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Transcript: Our Emmy chat with Anna Paquin

August 11, 2007 | 12:12 pm

BuriedkneeAnna Paquin was drawn to portraying a pioneer doctor's wife in "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" because "she wasn't meek and subservient like many women of her time," Paquin told us in our live chat. "She was so modern in her thinking and so confident in her opinions and her desire to understand the language and culture of the (Native Americans) she was trying to help was also a rare thing for that era."
Here's the transcript of our chat.

Anna Paquin: hi
Tom O'Neil: Welcome -- thanks for playing with us
Anna Paquin: how is everyone doing?
mlsenn: Great, now that you're here.
Rob L: Great!
Tom O'Neil: Tell us how you got the role in Bury Your Heart

Doc88: yes
Aura: okay it's hot
Tom O'Neil: Does an Oscar winner have to audition for a role like that?
Tom O'Neil: Or do they come groveling to you?
Anna Paquin: well i was sent the script and really wanted to be involved
Anna Paquin: because its such an important chapter of American history
Tom O'Neil: Was it a gruesome shoot?
Anna Paquin: i do audition for a lot of things. this wasn't one of them
Anna Paquin: The shoot was actually really fun, which sounds weird given the subject matter
babypook: Did you enjoy Calgary Anna?
Doc88: uhm right
mlsenn: Where all did you shoot?
Anna Paquin: i didn't see much of it
Maria: Do you like the audioning process?
Rob L: After your wounded knee experience, will you do more TV in future?
Anna Paquin: I just shot the pilot for the Alan Ball show for HBO
mlsenn: are you going to be a regular on there?
Rob L: Oh, of course! I completely forgot about that. Sounds great
Crys: Is there any word on if that's been picked up or not?
Anna Paquin: yeah i'm part of the main cast
Hero: what is it about?
babypook: great!
Anna Paquin: vampires
Rob L: Is it similar in style and tone to Six Feet Under meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Doc88: great
Anna Paquin: it is its own crazy smart dark funny alan ball amazingness
Rob L: I can't wait for that.
Anna Paquin: if that's even a word
mlsenn: it is
mlsenn: Are you excited for this year's Emmys?
Rob L: As an Ausie, I was wondering if you have any remnants of your Kiwi accent left???
Anna Paquin: my accent comes out when i talk to my family
Rob L: Yep - I imagined as much.
Hero: what was it like wearing the period costumes in wounded knee?
Rob L: You can't help it. It's in there somewhere ("fush und chups")
Anna Paquin: the costumes were amazing
Anna Paquin: a little restrictive... but stunning
mlsenn: Are you excited to attend this year's Emmys?
babypook: I read that you were thinking of retiring after your Piano win anna and so glad you didnt
Anna Paquin: yeah i am
Doc88: anna do you have any news about 'Margaret'?
Anna Paquin: no i dont
Rob L: Anna, what were your reactions to being nominated for your first Emmy? You are in really amazing company in that category!
Hero: what's most exciting about the emmys for you?
Doc88: uhm ok
babypook: winning!
Anna Paquin: a film a really think is important being recognized
Maria: There wasn't much to read about Trick R'Treat around the time it was shot. What was the shoot like? The cast?
Rob L: 3 Australians, a Brit and a New Zealander in one category is pretty cool I think.
mlsenn: Do you know what you're going to wear to the ceremony?
Tom O'Neil: At award shows do you plan an acceptance speech -- just in case
Anna Paquin: tick r treat was my dear friend mike's directorial debut so i had so much fun
Anna Paquin: i'm sure i'm not gonna win so i'm not planning to say anything
Anna Paquin: and i have no idea what i'm wearing
babypook: your acceptance speech at the Oscar's was amazing
rogueprince718: I don't really have a question, but I just wanted to say I think you're a gorgeous, wonderful, sweet and really talented angel, and don't let anyone tell you different, Anna! And I wish you all the happiness in the world! Also, good luck at the Emmys! :)
Anna Paquin: thanks, i dont really remember it
mlsenn: Where do you keep your oscar?
Anna Paquin: thank you
babypook: i do
Rob L: Your win at the Oscars is probably my most memorable moment ever at the Oscars.
Anna Paquin: on my bookshelf
Doc88: there'sa video on youtube
mlsenn: nice choice
Anna Paquin: i dont need to watch myself, its creepy
Rob L: Anna, are you tired of people asking you where you keep your very famously won Oscar? It must get asked a lot.
Doc88: yeah i know
Anna Paquin: yeah but its not too suprising that people care, ya know?
Doc88: it's strange to watch youreslf
Doc88: on a video
Rob L: It was pretty amazing - you were so young!
Anna Paquin: its a pretty strange thing to happen to a wee kid from nz
Rob L: Do you keep in contact with Holly Hunter at all? You guys seemed close way back then.
Anna Paquin: i did for ages but our paths have not crossed recently
Crys: Are you planning on doing anymore theatre? You were amazing in After Ashley
Anna Paquin: i love theatre so much and when the right thing comes along i will do it
Rob L: Anna, I was really impressed with the actors in Wounded Knee, especially you and also August Schellenberg. What was it like on set with such great actors?
Rob L: You've worked with so many "greats" in your career to date!
Anna Paquin: i've been around so many amazing actors that i think i'm spoiled
Doc88: is blue state going to be released in europe- let's say more precisely, in italy?
Anna Paquin: it makes you want to be the best u can b
Hero: Did you research the role as it was based on a reall person
Rob L: Hugh Jackman for starters - he's a really nice guy, yes?
JOSE: buenas noches.
Anna Paquin: hugh is such a great and talented human
Tom O'Neil: Or does researching the role actually backfire?
Anna Paquin: no research is very important
babypook: Did you read the book Anna?
Tom O'Neil: How do you go about the research?
Anna Paquin: i read the book and everything i could find on elaine
Anna Paquin: google is great for finding obscure references
Doc88: yeah
mlsenn: Gotta love the good
Tom O'Neil: God bless Google
mlsenn: goog*
babypook: haha
Anna Paquin: i know right?
Hero: what was most surprising aspect of her life?
Tom O'Neil: good question, Hero
Anna Paquin: she was so modern in her thinking and so confident in her opinions
JOSE: congratulations for you nomination. oscar winner and emmy nominee (at the moment)ç
Anna Paquin: she wasn't meek and subservient like many women of her time
Maria: Do you use internet a lot? apart from doing research on google for a role
Anna Paquin: and her desire to understand the language and culture of the population she was trying to help was also a rare thing for that era
babypook: Did you learn much Lakota?
JOSE: how did you got the role?
Anna Paquin: i memorized what i needed to say in lakota
JOSE: were you interested to do some tv work?
Anna Paquin: but i didn't have time to learn the language properly
Tom O'Neil: but you can't fake that
Anna Paquin: medium is not important to me its the stories and people u will be working with
Rob L: Anna, what are some TV shows, movies and/or performances that you have loved over the last few months?
Tom O'Neil: Anna -- you won an Oscar at such an early age, but managed the experience well -- unlike, say, Patty Duke. Was that really hard?
Anna Paquin: i'm obsessed with "
babypook: and Elaine was so ahead of her time
Anna Paquin: the shield
Rob L: I love the Shield
Rob L: too
Anna Paquin: its sooo great
babypook: Chiklis was here with us to chat
Anna Paquin: i'm sorry i missed him
Rob L: I wish you were an Emmy voter so you could vote for it :)
Tom O'Neil: just 2 weeks ago
Anna Paquin: i love him
Tom O'Neil: Anna -- you won an Oscar at such an early age, but managed the experience well -- unlike, say, Patty Duke. Was that really hard?
Anna Paquin: um no... my family is very protective and supportive
Aura: hey maybe the fantastic four could team up with the X-men and you could work together. :)
mlsenn: How was the transition from child star to adult actor?
Anna Paquin: i'm very lucky to have them
Rob L: It shows. You seem so down to earth. It's really refreshing.
babypook: that's great anna
Tom O'Neil: yes, what about the transition from child star to adult star?
Anna Paquin: it just kinda happened without my noticing (lol)
Hero: How do you chose your roles?
Tom O'Neil: lucky you
Doc88: lol
Tom O'Neil: or smart you
Rob L: Having followed your career from your debut in The Piano - what would you say has been your acting highlight to date?
Anna Paquin: i read things and either i'm passionate about them or not.
Anna Paquin: if i am i fight hard if i have to
babypook: like Elaine
Anna Paquin: yes!!
mlsenn: Did you become close to the geese you worked with in "Fly Away Home?"
mlsenn: Was it difficult working with animals?
JOSE: you say medium is not important, but also the country. i recall you play in DARKNESS a spanish movie. did you like the experience? great performance by the way
Anna Paquin: i go where the work inspires me
babypook: I hope you liked Alberta Anna
Doc88: how was to work with giancarlo giannini?
Anna Paquin: alberta was beautiful but cold!
babypook: haha
Anna Paquin: giancarlo is sooo talented
Rob L: Will you work with Jane Campion and/or Jan Chapman again?
Anna Paquin: would love to
Tom O'Neil: do you and Holly hunter stay in touch?
Rob L: Must. Make. That. Happen.
Anna Paquin: haven't seen her recently
Anna Paquin: but i really would love to re connect
Tom O'Neil: send her a muffin basket -- or a piano
mlsenn: How was your outfit chosen for your oscar win? It was very original.
Anna Paquin: hah
Rob L: What is Patrick Stewart like to work with?
Doc88: asd
babypook: the beret
Anna Paquin: black tie dress for an 11 year old is tricky
Philip: Sorry I;m late, I just got off of work and ran here
Philip: Hi Anna!
Anna Paquin: patrick is great
Anna Paquin: wish i had more scenes with him
Anna Paquin: i have to go soon.....
Rob L: Would you like to one day go back to NZ and make a film?
JOSE: are you supersticious? gonna dress blue again?
Anna Paquin: would love to be paid to go home (lol)
mlsenn: Do you have any films you'll be working on in the coming year?
Anna Paquin: thank you so much
Rob L: Anna, it's been a real pleasure. Thanks for chatting. Good luck! You are a frontrunner for that Emmy! Write a speech!!!
Paul Sheehan: had you seen any of yves simoneau's films before working with him on wounded knee - pouvoir intime is great
Philip: Anna Good Luck At The Emmys, hope to see you win, I think you are very underated in hollywood!
Tom O'Neil: I need a TV one now
Guru: Anna - you should host SNL
Anna Paquin: thank you
Tom O'Neil: Good luck on Emmy night
Aura: Good Luck. :)
Anna Paquin: good night (or morning or afternoon)
Doc88: good luck anna!!
JOSE: thanks a lot. muchas gracias y buena suerte
mlsenn: ciao
Rob L: Speech Anna - you are a real threat for that award! :)
babypook: thanks so much anna
JOSE: night here in europe
Anna Paquin: night
Rob L: Bye from Australia!
Tom O'Neil: Yes, have an acceptance speech prepared -- just in case
babypook: bye