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GRAMMY PREDIX PODCAST: Todd says Kanye takes best album

February 7, 2008 | 10:18 am

Finally, after two consecutive losses in the race for album of the year, Kanye West will win the elusive top Grammy prize, asserts The Envelope's Extended Play blogger Todd Martens. "Graduation" has all of the key elements needed for victory, he says, plus "there's nothing else in that category that jumps out other than Kanye. Amy Winehouse, she's not strong enough (here). She can clean up in the singles categories. Herbie Hancock's and Vince Gill's records — they're nice records, but they don't represent the past year in music. They're not what 2007 sounded like."

Listen to Todd sound off about Grammy's best-album race. CLICK HERE to Download the MP3 File of Our Podcast Chat. Note: You may need to hold down your computer's control key while clicking.


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I still say Herbie Hancock will prevail...depending on circumstances and the ole who you know in the industry and who likes or dislikes I figure it this way...
If Kanye would be kind of a sympathy vote due to his mother's death...Graduation is a good CD but not his strongest effort as the previous works...Kanye's disadvantage would be his constant whining and sore loser attitude...
Herbie Hancock will prevail because he's a well respected artist who's been recording for many, many years him the Quincy Jones of today...his CD pays tribute to another well respected artist Joni Mitchell (long slighted by NARAS far many times before)...If NARAS members go by likeability factor as well, then Herbie is hand-downs (along with Vince Gill) over Kanye. Amy Winehouse will have to settle for Best New Artist...Foo Fighters will at least pick up some Rock Grammys...Vince can prevail if he doesn't win in the Country field...What it really comes down to is what age demographics sat on the Blue Ribbon Panel...A mostly younger group of panelists will probably go with Kanye or Amy while the older set will lean towards Herbie or Vince. Always remember the Grammys tend to throw us curve-balls when it comes to the actual it should come as no surprise if an upset does occur...always remember 1996: Celine Dion's Falling into You beating out The Smashing Pumpkins, Fugees, Beck, and the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack...what was NARAS thinking?...
My predix: Herbie Hancock



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