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Deidre Hall snubs 'unfair' Daytime Emmys

November 9, 2007 |  7:15 am


"It's not that I haven’t been nominated" for an Emmy, notes Deidre Hall of "Days of Our Lives," but "I've kept myself out of the race for years" because "it's such an energy black hole." Plus an unfair voting process, she tells Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada.

Hall believes that "Days" is "always tragically overlooked on Emmy nomination day because it's a numbers game. And I want the audience to know that we're slighted on Emmy day because the Academy is compromised of actors on each show, and actors on each soap vote for their network — and now NBC only has one soap opera, 'Days,' so we don't have a chance. Networks with four soaps are going to dominate — end of story. It’s not going to happen for us. I refuse to waste my energy hoping that some kind of miracle happens. I’d rather move on with life than chasing some impossible dream." READ MORE

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There are two reasons why Hall hasn't gotten an Emmy nod recently 1) NBC doesn't have the numbers to overcome bloc voting and 2) in recent years she's had very few seasons with emmy-worthy material.

Sounds like Deidre Hall hit the right button with the truth about the way the Academy votes. She should definitely be a contender for this year's awards after her phenomenal scenes in the wake of John's death, but she won't be with only one soap at NBC. She might not have an emmy, but Deidre Hall certainly has class.

Good for Deidre Hall for speaking the truth about the obviously biased Emmy process. The daytime Emmys have become a network popularity contest, not a tribute to the best performances in daytime. I challenge anyone to watch Ms Hall's recent scenes and not believe she should be a contender for next year's prize. Unfortunately politics govern the winners, not talent.

I commend Deidre for telling it like it is. She is a phenomenal actress who has been cheated out of the industries highest honor, by a system that is truly unfair. In my opinion, multiple times! While receiving the Emmy should be a great honor, with a voting system that is so obviously rigged, I am not sure how any member of the Academy can take their award home truly feeling like a *winner*.

It's all very convenient to throw this back at Deidre Hall and blame it on the "campy nature of 'Days of Our Lives'" but let's face it, the woman speaks the truth.



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