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Miley Cyrus, Oscar presenter: Should we be outraged?

February 16, 2008 |  9:24 am

Miley Cyrus isn't really a film star, of course. That "documentary" of hers in theaters right now is just an affordable alternative for tweens whose parents can't, or won't, pay gabillions for real concert tix. Does Hannahshe really deserve a place on the stage at the Oscars, which presumably celebrate the best of cinema? Or is this just a stunt to draw more TV viewers?

It's not the first time that the Oscars hauled in TV stars to take center stage at film's august event. Heck, some even hosted the occasion — successfully (Johnny Carson) and the opposite (David Letterman). This year's host Jon Stewart is another TV star, of course, unless you recall "Death to Smoochy," and even Stewart tries not to.

Assuming that they agree that Miley Cyrus is stunt-casting at the Oscars, I asked our forum posters to cite some other examples of dubiously appropriate presenters at award shows past. Iskolar cites TV stars James Gandolfini and Teri Hatcher at recent Grammys. (Good ones, Iskolar!) Then he adds, "Of course, no one beats Miley Cyrus." READ MORE.

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