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PODCAST: 'Guru' speaks! Behold, this year's first gutsy Grammy predix!

October 10, 2007 |  3:40 pm


As everyone in our message boards knows, forums moderator David "Guru" Schnelwar is really an ultimate Grammy Guru — a bona-fide expert, David is. If no one has yet, officially, given him that title, then I do so right now at the same time I implore him to, please . . . HELP! Tell us, David: What's going to be nominated for the top three races: record, album and new artist of the year?

The eligibility period just passed at the end of September. Nominations aren't due out till Dec., 6, but you know award lunatics like us — we can't wait till then to start prognostication. Gotta know now, now, now.

Here, below, is the text rundown. David and I also had a separate chat on the phone, which I recorded and turned into a nifty podcast that you can listen to and I recommend that you do so — CLICK HERE! (Note: You may need to hold down your computer's control key while clicking!


Feist - "1234"
Rihanna f/ Jay - "Umbrella"
Bruce Springsteen - "Radio Nowhere"
Kanye West - "Stronger"
Amy Winehouse - "Rehab"

Other Possibilities
Beyonce - "Irreplaceable"
Nelly Furtado - "Say It Right"
Maroon 5 - "Makes Me Wonder"
Corinne Bailey Rae - "Like A Star"
Gwen Stefani f/ Akon - "The Sweet Escape"

This was a unpredictable year of music until we came closer to the end of the eligibility period.

Bruce Springsteen has been nominated previously three times for record of the year ("Born in the U.S.A.," "Dancing in the Dark" and "Streets of Philadelphia") and has never won. In the past eight years, four rock songs have won record of the year.

Rihanna f/ Jay-Z - "Umbrella" is too big a song to ignore. Several Best Rap/Sung Collaboration winners have been nominated in this category. ("Dilemma," "Crazy in Love," "Where is the Love" and "Yeah").

Kanye West is the biggest Rap artist out there and has the momentum to get nominated for his hit "Stronger."

Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" created a tremendous buzz because of its lyrics. It looks like a serious contender.

Feist's "1234" after months of airplay on VH1 and now on a very catchy iPod commercial, may now be a real possibility.

Bruce Springsteen - "Magic"
Kanye West - "Graduation"
Amy Winehouse - "Back To Black"

Other possibilities
Lily Allen - "Alright, Still"
Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible"
Common - "Finding Forever"
Feist - "The Reminder"
John Legend - "Once Again"
Maroon 5 - "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"
Paul McCartney - "Memory Almost Full"
Rihanna - "Good Girl Gone Bad"
Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight"

I only feel strongly about Springsteen, West and Winehouse.

Bruce Springsteen was expected to win in 2001, but was upset by Norah Jone's sweep in the General Field. Since then, Springsteen has consecutively won a Grammy in various fields. But he has never won Album of the Year. He received phenomenal reviews including 5 stars from Rolling Stone. This looks like his year.

Kanye West has been nominated for Album of the Year twice. He adamantly wants to win. Someone should tell him that the two previous Hip-Hop artists who won Album of the Year (Lauryn Hill & Outkast) have not rebounded or topped themselves since winning in this category. After this year - Kanye West has the potential of being Rap artist with the most Grammy wins, possibly surpassing Eminem's record.

Amy Winehouse is reminiscent of Alanis Morissette with her lyrical content about her break up with her boyfriend and Sinead O'Connor with her non conformist image and powerful voice. Both artists are previous nominees in the General Field. Winehouse looks a strong possibility for a nomination.

Lily Allen
Chrisette Michele
Taylor Swift
Amy Winehouse

Other Possibilities
A Fine Frenzy
Colbie Calliat
Brandi Carlile
Paolo Nutini
Peter Bjorn & John

"Not so new artists that could squeak in by surprise" (Ex. Imogen Heap)
Rilo Kiley
Gym Class Heroes
Regina Spektor

Popular American Idol contestant, Daughtry has been consistently played on VH1 in 2007, with three videos.

Amy Winehouse had simultaneous Rolling Stone and Spin magazine covers earlier this year.

Lily Allen was musical guest on Saturday Night Live last season and has collaborated with everyone from Mark Ronson to Common.

R&B females get nominated frequently for BNA (ex. Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, India.Arie, Jill Scott, etc) Chrissette Michele has a good chance of continuing this tradition.

Taylor Swift seems to be the new Country artist with the momentum to be nominated for BNA.

(Photo: Sony Records)

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Great podcast and info - Thanks Tom and Guru!

I for one want to say out loud how wonderful this year has been for music fans.

I can't imagine Amy Winehouse not being nommed in quite a few categories, especially Album of the Year. I am also quietly confident and hopeful for Arcade Fire and Feist.

One thing - next year, Radiohead will be nommed, and hopefully will finally win the big one. What an album!

Record of the Year: Umbrella, Rehab, Irreplacable, Beautiful Girl (annoying but got lots of radio airplay)...and "What Goes Around, Comes Around" (because NARAS thinks Justin is such a ratings winner even though he really just sucks big what awards show Justin hasn't planted his overexposed mug in?)...

Best New Artist: Amy Winehouse (troubled? yes..but can't ignore her...she's groovy!), Lily Allen, Daughtry (ho-hum), Regina Spektor, Sean Kingston

Best Rock Vocal Male: Bruce Springsteen (shoo-in), John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, Paul McCartney, John Mayer, fifth slot up for grabs...maybe Kid Rock...Daughtry would have nabbed one here but it's a group not solo...

Best Rock Vocal Female: Patti Smith, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Melissa Etheridge, Rihanna (for Shut Up and Drive...shut up...really!), Ann Wilson, Fergie (no humpin'? really!)... or Tori Amos, Rickie Lee Jones, or PJ Harvey and Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen

The Arcade Fire album from 07 is Neon Bible, Funeral is from 04.

Album of the Year:
Bruce Springsteen - Magic
Joni Mitchell - Shine
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
Kanye West - Graduation
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

Record of the Year:
Rihanna - Umbrella (....ella, ella, ella - sorry, can't help myself)
Beyonce - Irreplaceable (a permanent Grammy darling)
Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Martina McBride - Anywhere (I just have this weird feeling that this one is a serious possibility)
Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere

Song of the Year:
Listen - Beyonce
Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen
Anywhere - Martina McBride
Rehab - Amy Winehouse
1, 2, 3, 4 - Feist

Best New Artist:
Regina Spektor
Chrisette Michele
Amy Winehouse

Sure winner(s):

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance: Barbra Streisand - Streisand Live 2006 ( no Tony this year, so she sashay in this category like buttah!)
Best Jazz Vocal Performance: Deborah Cox - Destination Moon
Best Rock Vocal Performance Solo: Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen
Best Pop Vocal Collaboration with Vocals: You Can Close Your Eyes - Carly Simon, Sally Taylor and Ben Taylor
Best Tropical Latin Album: 90 Milias - Gloria Estefan

Everyone is underestimating Robin Thicke for Best New Artist. i'm telling you he's going to shock everyone and not only get nominated, but WIN.

Don't count out My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade," particularly with such vacancies. It figured prominently in The Envelope's previous Grammy forecast and should be considered here.

I agree: Strange, strange year....

Album of the Year: Magic - B. Springsteen, Graduation - K. West, Back to Black - Amy Winehouse, Memory Almost Full - Paul McCartney, Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna (because it sold a lot of records and she appeals to the young crowd even though her music isn't artistically great but her tunes are catchy and the NARAS likes that)...possibles: Shine - Joni Mitchell, Finding Forever - Common, Once Again - John Legend, Icky Thump - The White Stripes...This award belongs to Bruce...Graduation is good but not West's strongest material this time...Amy is causing too much trouble and may ruin her chances....McCartney may pull in the upset here...he also has never won Album of the Year as a solo artist and like Bruce he is due but again the material on Memory isn't as strong as his previous works but at least an improvement from last year's Chaos and Creation... may get the sympathy vote...



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