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Exclusive: Emmy episodes submitted for best comedy & drama series

August 20, 2007 | 11:03 pm

Actually, perhaps we should say another exclusive for The Envelope! Just as we've given you reports all along about the episodes submitted by nominated actors to Emmy judges as examples of their best work (CLICK HERE and HERE), now we give you the list of episodes submitted for comedy and drama series. The only info missing here is how they're grouped. The six episodes submitted by each contender are split into three sets of two episodes distributed randomly to voters. To see what our forum posters think of these choices over all, CLICK HERE!

"Boston Legal"

"On the Ledge"
"Angel of Death"
"The Good Lawyer"
"Son of the Defender"
"Trial of the Century"

"Grey’s Anatomy"
"Let the Angels Commit"
"From a Whisper to a Scream"
"Six Days Part 1"
"Six Days Part 2"
"Wishin’ and Hopin'"
"Some Kind of Miracle"

"The Fix"
"Company Man"

"Lines in the Sand"
"Que Sera Sera"
"Son of Coma Guy"
"Merry Little Christmas"
"Top Secret"

"The Sopranos"
"Soprano Home Movies"
"The Blue Comet"
"Stage 5"
"Kennedy and Heidi"
"The Second Coming"
"Made in America"


"One Day in the Valley"
"Sorry, Ari"
"Less than 30"
"Dog Day Afternoon"
"Return of the King"
"The Resurrection"

"The Office"
"Benihana Christmas Part 1"
"Benihana Christmas Part 2"
"Gay Witch Hunt"
"The Negotiation"
"Business School"
"Traveling Salesmen"

"30 Rock"
"Tracy Does Conan"
"The Break Up"
"The Head and the Hair"
"Hard Ball"

"Two and a Half Men"
"The Sea is a Harsh Mistress"
"It Never Rains in Hooterville"
"Taped, Tucked and Gorgeous"
"Young People Have Phlegm Too"
"Apologies for the Frivolity"
"Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head"

"Ugly Betty"
"Fey’s Sleigh Ride"
"The Lyin’, the Watch, and the Wardrobe"
"I’m Coming Out"
"Don’t Ask, Don't Tell"
"East Side Story"