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Updated Oscars predictions from our experts

November 8, 2007 |  2:28 pm

Check out the latest Oscar predix from our Buzzmeter panel of pro pundits. CLICK HERE, then click on "Individual Panelists' Rankings" and use the dated drop-down menu to switch back and forth between last week and now so you can note how fickle we all are.


First, checking out the roundup views of the top categories: Tommy Lee Jones ("In the Valley of Elah") kicks Tom Hanks ("Charlie Wilson's War") out of the number five slot for best actor. Promo around the DVD release of "A Mighty Heart" helps Angelina Jolie arrive on the best-actress list.

Indidvidual predix: EW's Dave Karger is unfazed by the gangbusters impact "American Gangster" just had on the box office. His top five ranking for best picture remains the same. Variety's Anne Thompson moved up "Gangster" from her fourth to second notch. "E.T.'s" Clay Smith rams it up to the top of his list, booting "Sweeney Todd." Speaking of "Sweeney," I was happy to see it emerge midway in Kris Tapley's list. Smart move, Kris!

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Jolie was incredible in A Mighty Heart. She deserves a nomination. Period.

I hope a lot of people from various award organisations get to see “La vie en rose” because Marion Cotillard in the role of legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf is simply amazing. I think she will be hard to beat through the award season, just like Helen Mirren last year. She is surely very deserving. She delivers an extraordinary and unforgettable performance. Julie Christie was also excellent in “Away from her”... very impressive.

Ed L., maybe you've forgotten that Angelina Jolie won 1 Oscar, 3 Golden Globes, 2 SAG awards, and 2 Emmy nominations. Her performance in A Mighty Heart tops her performances in Gia and Girl, Interrupted. I and most viewers - critics included - forgot she was Angelina Jolie after the first few minutes, a pretty hard feat after all the tabloid oversaturation. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival also is awarding her the Outstanding Performance of the Year Award, whose previous recipients include Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet.

I don't know if her performance is the best of all this year, but she definitely deserves a nod.

What about Ashley Judd for her absolutely brilliant performance in Bug, she was dynamite!

50% of the predix are laughable at best.

Sorry - looked at supporting by mistake - NEVER MIND......

What about Julie Christie? Much early buzz on her role earlier this year in "Away From Her". Perhaps if fthey are distributing DVDs around ballot time?

Ed L, yes. And Angelina deserves it!

and where is Vanessa Redgrave for her stellar work in ATONEMENT and EVENING?

Angelina Jolie for best actress? GET REAL



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