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Keep dreamin', Rock!

February 28, 2008 | 10:36 pm

First, Miley Cyrus. Now The Rock. Well, I guess if Goldie Hawn can win an Oscar, anything's possible, eh?


"I had a chance to present an Oscar on Sunday and I was asked if I'd like to win one myself," Dwayne Johnson told the London Times. "And sure, of course, it's every actor's dream."

Perhaps he believes he'll be nominated next year for his role as a marooned spaceship captain dodging aliens in upcoming "Planet 51"? Hey, quit laughing! Goldie won for a comedy!

Or maybe for his upcoming actioner "Race to Witch Mountain"? In that case, he might tap the paranormal powers of his character to make golden things happen. Rock on!

Frankly, if he wants one that bad, his best move might've been to wrestle one away from Daniel Day-Lewis or Javier Bardem last Sunday. Being a true gent, I don't think the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion would've muscled one of the gals.