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POLL - VOTE: Who should host next year's Oscars?

February 27, 2008 |  4:35 pm

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I say bring goldberg or john stewart back, the best host is one that isn't afraid to poke fun @ the stars themselves

Howard Stern...He'll definitely spice it up.

Dumbo...he's a classic Hollywood icon. I could see the headlines now, "Paris falls in love with a star who shares her middle name." Look for new multi-million Oscar caliber film called "Dumbo does Paris." She wins the Oscar for best actress. In her acceptance speech, her first words are OUCH, Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I can't walk. LOL

Mr. Ed, International- Velvet and Lassie. Hell, all four legged Hollywood superstars look better than some of these red-carpet women without their make-up. Lassie is a good sport, she's a bitch that never complains.

The Dixie Chicks, this way when they say something stupid or controversial again, it won't matter these are the Oscars. The hosts and the winners say and do stupid things all the time and have the nerve not to bore people and try to make the show look classy.

Jack and Ennis

Why not Barbara Streisand. Great singer, great actress, BORING personality. Just like Whoopi, Ellen and Rosie, she isn't very attractive. She'll fit right in to host any awards show.

What about Lily Munster and Morticia Addams. Why not, considering the kind of movies nominated for best picture this year? Little did we know, that Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers could play these rolls, WITHOUT COSTUMES, honey!

Midler or Goldberg!

Here's a better idea...NO host at all. That cuts a good 15 minutes from the show right there. At the top of the show, welcome everyone and maybe have a SHORT clip package highlighting the nominees and go right into the awards. Good ol' Randi Thomas can voiceover the presenters.

Shelly Long, Bonnie Franklin and Linda Lavin would be great! ...Bruce Vilanche and Richard Simmons would be great also.

Um...can I say none of the above?
Can you actually make a poll of legitimate contenders? Let's be real. Smith, Clooney, Hanks, and Carrey would never do it.

I still vote for Bonnie Hunt.

What about JERRY SPRINGER? He'll bring an American flavor to the newly revamped "international" Oscars?

I would love to see Rosie and Ellen go at it with a fist fight. They both look like they've been "bitch-slapped" already.

What about the cast from the Vagina Monologues in COSTUME? That would definitely be an awards show for the ages, let me tell ya.

Morticia Adams and Thing from the Adams family would be a good pair of hosts!

What about Hulk Hogan! He'll put some muscle back into the Oscars !...Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers in leather bathing suits with whips. With both ladies having had numerous face-lifts, the Academy can predict which lady would work-up a sweat first. They're both babes even if they are 88.


Whoopi should HOST, she's FUNNY! Jon Stevart ICK!

Whoopi Goldberg or a couple, like Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton or Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, for example.What about Woody Allen?

So does poll make a damn difference? Please, print quality trash, not boring polls like this.

Again, who cares!

Tina Fey is a better choice than 60% of those

No women?...preferably none of the above...I still say Bette Midler would be ideal....Oh Hell! bring us Rip Taylor with his confetti and glitter...there's always Carrot Top?....



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