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Oscar campaign for Ellen Page gets serious

January 15, 2008 |  7:47 am

Fox Searchlight knows that the Oscar race for best actress is no laughing matter. While early "For Your Consideration" ads hailing Ellen Page's smartcracker performance in "Juno" were cheeky, the studio has decided to feature dramatic scenes of Page in recent ones. That's shrewd. While outright comedic roles sometimes win in the supporting race (bafflement over Marisa Tomei's surprise victory for "My Cousin Vinny" spawned rumors that the wrong winner's name was announced in 1992), voters want gravitas in the top race. The last purely comedic role to win best actress was Diane Keaton ("Annie Hall," 1977). Some Oscarologists define Gwyneth Paltrow's turn in "Shakespeare in Love" as comedic, but many of her most intense romantic scenes were quite dramatic and the whole film benefited from the literary heft of being about Britain's Bard.


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Page's performance is excellent, no question, but doesn't quite touch Christie's, or Cottilard's, especially.

You're right - Juno is no Little Miss Sunshine. It's better.

This is Julie Christie's year. Juno is no Little Miss Sunshine.

Katharine Hepburn in "On Golden Pond" wasn't comedy?

Despite this surprise Oscar blunder, Ms. Tomei has come a long way from her soap days on As the World Turns to a pretty accomplished actress. She has taken some risks and keeps going...good, bad or indifferent...She's done well for herself...

Poor Marisa Tomei. She may have won the Oscar but, I can't imagine being thought of as one of Oscar's all-time blunders is any picnic. With such an accomplished field that year i imagine there was a lot of vote splitting going on. Or it could have been a "We're sick of the Brits " mentality.
Wouldn't it be fun if they announced in what order the top five finished? just imagine it..."coming in dead last is.."



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