Scrubs, Thirty Rock, Ugly Betty, Entourage
Rob L: So, I dont have Entourage or My Name is Earl.
Tom O'Neil: Earl in on the cusp
Rob L: Yep
Noble: close to going weeds over entourage
BuffyMars: Do we know Earl's tape yet?
Rob L: It might make it in
742: if "earl" submitted "the trial," it's got a great shot
TommyCastro: People without Scrubs on their list are fools!
MicheBel: Earl could get in with a better episode over Entourage
Boomer: Those not picking Scrubs... It has the 1st or 2nd best episode submitted and is the only show to make the list the past 2 years.
742: there are numerous episodes that could do the trick
Kams: But it would be a shame for them to be snubbed again, especially after winning best comedy writing and directing last year.
MicheBel: but Entourage is hotter in Hollywood
Atypical: "Earl" managed writing and directing Emmys last year. They're in the ballgame too.
BuffyMars: Earl should go with OUr Cops or The Trial
742: Then I'm definitely sticking with "Earl"
Rob L: Buried Treasure would also be good.
BuffyMars: If they entered the trial, they have a great shot
Noble: I'm findidn it hard to belive 4 NBC's will make it in comedy
Atypical: I'd love to see "Earl" win a directing Emmy for "Our C.O.P.S. Is On!".
Rob L: What misses then?
Noble: I say Earl
Boomer: Earl will not make it. I'm sorry because I enjoy it, but it just won't.
TommyCastro: Office, Betty and Scrubs are strong...2.5 Men will get the people who still love laughtracks, and 30 Rock is the hot new show
MicheBel: exactly, Noble
Tom O'Neil: Why Boomer?
Rob L: There WILL be a multi-cam nod.
MicheBel: one ABC, one Showtime, one HBO, two NBC on mine
Atypical: I think "30 Rock"'s missing out in comedy series.
Boomer: Too white trash and un-hip.
TommyCastro: 30 Rock gets the snob factor over Earl
BuffyMars: office, betty and scrubs are my definite locks. 30 is close behind. that last spot is open.
Tom O'Neil: yeah, good points
Kams: Me too, Atypical.
Rob L: Boomer, even if it is that good?
Rob L: Is it the Roseanne factor?
BuffyMars: i think they might just stick 2 1/2 men in there, so there's a traditional sitcom in the mix
Boomer: Not with so many strong candidates, no.
Tom O'Neil: yeah, the Roseanne factor
742: if "two and a half men" could get in last year, i don't think "earl" is too lowbrow for emmy voters
Rob L: Still cant believe Roseanne was never nodded.
Noble: The lack of Christine and Mother suggests to me that 2.5 Men didn't do great on popular vote
Tom O'Neil: idots in hollywood
Tom O'Neil: idiots
Rob L: Noble, great point.
BuffyMars: but doesn't earl winning writing and directing last year help?
Tom O'Neil: no
Rob L: yes buffy
TommyCastro: 2.5 Men is waaaaaay ahead of those others in ratings, though
Kams: Good point, Noble. And I'd rather see "Old Christine" nominated than "Two and a Half Men".
Atypical: I can still see "Two and a Half Men" nab three acting nods.
Atypical: Maybe four.
Rob L: OK, what shows in comedy HAVE NO CHANCE?
MicheBel: ratings don't matter
MicheBel: AD won with crappy ratings
Tom O'Neil: Extras - no chance
Kams: Extras
Noble: Well CSI: is way ahead of ratings for FNL and where is it
742: "Extras" and "Weeds" will not get in
TommyCastro: Right on 742
Kams: Weeds, maybe
Rob L: Really It has a great tape.
BuffyMars: in fact, earl also won casting and editing last year. and yet no series nod. While Scrubs only had a series nod. weird. those panels were f'd up.
MicheBel: Extras has no chance
MicheBel: I'd say DH has no chance either
Rob L: Young voters will eat up Weeds
BuffyMars: i think weeds and extra were 9 and 10 in the pop. vote
Atypical: I think "Extras"'s shot for Emmy is with lead actor and comedy writing.
742: "Weeds" probably didn't rank too high on the popular vote, and they submitted one of their weakest episodes
MicheBel: Weeds had an awesome season this year, better than last year
Kams: Extras will not get nominated, because I don't think it would have an appeal to the panel.
BuffyMars: no chance for extras, weeds tape is just not their best
2007-06-30 16:40:43.0
Boomer: Based on this Top 10, what do each of you have for 5 nominees Drama Series? (this should be very interesting...)
Kams: Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Lost, The Sopranos
TommyCastro: 24, GA, Sopranos, House, FNL
Atypical: Will these "essays" help viewers understand the tape submissions better this year Tom?
BuffyMars: extras could get in, just like curb has the last few years.
Kams: I still have doubts about "Heroes"...
MicheBel: 1. FNL 2. Sopranos 3. Lost 4. 24 5. Dexter
Rob L: OK - I've switched out Tudors for 24. Sue me. The show sucked, but it will make it.
742: for drama, i'll go with "Grey's Anatomy," "House," "The Sopranos," "Lost," and "24"
TommyCastro: yeah, Heroes' tape is weak, real weak
Rob L: FNL. Greys. Lost. Sopranos. 24.
Boomer: DRAMA SERIES: Grey's Anatomy, House, Lost, The Sopranos, 24
BuffyMars: top 5 dramas: The Sopranos, Lost, FNL, House and 24. Grey's probably gets in, but I'm hoping against all hope it doesn't.
Noble: The Sopranos, Grey's Anatomy, 24, House, Friday Night Lights
742: "Heroes's" tape is really weak, and the anti-fantasy snobbery combined with that means it doesn't stand much of a chance
Kams: But the show is a big hit.
Atypical: For drama, I'm going with "The Sopranos", "Grey's Anatomy", "Lost", "24", and "House".
Kams: One of the hottest new shows of the season.
TommyCastro: Rome, Dexter, Boston Legal and Heroes are all dead in the water
Rob L: If Dexter makes it in, there will be shockwaves. I hope there's shockwaves.
Tom O'Neil: Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, House, Lost, The Sopranos, 24 - popular vote will give them the edge
Rob L: Tommy - but their episodes are great.
BuffyMars: I agree, Tommy. 6 shows for 5 spots
MicheBel: Agree that Rome, Heroes and BL are dead in the water
742: "Dexter" submitted an awesome tape and so did "Rome," so there's an outside chance for both shows
Noble: I would rank BL as a real dark horse
MicheBel: Dexter is going to shock you
2007-06-30 16:43:08.0
TommyCastro: Heroes is a hit, but not as established. It will probably be around 4-6 for pop vote, then very low on panels.
2007-06-30 16:43:10.0
Rob L: BL is on the cusp.
2007-06-30 16:43:15.0
BuffyMars: Dexter's tape is great, but I'm not sure it's high enough in the pop vote
2007-06-30 16:43:18.0
MicheBel: and I'm the only one in here saying this ;-)
2007-06-30 16:43:21.0
Boomer: Have any of you put the math to these things (with the new system)? I have and it makes a big difference on picking nominees.
2007-06-30 16:43:26.0
Kams: The real question is: could we have any surprises? Everything seems so predictable now...
2007-06-30 16:43:29.0
Tom O'Neil: Dexter's pop vote is in the toilet
2007-06-30 16:43:35.0
Rob L: Boomer, what is your top 5?
2007-06-30 16:43:39.0
742: i've thought about the math
2007-06-30 16:43:42.0
Rob L: Tom, what is your top 5?
2007-06-30 16:43:48.0
Atypical: "Heroes" might get in new viewers to the telecast.
2007-06-30 16:44:05.0
Boomer: For example, even in a weak season "24" is going to be no lower than 3rd on a popular vote. They submitted a very good premiere episode, so they won't finish lower than 7th on panel. That puts them in the top 5.
2007-06-30 16:44:05.0
Noble: Heroes reminds me a little of Lost season 1
2007-06-30 16:44:06.0
Rob L: I think House's submission is not stellar, like last year.
2007-06-30 16:44:07.0
Atypical: I've been toying with the numbers too.
2007-06-30 16:44:09.0
TommyCastro: I doubt people in panels are thinking about telecast ratings
2007-06-30 16:44:17.0
Tom O'Neil: I have a top 6 - Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, House, Lost, The Sopranos, 24
2007-06-30 16:44:32.0
Noble: I agree eith that 6
2007-06-30 16:44:35.0
TommyCastro: You're a fool, Tom, to ignore the impact of FNL
2007-06-30 16:44:37.0
Boomer: I have the same Top 6 as Tom and eliminated Heroes from the final predictions.
2007-06-30 16:44:44.0
BuffyMars: is NBC pushing one of their shows more than the other?
2007-06-30 16:44:46.0
Noble: sorry didn't relise no FNL
2007-06-30 16:44:46.0
Rob L: I will be very curious about how FNL does. It's the test for this new experiment.
2007-06-30 16:44:52.0
Biff McFume: FNL is really the dark horse factor.
2007-06-30 16:45:01.0
742: i think that's a pretty likely top 6, and "heroes's" weak submission really might be their downfall
2007-06-30 16:45:02.0
Rob L: So I have FNL over House compared with Boomer and Tom.
2007-06-30 16:45:09.0
TommyCastro: FNL has a strong, uplifting episode voters want to root for
2007-06-30 16:45:13.0
BuffyMars: I think FNL rated higher on pop vote than people think and that the pilot will do the same.
2007-06-30 16:45:16.0
Boomer: FNL has no impact on anybody other than fans and critics. It will finish no higher than 7th or 8th combined score.
2007-06-30 16:45:20.0
Atypical: How is NBC campaigning for "Friday Night Lights"?
2007-06-30 16:45:24.0
Kams: Friday Night Lights has a better chance than "House", IMO.
2007-06-30 16:45:31.0
MicheBel: agree with you, BuffyM
2007-06-30 16:45:41.0
Rob L: I disagree. FNL has a shot with the panels.
2007-06-30 16:45:41.0
MicheBel: certainly
2007-06-30 16:45:46.0
TommyCastro: Arrested Development had no impact on anyone besides fans and critics, and it won the Emmy!
2007-06-30 16:45:52.0
742: i think we're underestimating FNL too, but i still don't think it'll make it in
2007-06-30 16:45:52.0
Boomer: House is popular AND has a great episode AND was a nominee last year. It is in.
2007-06-30 16:45:58.0
Kams: Yes, Tommy. Excellent point.
2007-06-30 16:45:58.0
MicheBel: FNL has the only "feel good" episode
2007-06-30 16:46:00.0
742: the pilot just wasn't good enough a submission
2007-06-30 16:46:05.0
Rob L: House's episode is not a knockout.
2007-06-30 16:46:12.0
Atypical: If "Friday Night Lights" didn't break the top five in popular and their panel vote's blown, then they're done.
2007-06-30 16:46:15.0
Rob L: I think Rome is a darkhorse.
2007-06-30 16:46:21.0
BuffyMars: Half Wit is a great tape for Laurie, but not necessarily series
2007-06-30 16:46:24.0
Kams: Rome doesn't have a chance, Rob.
2007-06-30 16:46:24.0
TommyCastro: But House is standalone, which makes it easier to follow and vote for
2007-06-30 16:46:25.0
742: "House" submitted an excellent episode and they're likely in the top five of the popular vote
2007-06-30 16:46:27.0
MicheBel: those are two big "if"s
2007-06-30 16:46:38.0
Tom O'Neil: Six frontrunners for comedy: Entourage, The Office, Scrubs, Thirty Rock, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty
2007-06-30 16:46:51.0
2007-06-30 16:46:56.0
TommyCastro: No
2007-06-30 16:47:06.0
TommyCastro: It has to be Number One in the popular vote
2007-06-30 16:47:06.0
742: i think "my name is earl" is in the thick of the comedy series race
2007-06-30 16:47:10.0
BuffyMars: stick with soprano home movies. it doesn't matter anyways. i'm sure it was #1
2007-06-30 16:47:18.0
Kams: No, "The Sopranos" shouldn't change their submission.
2007-06-30 16:47:32.0
Rob L: I think Sopranos and Office will win.
2007-06-30 16:47:35.0
742: yeah, the sopranos could have submitted a test pattern and still make it in with that popular vote
2007-06-30 16:47:35.0
Kams: I think "The Sopranos" will win.
2007-06-30 16:47:43.0
Atypical: "Soprano Home Movies" is a good submission.
2007-06-30 16:47:44.0
Boomer: It does not matter for now on Sopranos. When it is nominated, it will then have 6 episodes.
2007-06-30 16:47:44.0
Kams: And "Ugly Betty" in comedy series.
2007-06-30 16:47:45.0
Tom O'Neil: you're nuts, kams
2007-06-30 16:47:51.0
Kams: :-)
2007-06-30 16:47:56.0
Tom O'Neil: ;)
2007-06-30 16:48:00.0
BuffyMars: what tape did 2 1/2 men submit? I don't watch the show, but would like to see their submission(against my better judgement)
2007-06-30 16:48:01.0
MicheBel: I'd go with FNL and The Office to win.
2007-06-30 16:48:07.0
TommyCastro: Sopranos is a lock, GA is very popular, 24 still has steam and a good submission, House is a great standalone...those four are solid
2007-06-30 16:48:12.0
Rob L: Miche - your nuts :)
2007-06-30 16:48:15.0
Tom O'Neil: FNL won't be nommed
2007-06-30 16:48:24.0
Atypical: I see a "Lost" resurgence.
2007-06-30 16:48:24.0
Tom O'Neil: because of the pop vote
2007-06-30 16:48:32.0
Rob L: Yes - what about LOST?
2007-06-30 16:48:34.0
742: i'm nervous for "Lost"
2007-06-30 16:48:44.0
BuffyMars: I think Lost could be in trouble, like last year.
2007-06-30 16:48:45.0
MicheBel: Lost gets nominated, and gets a ton of acting noms
2007-06-30 16:48:47.0
MicheBel: doesn't win
2007-06-30 16:48:51.0
TommyCastro: If FNL was 6 or 7 in the popular vote, then all it needs is 3 or 4 in panels to get a nom.
2007-06-30 16:48:51.0
Kams: "Lost" will be nominated again and have two nominations for its cast.
2007-06-30 16:48:54.0
742: their submission is a whopper, but it's just as confusing to non-viewers as "man of science, man of faith" was
2007-06-30 16:48:58.0
Boomer: Lost is certainly on the bubble, but I think they can make it back.
2007-06-30 16:49:07.0
Rob L: Tommy - I am agreeing with all of your logic so far.
2007-06-30 16:49:09.0
BuffyMars: it's a fantastic episode, but it can be confusing to non viewers.
2007-06-30 16:49:20.0
Atypical: Their "miniseries" episodes should be avoided, but their February episodes and beyond have gems dispersed in there for panel tapes.
2007-06-30 16:49:34.0
Rob L: Pick 6 eppys for lots then...
2007-06-30 16:49:51.0
TommyCastro: Yeah, that's why I left it off...Lost is still confusing, and the dip in ratings and the popularity will probably take it down a couple notches in the pop vote
2007-06-30 16:49:54.0
MicheBel: that's why FNL will win
2007-06-30 16:50:00.0
Rob L: Finale, Man from Tallahassee, Brig, Man Behind Curtain and Greatest Hits
2007-06-30 16:50:00.0
Atypical: "Through the Looking Glass" as one tape.
2007-06-30 16:50:01.0
MicheBel: it has a better six episodes than anyone
2007-06-30 16:50:10.0
742: For "Lost," the two-part season finale, "One of Us"/"Man from Talahasse," "Greatest Hits"/"Flashes Before Your Eyes"
2007-06-30 16:50:15.0
742: i might be overlooking something though
2007-06-30 16:50:21.0
Rob L: Oh yes - 742's are better!
2007-06-30 16:50:35.0
BuffyMars: FNL, Lost each have the tapes to win, if nominated. Sopranos does as well, because they are the Sopranos. I don't think any other show has 6 great tapes that can win them the emmy.
2007-06-30 16:50:41.0
TommyCastro: Flashes, much as I love it, is waaaay too confusing
2007-06-30 16:50:57.0
Rob L: House has no chance to win. 3rd season was not as good.
2007-06-30 16:50:59.0
742: i was thinking the same thing, Tommy, but I loved that episode
2007-06-30 16:51:02.0
TommyCastro: See, Buffy, I disagree...House and GA can both put six episodes together to compete
2007-06-30 16:51:05.0
Kams: “Flashes Before Your Eyes” and "One of Us" are the best "Lost" episodes this season.
2007-06-30 16:51:08.0
Noble: I wouldn't be surprised if at least 8 of the shows for drama have tapes to win
2007-06-30 16:51:08.0
Atypical: "The Man From Tallahassee" as one. Throw in "Greatest Hits", "The Brig", and maybe "Expose" or "One of Us".
2007-06-30 16:51:10.0
MicheBel: the reason I think Lost loses, even though those are great selections...i
2007-06-30 16:51:12.0
Kams: I have yet to see the season finale.
2007-06-30 16:51:17.0
MicheBel: is that there are just too many wacky moments
2007-06-30 16:51:19.0
Rob L: As much as I love House. It doesn't scream winner.
2007-06-30 16:51:21.0
MicheBel: they've crossed the line
2007-06-30 16:51:24.0
MicheBel: and I LOVED the show
2007-06-30 16:51:35.0
BuffyMars: Well, I'll have to take your word on grey's, as I bailed on it. House, I thought started strong, but the last half had 1 or 2 good shows and that was it.
2007-06-30 16:51:36.0
MicheBel: back in time, forward in time, death by black smoke...
2007-06-30 16:51:40.0
TommyCastro: But HOUSE could sneak in among grumbles of bad seasons for Sopranos, GA and 24
2007-06-30 16:51:41.0
MicheBel: enough already
2007-06-30 16:51:49.0
MicheBel: at least FNL's episodes MAKE SENSE
2007-06-30 16:51:51.0
Rob L: Are we underestimating Boston Legal?
2007-06-30 16:51:51.0
Atypical: "Grey's Anatomy" has their six competitive tapes too.
2007-06-30 16:52:00.0
742: "House" only needs six shows, and i think they can get six worthy of the win
2007-06-30 16:52:01.0
Kams: I don't think "House" is a big contender... I honestly don't.
2007-06-30 16:52:03.0
Rob L: And Greys was weaker - but is THE HIT.
2007-06-30 16:52:10.0
742: when the nominees are announced, it's almost a toss-up
2007-06-30 16:52:16.0
TommyCastro: Boston Legal: too corny and comedic, no way will panels take it seriously against the competition
2007-06-30 16:52:17.0
Tom O'Neil: i haven't seen so many of these damn eppys
2007-06-30 16:52:19.0
Atypical: "From a Whisper to a Scream" has to be in their six.
2007-06-30 16:52:21.0
Kams: "Grey's" will definetely be nominated.
2007-06-30 16:52:22.0
Noble: BL has a great, sentimental, episode
2007-06-30 16:52:25.0
Boomer: One thing in favor of either Heroes or FNL... NBC has had a drama series slot for the past 30 years. Do you think they will finally miss out?
2007-06-30 16:52:27.0
Noble: snob appeal
2007-06-30 16:52:36.0
BuffyMars: What impact, if any, will Isaiah Washington have on Grey's? Might some voters just not want to vote for the show because of him?
2007-06-30 16:52:40.0
Rob L: I've seen nearly everything (except Boston Legal)
2007-06-30 16:52:53.0
Tom O'Neil: they won't blame grey for isaiah
2007-06-30 16:53:01.0
Rob L: Nope - NBC is in.
2007-06-30 16:53:05.0
MicheBel: Boomer, no, they won't
2007-06-30 16:53:09.0
Kams: I don't think Isiah will have any impact on the voters... I just think that any of the male actors from the show will be nominated.
2007-06-30 16:53:21.0
Atypical: If voters are only looking at the work, then no, Isaiah's actions shouldn't have a bearing on how they view "Grey's".
2007-06-30 16:53:23.0
Rob L: I am just so jazzed for Rome guys! Whgat a pleasant surprise.
2007-06-30 16:53:28.0
MicheBel: I think Grey's loses out, not because of Washington, but because it had a weaker season than last year
2007-06-30 16:53:32.0
742: i don't think voters will blame "greys" for isaiah, they did fire him after all
2007-06-30 16:53:39.0
Kams: "Rome" is a pleasant surprise, but the show doesn't have a chance...
2007-06-30 16:53:41.0
BuffyMars: I think outside factors do play a part in awards. whether right or wrong.
2007-06-30 16:53:44.0
TommyCastro: will watch its stock rise, and like Arrested Development, it will win on a wave of "We need to establish credibility, and everyone says it's the best show"
2007-06-30 16:53:52.0
Atypical: Just like Alec Baldwin's "voice-mail"-gate shouldn't have anything to do wth him getting a lead actor nod for "30 Rock".
2007-06-30 16:54:01.0
MicheBel: yup
2007-06-30 16:54:03.0
Kams: Good point, Atypical.
2007-06-30 16:54:03.0
Rob L: I think 30 rock could win.
2007-06-30 16:54:07.0
Tom O'Neil: let's hope so, tommy
2007-06-30 16:54:15.0
MicheBel: hopefully its ratings will be higher than AD's in its second season
2007-06-30 16:54:15.0
BuffyMars: that would be great if it happened, tommy
2007-06-30 16:54:26.0
Tom O'Neil: but these are the Emmys, after all
2007-06-30 16:54:30.0
Rob L: FNL will be canceled within 8 episodes. Like Boomtown.
2007-06-30 16:54:32.0
Tom O'Neil: quit being optimistic
2007-06-30 16:54:36.0
Rob L: and i love that show to pieces.
2007-06-30 16:54:38.0
Tom O'Neil: haaaaaaaaa
2007-06-30 16:54:40.0
MicheBel: Emmy voters love shows where they can feel good about themselves
2007-06-30 16:54:45.0
MicheBel: that's why West Wing won so often
2007-06-30 16:54:46.0
Boomer: FNL = Boomtown. That makes sense to me.
2007-06-30 16:54:51.0
MicheBel: the show with that equation this year is FNL
2007-06-30 16:54:51.0
BuffyMars: without an emmy nod, i said it would last 2 weeks, like boomtown. we'll see
2007-06-30 16:55:00.0
Kams: "FNL" could reprise what "Joan of Arcadia" did on its first season?
2007-06-30 16:55:02.0
Atypical: That ploy didn't work for "Arrested Development", unfortunately.
2007-06-30 16:55:05.0
742: i too am concerned about the FNL/"Boomtown" parallel
2007-06-30 16:55:14.0
Rob L: Yep. FNL is either Joan of Arcadia, or Boomtown.
2007-06-30 16:55:14.0
742: "Boomtown" was treated terribly by NBC
2007-06-30 16:55:21.0
MicheBel: FNL is a MUCH better show than Boomtown was
2007-06-30 16:55:25.0
BuffyMars: at least nbc isn't tinkering with the cast like they did with Boomtown. so far, anyways
2007-06-30 16:55:26.0
Rob L: Boomtown was awesome.
2007-06-30 16:55:29.0
MicheBel: or Joan of Arcadia
2007-06-30 16:55:30.0
Tom O'Neil: FNL is more on the Hollywood radar than Boomtown was
2007-06-30 16:55:40.0
Rob L: yep, good point tom
2007-06-30 16:55:45.0
Atypical: But does it last through season 2?
2007-06-30 16:55:48.0
Tom O'Neil: Boomtown was awful -- all hype, stupid show
2007-06-30 16:55:50.0
Boomer: And FNL has been treated better. NBC just pulled the plug on RERUNS airing in the summer! How much support is that?
2007-06-30 16:55:55.0
MicheBel: FNL's more accessible than Boomtown was then
2007-06-30 16:56:10.0
Rob L: So, likelihood for other top 10 lists tom???
2007-06-30 16:56:13.0
MicheBel: they still have the show on their website, don't they?
2007-06-30 16:56:17.0
Kams: I didn't like "Boomtown" and I think "Friday Night Lights" is a great show.
2007-06-30 16:56:22.0
BuffyMars: nbc at least showed reruns on bravo and you can watch the entire season online
2007-06-30 16:56:24.0
TommyCastro: i loved both
2007-06-30 16:56:24.0
Tom O'Neil: I've got lots of feelers and spies out there
2007-06-30 16:56:30.0
MicheBel: people are watching that show online
2007-06-30 16:56:36.0
Boomer: Website? That is nothing great. Andy Richter's show is online, too.
2007-06-30 16:56:40.0
Kams: So, Tom, we only know about Masi Oka?
2007-06-30 16:56:41.0
Rob L: ATAS is being really silly about this. It's not fair :(
2007-06-30 16:56:45.0
Tom O'Neil: I imagine the TV acad is pretty pissed off at us right about now
2007-06-30 16:56:56.0
742: well, were pissed off right back at them
2007-06-30 16:57:01.0
TommyCastro: Up their nose with a rubber hose
2007-06-30 16:57:07.0
Tom O'Neil: yes, we only know about masi -- he heard from a voter
2007-06-30 16:57:08.0
BuffyMars: screw the academy. if they listened to people on this board, they might actually get things more right than they do
2007-06-30 16:57:18.0
MicheBel: true, BuffyM
2007-06-30 16:57:21.0
Kams: Totally agree, BuffyMars.
2007-06-30 16:57:23.0
742: to not release the top 10 lists to public scrutiny is highly suspect
2007-06-30 16:57:30.0
Tom O'Neil: We'll soon hear from a lot more folks
2007-06-30 16:57:30.0
MicheBel: and what's the point?
2007-06-30 16:57:39.0
Atypical: Maybe we'll get them after nominations.
2007-06-30 16:57:57.0
Tom O'Neil: A voter told me friday that he got all his screeners but hadn't looked at them yet -- he'd tell us later what he got
2007-06-30 16:57:58.0
Noble: Well, I don't think there's anything embaresing on the lists we currently have
2007-06-30 16:58:13.0
Tom O'Neil: i have no idea what categories he's judging
2007-06-30 16:58:20.0
Kams: Yes. The top 10 drama and comedy series are very good.
2007-06-30 16:58:21.0
TommyCastro: you should have driven to his house and made him turn them on
2007-06-30 16:58:23.0
Boomer: Boston Legal is embarassing, compared to some that were left off.
2007-06-30 16:58:25.0
MicheBel: LOL
2007-06-30 16:58:34.0
BuffyMars: is the top 10 working for the other categories, like reality show?
2007-06-30 16:58:38.0
Atypical: "Boston Legal" over "The Shield" is gross.
2007-06-30 16:58:45.0
742: BL isn't a great show, but the academy has blind love for all things david e. kelley
2007-06-30 16:58:55.0
Boomer: Very true.
2007-06-30 16:58:58.0
MicheBel: wow. I such prefer BL over The Shield
2007-06-30 16:58:58.0
TommyCastro: BL is a great show, just in the wrong category
2007-06-30 16:59:11.0
Rob L: I still feel really bad for FX. They deserve to be in the mix.
2007-06-30 16:59:11.0
MicheBel: yeah, comedy would make more sense
2007-06-30 16:59:16.0
Noble: I'd be happy if it won comedy series
2007-06-30 16:59:18.0
TommyCastro: In Comedy, next year it could put a stranglehold on Supporting Actor
2007-06-30 16:59:25.0
TommyCastro: Larroquette, Shatner, Clemenson
2007-06-30 16:59:31.0
Atypical: DIdn't F(X) get in "Rescue Me" last year?
2007-06-30 16:59:32.0
BuffyMars: i wish gilmore girls had stayed in comedy. lauren might actually have a shot this year, cause i think lead actress in a comedy is the weakest category
2007-06-30 16:59:35.0
Kams: But, weren't Boston Legal submitted in comedy last year?
2007-06-30 16:59:36.0
Tom O'Neil: I REALLY feel bad for FX -- they're the biggest advertiser at!
2007-06-30 16:59:43.0
MicheBel: Atyp: yes, it did
2007-06-30 16:59:50.0
Boomer: Comedy only at SAG.
2007-06-30 16:59:57.0
Rob L: There is nothing more FX can possibly do! Voters just arent interested!
2007-06-30 17:00:01.0
TommyCastro: Yeah, FX should be weary...they have to pray Chiklis or Leary make it in
2007-06-30 17:00:08.0
742: i haven't had a chance to watch most of the FX shows, except for "rescue me," which i thought had some serious creative problems, so i'm not sad at its exclusion
2007-06-30 17:00:10.0
BuffyMars: fx might've gotten the shield in last year. we never did find out that last nominee. either them or SFU
2007-06-30 17:00:16.0
TommyCastro: Maybe next year, with Glenn Close, they can get something back
2007-06-30 17:00:17.0
Tom O'Neil: The problem with FX is that their Emmy box didn't get shipped out till late May
2007-06-30 17:00:20.0
Boomer: Once a show gets nominated at the Emmys (either drama or comedy side), they are no longer allowed to switch in the future.
2007-06-30 17:00:27.0
Rob L: I might have to change my predix for top 10 acting!
2007-06-30 17:00:30.0
Atypical: F(X) has the quality work to get into drama series, but maybe that ship has sailed for voters.
2007-06-30 17:00:30.0
Kams: Thank you, Boomer.
2007-06-30 17:00:32.0
Tom O'Neil: There were production problems with the FX box and that held them back
2007-06-30 17:00:38.0
BuffyMars: then how can gilmore girls switch?
2007-06-30 17:00:50.0
MicheBel: but B L hasn't been nominated in Series yet
2007-06-30 17:00:50.0
Boomer: Gilmore was never nominated for comedy or drama categories.
2007-06-30 17:00:52.0
BuffyMars: wasn't the show nominated for makeup?
2007-06-30 17:00:52.0
Tom O'Neil: If FX had gotten their campaign box out in late April/ early May, they'd be sitting pretty
2007-06-30 17:00:53.0
MicheBel: so they can change back
2007-06-30 17:01:03.0
Kams: BuffyMars, I don't think that even if Lauren Graham had stayed in Comedy she would have been nominated...
2007-06-30 17:01:05.0
Boomer: It is for ANY comedy or drama categories.
2007-06-30 17:01:18.0
BuffyMars: gotcha
2007-06-30 17:01:27.0
Boomer: Nope, Boston Legal can never change from drama.
2007-06-30 17:01:33.0
TommyCastro: Boooooo
2007-06-30 17:01:38.0
BuffyMars: no, she probably wouldn't have been nominated, but that category is less crowded
2007-06-30 17:01:38.0
Kams: The Emmy voters just don't care about "Gilmore Girls".
2007-06-30 17:01:47.0
Rob L: Tom - FX should retain you!
2007-06-30 17:01:52.0
Tom O'Neil: Gilmore girls is now overrated
2007-06-30 17:01:57.0
Tom O'Neil: go ahead and shoot me
2007-06-30 17:02:02.0
Tom O'Neil: i said it
2007-06-30 17:02:04.0
Kams: And the last season of the show was not that good.
2007-06-30 17:02:08.0
Rob L: Nah, GG is long pastr its prime
2007-06-30 17:02:09.0
TommyCastro: no, you're right
2007-06-30 17:02:09.0
BuffyMars: it is now. but season 5, lauren should've won the damn emmy.
2007-06-30 17:02:16.0
TommyCastro: Graham is always great, but that's about it
2007-06-30 17:02:19.0
742: "Gilmore Girls" has creatively drifted, but i understand the support for Graham to get the nomination she deserved for the last six years
2007-06-30 17:02:29.0
Tom O'Neil: all that talky talky stuff is full of false 'tude and it's preachy as hell -- nobody talks in real life like they do on Gilmore Girls
2007-06-30 17:02:43.0
Kams: Alexis Bledel was the MVP of the last season of "Gilmore Girls".
2007-06-30 17:02:53.0
MicheBel: that was the beauty of it, though
2007-06-30 17:02:53.0
TommyCastro: And Deadwood was different how?
2007-06-30 17:02:54.0
BuffyMars: and who talks in real life like aaron sorkin or david e kelley's words?
2007-06-30 17:03:03.0
Tom O'Neil: OK, good point
2007-06-30 17:03:06.0
Boomer: Who is the one actor or actress that is on the bubble that you want to see in a Top 10.
2007-06-30 17:03:08.0
Rob L: Deadwood not making it hurts. It was WONDERFUL in its last season.
2007-06-30 17:03:15.0
742: nobody talks in real life like they do on "The West Wing" either, but it won the damn prize four times
2007-06-30 17:03:15.0
Atypical: Did "Deadwood" suffer the "Six Feet Under" dilemma from last year?
2007-06-30 17:03:16.0
Kams: Anne Heche, Men in Trees
2007-06-30 17:03:23.0
Tom O'Neil: But the dialog by Sorkin and Kelley is much better, truly witty, not the forced false wit of GG
2007-06-30 17:03:35.0
Rob L: Lauren Graham and Michael Chiklis - Boomer.
2007-06-30 17:03:37.0
TommyCastro: In spite of the Series snub, I hope McRaney still makes it in
2007-06-30 17:03:45.0
Boomer: My choices would be Jack Coleman and Elizabeth Mitchell.
2007-06-30 17:03:46.0
Kams: Anne Heche, Boomer.
2007-06-30 17:03:47.0
BuffyMars: well, that's your opinion, tom. when you drink as much coffee as those girls, you tend to talk fast
2007-06-30 17:03:52.0
Tom O'Neil: GG tries to be oh-so-clever and isn't -- same problem with Weeds
2007-06-30 17:03:56.0
Rob L: Surely E Mitchell is a shoo in???
2007-06-30 17:03:57.0
BuffyMars: Walton Goggins
2007-06-30 17:03:59.0
Kams: Elizabeth Mitchell will get in, Boomer.
2007-06-30 17:04:03.0
MicheBel: you consider Elizabeth Mitchell "on the bubble"?
2007-06-30 17:04:06.0
MicheBel: wow
2007-06-30 17:04:08.0
Boomer: Do people even know her name, though?
2007-06-30 17:04:13.0
742: If mitchell makes the top 10, i can't imagine her not being nominated
2007-06-30 17:04:14.0
Kams: Yes, they do.
2007-06-30 17:04:15.0
Tom O'Neil: excuse me - phone ringing
2007-06-30 17:04:15.0
Rob L: Yes, Walton Goggins! He is hardly in his submitted eppy!!!
2007-06-30 17:04:19.0
TommyCastro: And I'd love to see some excessive Office love, outside of Wilson, Fischer and Krasinski
2007-06-30 17:04:19.0
742: her episode has a good chance of ranking #1
2007-06-30 17:04:27.0
Atypical: I'd say either Walton Goggins or Evangeline Lilly for "on the bubble" names.
2007-06-30 17:04:30.0
MicheBel: actors do
2007-06-30 17:04:32.0
BuffyMars: i'd love to see Adrianne Palicki get in
2007-06-30 17:04:36.0
Kams: Evangeline Lilly???
2007-06-30 17:04:43.0
MicheBel: who knew Conchata Ferrell's name?
2007-06-30 17:04:54.0
Kams: Anne Heche is great on "Men in Trees".
2007-06-30 17:04:57.0
MicheBel: yeah Evangeline Lilly is on my list
2007-06-30 17:04:58.0
Rob L: But the last 5 minutes of Goggins' eppy is DYN-O-MITE!!!
2007-06-30 17:04:59.0
Boomer: Ferrell has been in the business for 30+ years.
2007-06-30 17:05:00.0
Kams: I would love to see her nominated.
2007-06-30 17:05:01.0
MicheBel: and not "on the bubble" either
2007-06-30 17:05:01.0
TommyCastro: I dreamt last night that Betty had four Supporting lady spots: Williams, Romijn, Ortiz and Newton
2007-06-30 17:05:07.0
Atypical: Lilly was excellent on "Lost" this season.
2007-06-30 17:05:11.0
BuffyMars: Kaitlin Olson for sure. What a wonderful episode she has.
2007-06-30 17:05:22.0
Kams: Oh, Tommy.. And Michael Urie from "Ugly Betty".
2007-06-30 17:05:22.0
TommyCastro: Yeah, but no shot Buffy
2007-06-30 17:05:25.0
742: and Lilly submitted a great episode
2007-06-30 17:05:31.0
MicheBel: wow, what a great dream, Tommy!
2007-06-30 17:05:31.0
TommyCastro: Danny Devito could sneak in
2007-06-30 17:05:49.0
Atypical: But "Lost" has the hardest time getting lead nods. That's why they're on the bubble.
2007-06-30 17:05:51.0
BuffyMars: i think marlee matlin is gonna make it in. has everyone seen her submission?
2007-06-30 17:05:57.0
TommyCastro: And of course, any FNL supporting player at all
2007-06-30 17:06:05.0
Noble: Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica
2007-06-30 17:06:07.0
Kams: Marlee Matlin for guest actress comedy, BuffyM?
2007-06-30 17:06:10.0
MicheBel: in the last two seasons, there wasn't as much of a "Lead" focus as this year
2007-06-30 17:06:11.0
BuffyMars: she's outstanding and that sign language fight with her ex, is so wonderful
2007-06-30 17:06:21.0
MicheBel: which is why I also see Josh Holloway getting nominated
2007-06-30 17:06:27.0
BuffyMars: marlee matlin for l word supporting. but she could also get in for guest on earl
2007-06-30 17:06:29.0
MicheBel: he's in supporting, but he was a Lead
2007-06-30 17:06:40.0
Atypical: Matthew Fox deserves some consideration this year.
2007-06-30 17:06:42.0
Kams: I think Marlee is going to get for guest actress comedy.
2007-06-30 17:06:55.0
Kams: Henry Ian Cusick also deserves some recognition.
2007-06-30 17:07:14.0
TommyCastro: People overestimate Lost's supporting men: I see 3 in the top 10, but that's a stretch, I think
2007-06-30 17:07:35.0
Noble: supp actor in drama is very crowded
2007-06-30 17:07:37.0
Kams: I think that O'Quinn, Cusick and Emerson will make it to the top 10 best supporting actors list.
2007-06-30 17:07:41.0
Rob L: So, people FINAL THOUGHTS ON DRAMA TOP 10????
2007-06-30 17:07:43.0
Atypical: The category is so thick this year, only one might make top 5.
2007-06-30 17:07:45.0
742: "Lost's" best shot at a supporting actor nod is O'Quinn
2007-06-30 17:07:54.0
BuffyMars: the supporting categories in drama are just loaded
2007-06-30 17:08:02.0
2007-06-30 17:08:04.0
742: no big surprises on the drama top ten, even "Rome" makes sense to me
2007-06-30 17:08:07.0
Kams: I think "Lost" best shot at supporting actor is Henry Ian Cusick.
2007-06-30 17:08:17.0
MicheBel: well, I stand with my shocking predix in Drama
2007-06-30 17:08:19.0
TommyCastro: Rome, Dexter and BL are dead. 24, Sop, GA and House are locks, with Lost, Heroes and FNL fighting for that last spot
2007-06-30 17:08:19.0
Rob L: Yep, Rome makes perfect sense. But getting over Deadwood is a major feat.
2007-06-30 17:08:20.0
Noble: Drama top 10 is good but no BSG, FX drama or CSI is disappointing
2007-06-30 17:08:27.0
Kams: "Rome" is the biggest surprise on the top 10 drama list.
2007-06-30 17:08:36.0
MicheBel: Dexter and FNL will surprise people
2007-06-30 17:08:37.0
TommyCastro: Rome is the biggest surprise anywhere
2007-06-30 17:08:42.0
BuffyMars: all in all, a good top 10. At least 10 other great shows left out, but that happens. I think it's a 6 show race for 5 spots. They could always have a tie and take 6. who knows.
2007-06-30 17:08:42.0
Boomer: I think TV is at close to an all-time quality level when we have so many worthy contenders and others that could have made it. TV is great right now!
2007-06-30 17:08:56.0
Rob L: Boomer si right. I am floored with the top 20 shows.
2007-06-30 17:09:06.0
742: TV is amazing right now, and ATAS needs to keep working on its process
2007-06-30 17:09:21.0
Tom O'Neil: I'm still waiting for Dreamgirls to be nominated
2007-06-30 17:09:23.0
Noble: TV is the best!
2007-06-30 17:09:25.0
Rob L: hahaha
2007-06-30 17:09:25.0
Tom O'Neil: Ooops, never mind
2007-06-30 17:09:32.0
Kams: Oh, is a surprise that "The Closer", the highest audience on cable TV is not on the top 10 drama list?
2007-06-30 17:09:32.0
TommyCastro: Yeah, maybe the Emmys should even expand to 6 or 7 nominees, with the volume of shows being produced
2007-06-30 17:09:33.0
742: no "Wire," no BSG, no FX dramas, no CW - there's good work on the marginal networks that will never have a chance the way things are now
2007-06-30 17:09:33.0
Atypical: Really bummed about "The Shield" not breaking the top ten, thrilled for "Rome", and I'll say that "DH" makes it back into comedy series.
2007-06-30 17:09:36.0
Rob L: Any major snubs that we cant forgive?
2007-06-30 17:09:40.0
BuffyMars: there has to be a better system to narrow down the initial 10. popular vote will just always favor the big networks and the same old names.
2007-06-30 17:09:44.0
Boomer: Don't get your hearts sold on FNL, folks. The show, Chandler and Britton still have major up-hill climbs to make the final nominee lists. Look at their situation objectively and not as fans, you'll see the bigger picture for them.
2007-06-30 17:09:56.0
Kams: Oh, is a surprise that "The Closer", the highest audience on cable TV is not on the top 10 drama list?
2007-06-30 17:09:58.0
Rob L: I'll try to Boomer.
2007-06-30 17:10:07.0
Noble: I think Chandler in particular is a long shot
2007-06-30 17:10:14.0
Rob L: Chandler has no chance, surely.
2007-06-30 17:10:27.0
Noble: the field is just to crowded
2007-06-30 17:10:29.0
742: i'm not surprised about "the Closer." That's totally Krya Sedgwick's showcase
2007-06-30 17:10:31.0
2007-06-30 17:10:33.0
Kams: Chandler has no chance and I can't understand why people think he will be nominated.
2007-06-30 17:10:38.0
TommyCastro: Kyle Chandler isn't even in my top 10
2007-06-30 17:10:39.0
Boomer: Yeah, there is only one drama actor slot even open (with Gandolfini, Laurie, Hall and Spader almost assured).
2007-06-30 17:10:43.0
BuffyMars: Chandler was nominated for an Emmy last year. They know who he is. I think his category is by far the most difficult, so if he doesn't get in, it's not because he wasn't worthy.
2007-06-30 17:10:58.0
742: glad to see "Extras" in there ahead of "Old Christine"
2007-06-30 17:11:05.0
Atypical: Comedy -- It'll be the year of the single camera sweep.
2007-06-30 17:11:08.0
TommyCastro: I think people overestimate the jump from Guest to Supporting or Lead
2007-06-30 17:11:10.0
Rob L: I feel bad for OChristine.
2007-06-30 17:11:11.0
MicheBel: But Boomer, you gotta have FAITH!
2007-06-30 17:11:16.0
Kams: "The New Adventures of Old Christine" should have been on the top 10 list.
2007-06-30 17:11:16.0
742: i still don't understand what anyone could like about "Two and a Half Men"
2007-06-30 17:11:17.0
Noble: Yeah Extras is deserving
2007-06-30 17:11:19.0
MicheBel: cause...say it with me...
2007-06-30 17:11:22.0
Rob L: It has been mistreated by CBS and needed a shot.
2007-06-30 17:11:33.0
TommyCastro: Old Christine and HIMYM are huge snubs, IMHO
2007-06-30 17:11:33.0
MicheBel: clear eyes full hearts never lose!!!
2007-06-30 17:11:35.0
MicheBel: ;-)
2007-06-30 17:11:42.0
BuffyMars: I have no real problems with the 10 comedy series. i would've liked It's Always Sunny, but knew that wasn't gonna happen.
2007-06-30 17:11:50.0
Noble: HIMYM is a real shame
2007-06-30 17:12:05.0
TommyCastro: Slap Bet is possibly the single funniest episode of TV all season
2007-06-30 17:12:10.0
Rob L: Yeah, I thought HIMYM could have surprised.
2007-06-30 17:12:10.0
Atypical: And maybe a parting gift for Ricky Gervais.
2007-06-30 17:12:13.0
742: I've never understood the HIMYM hype. i'm not surprised at all it was snubbed
2007-06-30 17:12:14.0
Boomer: 30 Rock really needs the boost from Emmy noms/wins more than any comedy. I hope the voters come through for them.
2007-06-30 17:12:15.0
Kams: "Old Christine" had an amazing second season and the best comedic episode of the season with "Oh God, Yes".
2007-06-30 17:12:17.0
Noble: I prefered Swarley
2007-06-30 17:12:29.0
Rob L: 30 Rock might win. SERIOUSLY.
2007-06-30 17:12:30.0
BuffyMars: I watched several of HIMYM and just didn't find it that funny. It was certainly the best of the CBS sitcoms, however. That 2 and a half men is just awful
2007-06-30 17:12:38.0
MicheBel: Rob L: I could see that
2007-06-30 17:12:44.0
MicheBel: we could have a Comedy upset
2007-06-30 17:12:46.0
742: I agree. "30 rock" can put together 6 amazing episodes
2007-06-30 17:12:51.0
Boomer: The 30 Rock ratings are horrible. NBC needs some reason to keep them on the air beyond Christmas.
2007-06-30 17:13:02.0
Rob L: My fingers are crossed for Tracey Morgan.
2007-06-30 17:13:07.0
Tom O'Neil: I can see 30 rock winning
2007-06-30 17:13:10.0
Atypical: Wasn't "30 Rock"'s first half of episodes considered subpar?
2007-06-30 17:13:10.0
Rob L: Yep.
2007-06-30 17:13:17.0
742: i don't like Tracy Morgan - he's the weak link, i think
2007-06-30 17:13:19.0
MicheBel: Tracy Morgan is out. Bad submission choice
2007-06-30 17:13:21.0
TommyCastro: nah, The Office repeat, easxy
2007-06-30 17:13:23.0
Noble: 30Rock could win but Office is the favourite
2007-06-30 17:13:26.0
BuffyMars: 30 Rock certainly has the tapes, but I'm really rooting for Scrubs.
2007-06-30 17:13:28.0
Tom O'Neil: forget tracey morgan, Rob.
2007-06-30 17:13:30.0
Rob L: Not Ugly Betty?
2007-06-30 17:13:35.0
Boomer: The first few 30 Rock episodes were just OK. Then it got on a real roll.
2007-06-30 17:13:35.0
742: yes, Atypical, but they just need to pick six episodes from their second half
2007-06-30 17:13:43.0
Kams: "Ugly Betty" will win and I am not nuts!!!! ;)
2007-06-30 17:13:49.0
Atypical: B/c of that, "30 Rock" will have to submit some real winners to win comedy.
2007-06-30 17:13:53.0
Tom O'Neil: The TV acad is so heavily male I can see that hurting betty
2007-06-30 17:14:06.0
Atypical: I don't see it happening. "The Office" v. "Ugly Betty" for the win.
2007-06-30 17:14:08.0
Rob L: Why, only girls and gays watch it?
2007-06-30 17:14:09.0
Tom O'Neil: and helping 30 rock
2007-06-30 17:14:09.0
TommyCastro: Sure, Ugly Betty will win the same way DH won for its freshman season
2007-06-30 17:14:14.0
MicheBel: that should help FNL then :-0
2007-06-30 17:14:14.0
Kams: But "Betty" is such a wonderful show.
2007-06-30 17:14:15.0
Tom O'Neil: yeah
2007-06-30 17:14:15.0
742: and "Betty" is a soap, which has hurt "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" in the top series race
2007-06-30 17:14:15.0
MicheBel: ;-)
2007-06-30 17:14:28.0
Rob L: Scrubs?
2007-06-30 17:14:29.0
BuffyMars: Scrubs is long overdue for an Emmy win
2007-06-30 17:14:36.0
MicheBel: I could see Betty winning too
2007-06-30 17:14:38.0
Atypical: "Ugly Betty" has some genuinely hilarious episodes they can submit.
2007-06-30 17:14:39.0
Rob L: I love "My Musical", but it is OVERRATED.
2007-06-30 17:14:40.0
Kams: "Scrubs" will not win or get a nomination.
2007-06-30 17:14:42.0
Tom O'Neil: scrubs doesn't feel substantial enuf
2007-06-30 17:14:43.0
MicheBel: but I think The Office overall is a better show
2007-06-30 17:14:47.0
742: "Scrubs" should get nominated, but I don't think it has the tapes or the buzz to beat "30 Rock" or "The Office"
2007-06-30 17:14:53.0
Boomer: Scrubs MUST get more noms than just for Comedy Series. There is no way it can win with just one nomination.
2007-06-30 17:14:55.0
MicheBel: I'm with you, Kams
2007-06-30 17:14:57.0
Noble: Scrubs will struggle to get 6 top shelf episodes this season
2007-06-30 17:15:13.0
TommyCastro: Scrubs could sneak in for its years of awesomeness
2007-06-30 17:15:17.0
Rob L: Entourage might make it.
2007-06-30 17:15:19.0
MicheBel: um no
2007-06-30 17:15:22.0
TommyCastro: Musical, the two-part Laverne episodes
2007-06-30 17:15:22.0
Kams: "Ugly Betty" has 6 top episodes or more. They can win the Best Comedy Series Emmy.
2007-06-30 17:15:25.0
MicheBel: Entourage, yes!
2007-06-30 17:15:32.0
BuffyMars: What I really want is for the supporting actors on scrubs to finally get their due.
2007-06-30 17:15:39.0
Kams: "Entourage" will be nominated. However, it won't win.
2007-06-30 17:15:41.0
Noble: I'd rate Scrubs as a chance next year for their final season
2007-06-30 17:15:44.0
Atypical: I loved "My Musical" -- it was one of the best comedy episodes of the season. It was some of the other episodes of the season that bordered on overrated.
2007-06-30 17:15:46.0
Rob L: No chance: Weeds, Desp?
2007-06-30 17:15:47.0
Boomer: The Office will truly be hard to beat. They have about 15 or 16 episodes that could easily be chosen for the final 6. In sports terminology, that is called real team depth.
2007-06-30 17:15:58.0
Kams: Weeds and Extras has no chance.
2007-06-30 17:16:01.0
MicheBel: I'm still predicting Weeds for a nom
2007-06-30 17:16:06.0
Rob L: Office cant lose. That's my final thought on comedy.
2007-06-30 17:16:09.0
MicheBel: DH is out
2007-06-30 17:16:12.0
TommyCastro: How Miche...look at the math
2007-06-30 17:16:23.0
742: "Weeds" could have had a shot with a great tape, but they submitted poorly and won't get in
2007-06-30 17:16:25.0
MicheBel: cause Weeds is a real acting paradise
2007-06-30 17:16:26.0
Kams: Desperate Housewives will be nominated, but won't win.
2007-06-30 17:16:26.0
Atypical: I don't think "Weeds" is making it in. "Desperate Housewives" I say will.
2007-06-30 17:16:29.0
TommyCastro: Weeds couldn't have done that well on the popular vote, and it won't do that well in panels
2007-06-30 17:16:42.0
BuffyMars: Well, the Office is the best and most consistent comedy and they def. have enough tapes to win. they can donate some tapes to other shows if they wanted.
2007-06-30 17:16:47.0
MicheBel: Cooking for Jesus?
2007-06-30 17:16:52.0
Rob L: Tom, how will we keep up to date about actors in the top 10s over the next few days???
2007-06-30 17:16:53.0
Boomer: Good final question. With about 3 months to go before the actual Emmys, what shows win Comedy Series and Drama Series? We will not hold you to this later (other than possible bragging rights).
2007-06-30 17:16:54.0
MicheBel: it's a great panel tape
2007-06-30 17:17:11.0
MicheBel: you can hold me to it
2007-06-30 17:17:12.0
Rob L: Sopranos and Office. No question. No contest.
2007-06-30 17:17:16.0
Kams: Ugly Betty and The Sopranos
2007-06-30 17:17:19.0
742: "The Office" and "Lost"
2007-06-30 17:17:22.0
MicheBel: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Best Drama Series
2007-06-30 17:17:26.0
TommyCastro: The Office and...hmmm?...I'll be an idiot and say FNL!
2007-06-30 17:17:28.0
Boomer: COMEDY: The Office. DRAMA: The Sopranos.
2007-06-30 17:17:29.0
MicheBel: The Office, Best Comedy Series
2007-06-30 17:17:33.0
BuffyMars: FNL wins best drama and The Office wins best comedy. Sopranos won't win for final season, cause no drama does.
2007-06-30 17:17:40.0
Atypical: "Grey's Anatomy" & "The Office"
2007-06-30 17:17:46.0
Rob L: Sopranos will. Amazing stuff.
2007-06-30 17:17:47.0
Noble: The Office and Sopranos (but really any 8 of the dramas could win)
2007-06-30 17:17:56.0
742: and "The Sopranos" really doesn't have 6 amazing episodes
2007-06-30 17:18:01.0
Rob L: yes it does :)
2007-06-30 17:18:02.0
Boomer: What drama will you change to when FNL doesn't even get nominated.
2007-06-30 17:18:05.0
MicheBel: copycat, Tommy
2007-06-30 17:18:06.0
Kams: Drama series is a difficult category to predict.
2007-06-30 17:18:06.0
MicheBel: ;-)
2007-06-30 17:18:09.0
742: i love it this season, but other shows have strong submissions
2007-06-30 17:18:11.0
Rob L: hahaha Boomer!
2007-06-30 17:18:14.0
Rob L: House
2007-06-30 17:18:19.0
Kams: 24
2007-06-30 17:18:23.0
BuffyMars: If FNL doesn't get nominated, then I'm hanging my hat on Lost
2007-06-30 17:18:33.0
TommyCastro: If no FNL, I'd change's hard without the tapes, but I guess I'll say House....I like shocking people
2007-06-30 17:18:34.0
MicheBel: luckily, I won't have to worry about that
2007-06-30 17:18:39.0
MicheBel: but my second choice would be Lost
2007-06-30 17:18:40.0
Rob L: OK, time to wrap up?
2007-06-30 17:18:49.0
Kams: Already?? :-)
2007-06-30 17:18:53.0
BuffyMars: and if Lost doesn't get nominated, then Dexter.
2007-06-30 17:19:02.0
MicheBel: yup. Dexter!
2007-06-30 17:19:04.0
TommyCastro: And if Dexter doesn't get in
2007-06-30 17:19:04.0
MicheBel: ;-)
2007-06-30 17:19:08.0
BuffyMars: then House
2007-06-30 17:19:09.0
MicheBel: ROME!
2007-06-30 17:19:12.0
BuffyMars: and then Rome
2007-06-30 17:19:12.0
MicheBel: JK
2007-06-30 17:19:14.0
Boomer: Thanks to all for a great chat. We should do this again when we know the acting Top Tens.
2007-06-30 17:19:14.0
TommyCastro: hahaha
2007-06-30 17:19:18.0
BuffyMars: and then Sopranos
2007-06-30 17:19:18.0
Rob L: TI gotta get on with my Sunday ;)
2007-06-30 17:19:23.0
Noble: It's been alot of fun
2007-06-30 17:19:26.0
MicheBel: COOL!
2007-06-30 17:19:26.0