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Podcast: Sipping tea and dishing 'Atonement' with Keira

October 3, 2007 | 12:16 pm

"The whole thing was quite daunting, very similar to 'Pride and Prejudice,'" Keira Knightley confessed about the making of "Atonement" while we had English Breakfast tea at the Toronto Film Festival. "It's a book people are really obsessed by. Also, 'Atonement' is a book famous for being unadaptable into a film, so a lot of people were very skeptical about it."


Breathing a sigh of relief over its positive reception at the Toronto and Venice fests, she adds. "It's really great that it's being really liked!"

You can download the MP3 file of our podcast chat and give a listen by CLICKING HERE! Note: You may need to hold down your computer's Control key while clicking.

We begin our visit recalling the live chat session Keira did with a year and a half ago when she was Oscar nominated for "Pride & Prejudice." It was an especially popular event — our chat room was jam-packed with fans and we let everyone pipe in with questions and comments. (CLICK HERE to read the transcript.) I was eager for Keira to tell us what the experience was like for her because we're considering new ways to do chat sessions in the future.

"It was fun, it was lovely," she says. But too hectic? Should we restrict input? Keira admits that the volume of question was "terryifying," adding, "so many questions at once and I'm a slow typer so I actually had to get my mum to type instead!"

She'd prefer that we keep chat sessions open, however, because it's "so exciting" and "much better (because) I can ignore some questions."

Keira describes "Atonement" as "a film about the different ways that one situation can be perceived and how an innocent perceives a situation, how she totally misinterprets what is happening and how two innocent people's lives are completely crushed because of a fantasist."

SPOILER ALERT - Do not listen beyond the five minute mark of this nine-minute chat if you don't want to know a key plot point revealed late in the film. Actually, it's not a major spoiler, frankly. I don't think it'll spoil the movie for you. She doesn't spill the One Really Big Surprise that's revealed in its final scenes, the one that makes this movie so extraordinary.

(Photo: Focus Features)