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No doll, no dice

February 24, 2008 |  5:05 pm

Let me explain to you what I think just happened to Ryan a few minutes ago. Apparently, Seacrest had a Joan Rivers moment, not recognizing Gary Busey when the latter tried to spar with him about what he's not doing (interviewing Busey, of course). "I have no idea what's happening on this carpet right now!" Ryan confessed with panic into his mike as he turned his back on the gregarious star who somehow wasn't nominated this year for "Succubus: Hell Bent" or "Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter." But then suddenly Ryan roared to life with recognition as he turned back to the carpet once Busey scooted away. No doubt an E! producer had just informed Ryan through his earpiece who Busey was. I appeared on more than a dozen Oscar shows with E! in years past and recognize that train wreck when it happens.

Or maybe Ryan shunned him because he didn't have a Busey doll like he did for Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey?

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Actually I thought this really funny entry was "doing us" a favor!

Tom - did you miss what happened between point A and point C? Not only did Busey interrupt Seacrest's interview with A-list starlets Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner, but after clumsily greeting Linney and failing to recognize Garner, bear-hugged poor Jennifer Garner and kissed her on the neck. Ew! Seacrest wasn't confused so much as creeped out, like the rest of us.

Do us a favor, Tom, and simply report on the Awards - period (hence your column's name, "GoldDerby") and spare us your inexplicable fascination with Ryan Seacrest. We don't care about such pointless journalism. Anyone who possibly does is obnoxious and crass.



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