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Should Christie tremble? Ebert picks Page for best actress

February 11, 2008 | 10:22 pm

Internet Oscar gurus are ga-ga while spreading the news: "Roger Ebert is picking Ellen Page, not Julie Christie, to win best actress!" Yes, that's worth shouting about, considering Ebert picked "Crash" and "Shakespeare in Love" to win best picture, but, everybody, please, calm down! Let's recall that Ebert picked "Babel" last year and "Moulin Rouge" a few years earlier in the top Oscar race. He's had many misses in the acting races, too, like forecasting Eddie Murphy over Alan Arkin last year. To see Ebert's current predix, CLICK HERE. Ebert


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"LA VIE EN ROSE is a masterpiece"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a much needed laugh. (not saying Marion isn't AMAZING though)

Don't think that a "teen" actress can beat the most beautifil personification of Edith Piaf ever! Com'on, guys! Page is great on Juno, but LA VIE EN ROSE is a masterpiece and wouldn't be withouth MARION!

Well Roger is paying big bucks to put out those ads having orgasms over of course he's belly-hooing the industry with gushings for Ellen Page...I guess Roger has a thing for pregnant teens?...Roger needs to shut up already and quit being spastic over mediocre, over-hyped crap like JUNO, Crash, or Little Miss Sunshine...

You guys just may get a kick out of this Oscar piece:


I doubt if Ebert could make Christie tremble. What frightens me more is all the fandom for Cotillard. She's no Catherine Deneuve but people who love her won't shut up.

Ummmm, Tom - you picked Moulin Rouge to win too.



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