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The flopped Oscarcast 'doesn't sadden me,' Jack Nicholson says

March 6, 2008 |  6:35 pm

That's what Hollywood's real Golden Boy told about the record low TV ratings suffered by the last Oscar telecast.

"I like the spirit of the Oscars," he added. "I think what happened this year was the Oscars had an indigenous quality. The acting categories were tremendous. The pictures themselves were not necessarily pictures that the public connected with. I like the Oscars because it's not exactly the way I want it. [He laughs.] It's basically good for everybody. Every kind of actor is represented in there. I do think there are too many other awards shows. There are too many self-congratulations."


When asked if the Oscar ceremony should keep the same structure it has now, Jack recalls a good defense: "I once asked Mr. [John] Huston why he was very ardent for them, and he said something that covers it for me: 'Out of respect for those who came before me.'

"I've come to resent the fact that it takes three months of the year [to deal with the Oscars] if you're involved," he adds. "I'm a nervous wreck when I'm around any public occurrence, actually. Most times [when nominated] I felt I knew whether I was going to win or not. It's the nights when you don't really know that are nerve-racking. [He laughs.] . . . . I have a good time, but it's the fact that if you're a nominee, you may have to make a speech. That's the thing that makes me really nervous."

Jack does take issue with one glitch this year — an oversight in the song category: "The song in my picture ['The Bucket List'], John [Mayer]'s song ['Say'], was a very good song. As far as the show goes, I don't know how they get the song nominees. You could make a living lampooning them. There are always good songs in the movies. I don't know how they get to that list. That I can criticize. If you're going to have musical numbers, let's get some good songs."

Last year Nicholson told MTV he was "furious" that Heath Ledger got the part of the Joker in the next "Batman" installment, "The Dark Knight." Jack wasn't even asked if he was interested in reprising the role he portrayed famously in director Tim Burton's "Batman" in 1989.

After Ledger's tragic death, Nicholson now tells MTV, "I'd never met him. I would have tried to have a fun talk with him about the Joker."

(Photo: AP)