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Critics kick 'The Bucket List'

December 26, 2007 |  1:18 pm

The combination of two acting titans — 3-time Oscar champ Jack Nicholson and one-time winner Morgan Freeman — one respected director in the form of Rob Reiner, and an inspiring story about a final road trip seemed to be tailor made for the Academy Awards. But just as it takes a deft hand to make a souffle so it does to pull off a film like this one about two dying men looking to now travel the road not taken. That it ultimately fell flat with the critics was foretold by the absence of any early awards recognition.

At Meta Critic, the 15 reviews surveyed so far yielded a score of 49 while the 34 notices compiled to date by Rotten Tomatoes came to an equally dismissive 47.

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Critics of The Bucket List kicking their OWN Bucket!

The Bucket List will do fine at the box office. Film critics HAVE been proven wrong with films before and I am in the opinion that The Bucket List WILL be one of those that they are way off base with.

Film critics that have given rave reviews of films just to see them flop at the box office can be wrong. Moviegoers will dictate the success or failure of a film.

The Bucket List will prove the film critics wrong, IMO.

I hope in this movie Jack and Morgan do not show Gay actions.
They are movie Icons to have them show GAY tentancy would be deathening to me and probally alot of other people that love their acting. If this is true in the movie I certainly would not even go ,but tell my community not to go.....



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