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'3:10 to Yuma' may take aim at Oscars

August 21, 2007 |  7:03 pm

Tonight is the Hollywood premiere of "3:10 to Yuma" where my Envelope colleague Elizabeth Snead is chatting with its stars on the red carpet right now. Soon we'll have the video uploaded for ya.

Yuma_pqMeantime, Edward Douglas of tells Gold Derby, "I think '3:10 to Yuma' stands a good chance to make the Oscars' short list in a couple categories, particularly for writing and directing. Of course, I might still be bitter about James Mangold being shut out for his skillful direction of 'Walk the Line' a few years ago, but I think anyone who sees '3:10' would have a hard time (not recognizing his impressive skill). And the script, which was derived from the original screenplay from the 1957 movie is excellent, maybe the best script since 'Zodiac' . . .  really sharp and reverential to the old Westerns without seeming dated. Which I think will go over very well with the WGA and Academy writers.

"I think many of us figured that the release date (Sept. 7) might be problematic and I do think it'll hurt the box office, not only because the weekend after Labor Day is bad, but also because it's facing the much poppier 'Shoot 'Em Up' with Clive Owen. The thing is that as fun as that movie is, '3:10' has the performances across the board to help it win over SAG in the ensemble category and both of us know how that's helped underdog movies at the Oscars. (We both remember how 'Crash,' another Lionsgate release from earlier in the year, wound up taking the big prize a couple years ago.)

"My feeling is that the early fall release might help get it out of the way of the usual November/December mess and it'll allow Lionsgate to get the commercial release DVD out by January and into the hands of Academy voters with all the extras, etc., which can't be a bad thing.

"I also remember our conversation last year about 'The Departed' and how the Academy is so male-centric, too, and you can't get much more male-driven than a Western, right?"

(Photo: Lionsgate)