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OSCARS PRESENTERS: The young & the dubious

February 21, 2008 | 11:26 pm

When Oscar presenters were announced last week, "the howls of derision and confusion that greeted some Miley1 of the names was presumably not the desired effect," notes Mark Olsen in his cheeky observations (SEE HERE) on various Oscar guest curiosities. Like Miley Cyrus. What's she doing on the list? "Follow the money," he hints, pointing to the fact that her "Hannah Montana" TV show is part of the Disney/ABC franchise, just like the Oscarcast.

A certain two-time best-actress champ certainly has the credentials to dole out an Oscar, but, fearlessly and cheekily, he lets loose anyway: "Do you know anyone who is actually a fan of Hilary Swank?" Olsen is certainly no fan of John Travolta's: " His self-satisfied, look-at-me, I’m-so-cute way with an awards podium seriously works our last nerve."

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I'm a fan of Hilary Swank :)

I'll take Hillary Swank over Miley anyday. Miley has noooooo business being a presenter (at least not right now). She's the teen flavor of the today, tired tomorrow. Hillary Swank is a 2-time Oscar winner and John Travolta is a twice Oscar-nominated actor. The only reason I see Miley being a part of the festivities is because she's an ABC-corporate product pulling in a cheap plug for ABC and Hannah Montana crap and this is also nothing but a cheap ploy by ABC to attract teens and tweens to watch the Oscars...what? Aren't the teenie-boppers rooting for JUNO?



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