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Attend the pix of 'Sweeney Todd'!

August 15, 2007 |  8:43 pm

Early glimpses of "Sweeney Todd" are starting to sneak out! I'm filled with glee about this pic's possibilities at the Oscars (you know, dear readers, how much I adore musicals), but I'm also bursting with skepticism, frankly. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter seem to be just too pretty to be believable as the bedraggled, downtrodden misfits who hacked up chaps in ole Londontown and stuffed 'em into meat pies for popular consumption. And can they really handle the roaring, soaring vocals of that demanding musical score?

On the other hand, Johnny does fit the description of Sweeney that can be found in this lyric from the classic Broadway show: "His skin was pale and his eye was odd."



(Photos: DreamWorks)