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POLL: Who'll win Globes for best director & actor?

January 10, 2008 |  1:18 am

The Golden Globe races for best director and drama actor are two of the toughest to forecast. Sure, you may think: Daniel Day-Lewis is waaaaaay out front for the acting trophy because he's won so many precursor prizes, but he's never won a Globe and, to be perfectly blunt, he ain't no George Clooney. Globe voters love swashbuckling matinee stars so much that the award's biggest male winner happens to be Hollywood's bawdiest buckaneer: Jack Nicholson. Clooney is the new Nicholson in town, let's face it. If you think the Coens have the directors' laurels locked up, you've forgotten how often the foreign press love to hail artsy helmers, sometimes ones who make foreign-language pix. Personally, I'm betting on Julian Schnabel.

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This comparing Clooney to Day-Lewis is IDIOTIC. Both are fine actors, a couple of the VERY best. But they have very different casting, suited for their particular talents. Could Day-Lewis pull off Danny Ocean, a super combo of humor and charm? Maybe. Could Clooney pull off Bill the Butcher? Maybe. But who cares? They are both WONDERFUL. It's a silly argument.

You're right, he's no George Clooney. Better actor, better looking, and better body of work.

are you kidding? george cloony over daniel day-lewis? george picks noble projects, but he's a lightweight to day-lewis muhammed ali. i mean, if george wins it will only prove how the academy doesn't vote on merit, but on popularity.



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