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Which Oscars will Clooney, Hanks and Miley Cyrus (!) present?

February 14, 2008 |  2:04 pm

Today's announcement of the first wave of presenters and performers at the 80th annual Oscars included both the expected (all four of last year's acting winners will be on hand) and the somewhat surprising (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a tux).

It is easy enough to predict that last year's Oscar-winning quartet of actors will be bestowing awards on their opposite sex counterparts this year (i.e., Forest Whitaker will hand out best actress, Helen Mirren best actor, and Alan Arkin and Jennifer Hudson the supporting gongs). In a year when so many of the winners seem obvious, it is more of a guessing game to figure out who will be giving them their awards.

While a trio of two-time Oscar winners are scheduled to appear -- Tom Hanks (an Academy governor to boot), Denzel Washington, and Hilary Swank –- it could well be Harrison Ford who hands out the best picture award. He has done it twice in the past –- first in 1993 when his pal Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" won as expected and then in 1998 when Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" was pipped at the post by "Shakespeare in Love." Hanks has handed out this honor only once, in 2001, when his pal Ron Howard's "A Beautiful Mind" prevailed.

With Martin Scorsese there to possibly present best director, Hanks could be handling the "In Memoriam" segment or perhaps a tribute to the first eight decades of the Academy. Regardless, it would be surprising of these double Oscar winners — along with a pair of one-time winners who are nominees this year, George Clooney and Cate Blanchett, and previous winners Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger -- did not dole out the top tier of prizes. Washington and Swank could preside over the screenplay awards while Kidman and Zellweger, one-time co-stars in "Cold Mountain," present best foreign film and "The Good German" stars Blanchett and Clooney could award cinematography and editing.

For Clooney, the other option might be to present the clip from best picture contender "Michael Clayton." With Josh Brolin there for "No Country for Old Men," James McAvoy "Atonement," and Jennifer Garner "Juno," only "There Will Be Blood" is without a representative.

Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz seem like a good fit for costume design and art direction while another beauty, Jessica Alba, will be recapping the technical Oscar ceremony she presided over last weekend.


Could "Hairspray" co-stars Queen Latifah and John Travolta be handing out best song? Other probable pairings are "Get Smart" stars Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway as well as "Knocked Up" duo Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl.

Also on hand will be Jonah Hill who appeared in almost every hit comedy last year including that one, as well as "Superbad" and "Walk Hard." And box office stars Johnson and Miley Cyrus clearly represent the business side at this show.

Finally, "Enchanted's" Patrick Dempsey could be introducing the song suite that includes performances by his co-star Amy Adams as well as Kristen Chenoweth, Marlon Saunders and Jon McLaughlin. And Dubliner Colin Farrell could be welcoming "Once" stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova who will perform their nominated song, "Falling Slowly."

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i do not get how all these people are trash talking a 15 year old girl. Miley Cyrus is at the awards because she is talented...she can act, sing, and is pretty. She also has made the highest money for a movie for the past few weeks. even beating out a jessica biel movie. sheis talented & deserved to be presenting.

There's an interesting story here about the origins of The Oscars:
History of The Oscars

Apparently, Bette Davis was the first one call it "Oscar", or at least, to receive a statue with that name, back in 1936.

why is miley cyrus presenting? the kid is 14-years-old and has virtually no talent at all. the oscars are for prestige and for film - not for indecent exposure and tweens who haven't even hit puberty yet. please leave the academy awards to the grownups, miley, and stick to your league.

Regardless of how anyone personally feels about Miley Cyrus, her Best of Both Worlds movie has been a huge hit in the last few weeks and all those tween girls who made it such a hit will probably tune into the Oscars to cath their idol.

Basically, ratings.

Besides, if you watch her show, you can't really call untalented. The girl is pretty funny, cute and can sing. In general, she's way more talented than some of the other Disney stars they've pushed in the last few years.

I think Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill will be presenting the animated shorts

does the academy have brain damage or something? why would they chose no-talent-attention-grabbing miley cyrus to present at the oscars!!!!!!

Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett might be presenting together because of Indiana Jones, but it's unlikely since they're both such big stars.

Miley Cyrus this, Miley Cyrus that. Her movie does hold the record for highest weekend theater average for a wide-released movie. What about Kristen Chenoweth?! You can't possibly think there is any other reason she is performing besides the fact that shes on Pushing Daisies!

Oh, come on guys, it's not like they have her hosting the show; she's just presenting one award. I don't think that's over-exposure.

Wow, how about Angelina and Brad giving out the "hasbeen" awards.

People who remember the Eddie Fischer-Debbie Reynolds-Elizabeth Taylor debacle can see where I'm going.

Brad, how many "hit" records did Eddie have after "his" adulterous affair? And the beauty he married - Elizabeth Taylor? Look at her now, a huge mass of mess wasting the air that humans breath, under the humanatarian charity of AIDS. What's Angie's platform? Saving African youths from Aids? Give me a break, Brad.

There are polls out there predicting your demise. We are all having a good time. By the way Brad, when was your last hit?

Why don't we all just wait until the show actually airs in less than 10 days and then we'll all know...

Not that hard to figure out why Miley Cyrus is there ... Disney's ABC is airing the show.

She'll probably do the short films or maybe animated feature.

- kch,

Miley Cyrus? Is that really possible? Why didn't they get at least Nikki Blonksy or Ellen Page to present? At least they appeared in MOVIES last year...

Ugghh...are we going to have over-exposure of Miley Cyrus she the "it" girl?...Please stop!!



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