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Critics Choice reax: Boos & cheers from our forum posters

January 8, 2008 | 12:23 pm

Below, some of our forum posters' reax to the awards bestowed by the Critics Choice. Disagree? Add your opinion to the mix - CLICK HERE

Dr. McPhearson: The only speeches I've really enjoyed were Blonsky's, Bardem's and Affleck's substitution for Amy Ryan. The rest has been really painful to listen to, like they are making it up on the spot, and doing a not-so-good job of it.

seanflynn: They did what they wanted - they picked whoever is the consensus front runner as of now (the ones most of us would say is the front runner) with one category being a tossup (actress) where it is basically a coin toss.

AJ: I am give-and-take on the Hairspray win and I am thrilled with Diablo Cody winning for Juno. However, I am kind of surprised by the boy from The Kite Runner winning. I thought it would be Michael Cera for one of his roles. I am stunned, as well, for the Nikki Blonsky win but she was very good in Hairspray.


btooley: I am saddened that the Golden Globes will not be going on as usual due to one thing that happened this evening - the reaction of Nikki Blonsky. This is her 1st movie and she and the other 1st time nominees/smaller films need a chance to showcase their films.

k o'brien: Hoping, hoping, hoping for a Cotillard win, but happy for Christie. Just hope Cotillard can pick up more momentum with the SAGs and GGs!

Awardshq: The Good: Hairspray for Ensemble. You guys can get mad about it all you want, but each part in that film cast was perfect. Its truly an ensemble piece. The Bad: Julie Christie. Nuff' Said. Other than that it was pretty boring. I just don't want to watch the GG Newscast and hear all the same people. Hopefully things start to get a little spicy!