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PODCASTS: Sasha and I strike back at Oscar-blog bashers!

February 10, 2008 |  9:01 am

Now that the media world's gone mad with Oscar blogs and the Snark Police are on the loose looking for who's to blame, Sasha Stone and I often take much of the heat. And maybe we're a tad guilty, that's true. After all, we were early culprits with our own websites that helped to blaze the field back in the late 1990s — she with, which is now, me with the old, which later was acquired by the L.A. Times and folded into the launch of


Our early, struggling sites quickly became popular because they had message boards where kudos kooks from around the world could powwow with urgent inquiries: "Who do you think will win the New York Film Critics Circle Awards?" or "Will the Oscars nominate Joaquin for 'Quills' or 'Gladiator'?"

As our websites became increasingly prominent, inevitable rivalry sprang up and even occasional wars broke out between them when fanatic posters popped off (hey, we take our Oscarology very seriously here in cyberspace), but Sasha and I always Sasha_javier_4 remained great pals behind the scenes as we helped each other out, often in the midst of panicked nights when one of us would e-mail the other, freaking out: "The server just crashed again! Omigod, is this a bandwidth thingy? What do you think?"

These days, we have the techno thingies a bit more under control (ahem), but we still like to dish, diss and kvetch, so I called up Sasha this weekend to invite her to do two podcast chats with me: one about the current state of the derby, the other about the bashing of Oscar bloggers. Is this whole blog craze really our fault? Should we strike back? Are we mad as hell and not going to take this anymore? (If you don't get the Oscar allusion of that last line, then please leave quietly and go visit one of those other Oscar blogs.)

The rest of you may stick around, pull up a cyberchair and listen to Sasha and I rant and reminisce. CLICK HERE to Download the MP3 File and Hear Our Podcast Chat. NOTE: You may need to hold down your computer's control key while clicking.


Oh, yes, you can also hear us jaw over this year's derby — not just who's obviously ahead for best actor and actress, but also in those other categories like cinematography and art direction. If you want to win your office pool this year, you gotta tune in! CLICK HERE.

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