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Attend the pix of 'Sweeney Todd'!

August 15, 2007 |  8:43 pm

Early glimpses of "Sweeney Todd" are starting to sneak out! I'm filled with glee about this pic's possibilities at the Oscars (you know, dear readers, how much I adore musicals), but I'm also bursting with skepticism, frankly. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter seem to be just too pretty to be believable as the bedraggled, downtrodden misfits who hacked up chaps in ole Londontown and stuffed 'em into meat pies for popular consumption. And can they really handle the roaring, soaring vocals of that demanding musical score?

On the other hand, Johnny does fit the description of Sweeney that can be found in this lyric from the classic Broadway show: "His skin was pale and his eye was odd."



(Photos: DreamWorks)

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"Can you hum even ONE of its songs?" Were you kidding??? I hum the score from this show constantly, and I know many others who do the same. I find it to be very "hummable". And it is indeed a masterpiece. It's alright if you don't like the show, of course, to each their own...

Early on they reported that Sondheim made Johnny Depp do a singing test before he would allow him to do the movie. It would appear he approved. Helena Bonham Carter has sung in other roles.. Presumably that answers the question, "Can they sing?"

This is a first rate cast to bring STodd to film. Don't forget that Sondheim had approval for the cast for the film. Some might be interested that all involved have a musical background, including Depp. Maybe this side of these actors hasn't been seen before on film, but it's about time it is. There have been different versions of STodd on stage, so I'm looking forward to how Tim Burton will bring it to life on screen. As for the look of the actors-------who said they had to look homely for the play to work? I've seen other stills of Depp and he looks like the demented barber. As for Carter----she will bring a breath of fresh air to Mrs. Lovett.

I don't think they would have cast Johnny Depp in this role if he couldn't sing up to the standard. I know Johnny and Tim are friends but they are also professionals. If he couldn't sing he would have been dropped early on.

'Sweeny' is NOT a masterpiece. It's a rather dark drama set to music. Can you hum even ONE of its songs? As contrasted with, say, 'Sound of Music' or 'Oklahoma' or 'South Pacific'? Hmmm? Even 'Flying Down to Rio' has a more 'hummable' score ('The Continental' for one).
I saw the play/musical with Angela Lansbury and it don't get any better. But I still don't like it.
BTW: ain't it a cryin' shame the entertainment industry can't find a place for Ms Lansbury to work her magic any more? We are all the poorer for their short-sightedness. She should go back to England and team up with Helen Mirren in a British comedy. Wouldn't that be fun!!!

Oddly enough, Sondheim has given his seal of approval. No, it won't be the Broadway class of Lansbury and Cariou or even George Hearn.. But it's all going to be wait and see.

Their limitations regarding talent scares me but the questions is, "Can They Open?" in this town, it means a big take at the box office on opening weekend. Look at Depp's opening weeks. He has opened movies. The questions about his singing are irrelevant to corporate Hollywood. And who cares about Helena? The question this Sweeney Todd has to answer is, "Can he open?"

Mr. Depp has the acting ability to undertake any role he sees fit to portray. I admire how he seems to slide into character yet still retain a slice of his own unique personality. As for Carter, she is certainly of royal bloodline of British actors, and this role will be her best.

But you seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room...CAN THEY SING?

I'm frankly skeptical not only of the ability of these performers to justice to this masterpiece, but also of anyone who uses the words "awesome" (not only once but twice, heaven help us!) and "looovvyyyee" when referring to an actor. I like both these actors very much, but I am not blind to their potential limitations in this case. "Sweeney Todd" is, as I said, a masterpiece -- for all intents and purposes an opera -- and to see it mangled would be painful. And I'd hate to think that a bad film would end up being the "Sweeney Todd" that future generations and future productions would emulate.

omg! i cannot wait to see that!
does any 1 know the certificate yet?!?!?!?
me and my sis were going to go to Norway to see it as it comes out 2 weeks before it does in the UK!
::L :L :L :L :L: L: L

Skeptism ... I THINK IT WILL BE AWESOME!! I absolutly looovvvee Johnny Depp, he is such a good actor... he can handle anything ^_^ and ive only seen Helena BC in one thing but she was really good!! And she was meant to be like all scary and that ... so i think it will be awesome!! Cant wait till it comes out!!



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