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'Things We Lost in the Fire' ignites passionate support

October 6, 2007 |  9:33 am

"Susanne Bier's 'Things We Lost in the Fire' is like a thousand emotional wind chimes made into a quiet symphony," asserts Jeffrey Wells of "It's my idea of a flat-out masterpiece, certainly within the realm of the family-tragedy drama. Bier knows exactly how to make every moment feel true and on-target, and Benicio del Toro's lead performance as a heroin addict struggling to recover and stay that way is the best I've seen this year from anyone of either gender, country or classification. Yeah, that's what I said.


"Over the course of this two-hour film he climbs out of his drug hole, brightens up, chills out and settles in, relapses, almost dies, and then gradually climbs out of it again. I'm starting to see this actor (whom his friends and Esquire magazine profilers call 'Benny') as almost God-like. He's holding bigger mountains in the palm of his hand, right now, than De Niro held in the '70s and '80s. He's one of the top four or five superman actors we have out there. There isn't a frame of his performance that doesn't hit some kind of behavioral bulls-eye." READ MORE

Edward Douglas of concurs: "I will go on the record that Benicio del Toro will absolutely be one of the five in the acting category for 'Things We Lost in the Fire.' He gives a brilliant, heart-felt performance as a recovering junkie and I personally think that Halle Berry's performance in the movie far surpasses the one she got an Oscar for. With the DreamWorks gang behind that one, I expect both of them to get into the five but Benicio will probably stand the better chance because he's done less bad movies in between."